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Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Kinshasa, Congo.

Ole Hillary the 'I'm secretary of state and Bill's not" Clinton is showing the strain of being wife to the x-President of the United States. Especially when he is responsible for bringing home two female reporters that had landed in a North Korean jail cell and looking at 14 years of hard labor. The minute I heard that he was the one that was used to bring them home I thought to myself...'Jackie, ole Hillary is going to pitch a hissy fit.'...and as always ..I was right. When a Congolese university student asked for her husband's thinking on an international matter, ole Hillary said "My husband is not secretary of state. I am, " an obviously annoyed Clinton relied sharply.
A week after former President Bill Clinton traveled to North Korea to secure the release of two detained American journalist and stole the limelight from the start of his wife's first trip to Africa, Clinton was clearly nettle(pissed) by the question at a town hall forum in Kinshasa.
"You want me to tell you what my husband thinks?" she replied incredulously when the male student asked her what "Mr. Clinton" thought of World Bank concerns about a multi billion-dollar Chinese loan offer to the Democratic Republic of Congo. "If you want my opinion, I will tell you my opinion. I am not going to be channeling my husband." she said.

The question never was answered and the moderator quickly moved on to other questions. It was not immediately clear why Clinton reacted with such umbrage, and she quickly recovered her cool and moved on to other subjects. (well, gee assholes...here she finally gets an opportunity to show what she's capable of doing and she's still being compared or asked questions about 'what would Bill do'...I'd be pissed too.) I think Obama should make him some sort of ambassador to I don't know..bum fuck Egypt, or some place. Give him some job out of the country and less apt to step on ole Hillary's toes. It's hard enough to do that job without having to continually be compared to ole Bill or being asked 'what would Bill do.'...Hell, Bill would find the best looking babe in the room and fuck her..that's what Bill would do.
And on the other end of the political spectrum we have ole Kinky..yup..Kinky Friedman is running for Governor of Texas as a democrat. He tried it before as a independent and ruined what ever change the democrat running had completely. Not that they really had a chance..ole Good Hair Perry has Texas republicans by the balls and everyone else just falls in line. For all the crap he has done to the state of Texas, like environment issues, the fucking 'fence around us' that is as useless as tits on a boar, lack of insurance for kids, reduction of benefits for the poor and numerous other little things, the state of Texas is still in better shape than most of the states as far as employment, foreclosures and sales of new homes.
So anyhow, ole Kinky is 'considering a run' for governor as a Democrat, and is planning 2 fundraisers next month featuring friends from the music world(for you not in the know about Kinky Friedman, he used to be in a band called Kinky Friedman and the Texas Jew Boys, with songs like "I'm an asshole from El Paso, They Don't Make Jews Like Jesus Anymore ", and several songs that most women hate, having to do with 'getting your buns out of bed and in the oven where they belong.) He also is a mystery writer and he's the hero in all his books. The friends are Willie Nelson and Three Dog Night. Ole Kinky and Willie will hold a "Bloody Mary Morning" on Sept. 16 at the Gleneagles Country Club in Plano. (rich white folks will attend as the tickets will be $1,000 a plate) Two days later he, Three Dog Night will play at an even in San Antonio for him. This could be interesting. The only Democrat that is running so far is some blue dog that voted with Bush on every thing he ran up the flag pole..So most democrats think he's an asshole and wouldn't vote for him any how. But Perry is also getting some competition from Kay Bailey Hutchinson and she's a pretty popular republican that has blue dog tendencies. So she will appeal to the weak sister democrats. But ole Kinky did have a lot of people crossing the line from democrat to Independent when he ran. If he runs a better campaign this time and does less comedy and more facts on the issues, he might have a chance. I know Billy would vote for him, just on the animal issues alone. Kinky has a rescue ranch close to Austin and he loves dogs and he rescues stray dogs, cats, horses, goats, pigs and snakes. He's a good man when it comes to animals. I was for him last time until I decided he wasn't serious enough to get my vote. I told him at a meeting they held for him "It doesn't matter if your heart is in the right place if your head is up your ass."..he laughed, but I don't think his supporters liked it to well. But I was right.
So it depends on how he runs the campaign..he's very Strong on teachers rights and even some of his jackass statements that were funny had some truth to them. I'll keep you updated on the goings on...

I went to have my eye exam and the Doctor was so impressed. Said for an old broad(my words not his) with high blood pressure and diabetes I had great eyes. No cataracts, no glaucoma and no scaring and had 20/25 in each eye. Only reason why I had to wear bi-focals is because I'm far sighted in one eye and near sighted in the other. So I'll get new frames this Friday, and will pick them up when I go get my titties squished, squashed and stretched. My pap smear was clear, and get the results on my 'stool sample' tomorrow. I told the eye Doctor that I was afraid I'd get a clean bill of health from everyone and then walk into the street and get hit by a fucking truck.
My luck.. He did say I had allergies really bad(no shit) and gave me 2 different kinds of free samples for eye drops. They seem to be working. Guess the next thing I will have to have checked out is my allergies ..see if they can figure out what it is I'm allergic to(besides cedar, rag weed and the fucking cat)..I'm joking about the cat, but afraid it may be true..sigh*...
The Yorkie is gone..I told Jenny she had to come get him. Every time Annie sprayed or pooped he'd go along and pee on top of it. She has tiny little sprays and his was big puddles of pee..so said I had all I could handle. So there is peace in the valley again. I got her a scratching post and sprinkle cat nip on it and she's stoned all day long and is a happy little pussy.
Tonight is the diabetes class here in West..will go see what I can learn. I had gone almost 10 days with no diabetic meds and was just controlling it by diet. It was working fine, except I couldn't eat hardly any carbs at all and I miss my carb snacks. So now am taking 1/2 of one med instead of 3 a day. It's working just fine. Well..that's all the news from Texas...Should start having some posts on Westfest which is coming up this labor day. Anyone coming?..let me know..so I can make some pallets on the floor for you....y'all come ya'hea?


tina said...

hey neighbor :) well kudos to you on the self prescription re: your diabetes. both of my mothers (mom and mom-in-law) are controlling their adult-onset diabetes with diet instead of medication...it does work. :)

Kinky, eh? I have some Texas politicking to learn hehe

jan said...

Poor Hillary. Couldn't she have just said sweetly, "You'll have to ask him."

I hope she holds it together better than that when she talks to heads of states who think women are mindless pussies.


tina;you'll have to google kinky friendman and learn all the dope..
yeah, so far im doing ok...so far.
jan:yeah, wait till she goes to one of the muslim arab countries that make their women wear hoods and walk 10 paces behind them...she'll have to tread lightly.

texlahoma said...

I never thought I'd get to see Hilary's ass but she showed it to the whole world!
If it weren't for my love of beer, I could probably make it without meds, so I take meds.
Kinky sounds pretty good, I hope he runs.

Intense Guy said...

The news report I heard on Hillary freaking out said that the student that asked the question had meant to ask what President Obama thought on the issue and not (ex-)President Clinton but in the glare of the limelight he got nervous and a little confused - and was totally blowed away when Hillary went to town on him.

I guess he just needs to "calibrate his words a little bit better."

Excellent news about the diabetes meds and your physical exam results so far...

I'm kind of glad for Annie's sake the Yorkie was only a temporary house guest. Would think an older sick cat would find the beastie a bit stressful. I hope he didn't get to attached to you (and vice versa!)

Pom said...

"It doesn't matter if your heart is in the right place if your head is up your ass" LMAO! I really do heart you, lady! Made my night - well that and the meteor shower (yes, I'm obsessed).

Yankee Girl said...

I think it's interesting that during Clinton's presidency, so many people were more into Hillary than Bill. Now that Hillary is the SOS, everyone wants to know what Bill's doing. I guess they will constantly be spending their lives stealing each other's thunder.


tex:since i dont drink i think i can make it with out meds..may have to cut back on my dublin dr pepper though.
intenseguy:yeah, he screwed up and then she screwed up..sad..she was looking so good there. now she looks petty.
yeah, annie is one happy little pussy...spends more time in doors now..
pom:yah, it even made me laugh.ha..
we didnt' see anything, wonder if there will be some tonight?
yankee:i dont think she's recovered from losing the presidency..sad..

Pom said...

We should be able to see them thru till the 15th.. at least that's what I read from those that are supposed to know.

Peg said...

I also have one near sighted eye and one far sighted! Been that way my whole 63 years. Every time I get glasses the optician has to check to see if the prescription is actually correct!

Josh said...

The headline on that news article is awesome. When unsure of any social situation, I always make it a point to head for the midsection.