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Sunday, August 30, 2009


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Learn something new everyday..Today in the DAM News was a great story about a festival that was held in Lewisville, Texas 8/30-9-1 just weeks after Woodstock..Babs and I call it Lewisstock. But then we're just plum goofy today..She's wacky from lack of tabacky and I'm..well, I'm just wacky cause it's my nature.

So, the deal is...it's fucking Sunday and I don't want to spend all day typing up this shit for your intertainment and learning...So I googled most of what I could find and if your intrested in a Texas version of Woodstock (and yes, Janis Joplin played) here is all the places you can go to. Can you tell I'm still pissy after the Cowboys loss..plus that fucking Skip is kicking my ass over on best of blog contest..and I tried to go see his blog and my internet explorer won't let me go there..but I got to see his post on the race and he said he was in a contest with Yellowdog Granny from Texas and he really wanted to kick her ass...how dare him? Doesn't he know it's his ass that's going to be kicked? Are you going to let a grown man named "Skip" kick your granny's ass?...But to vote more than once you have to delete everything ..cookies, files, websites and passwords...but I'm worth it aren't I...plus a vote for me is a vote for world peace and you'd get the pleasure of kicking the ass of Skip..really what kind of name is Skip for a growd-up..Skip's a dogs name..it's what you do to my lou..(skip to my lou...no?... young punks) it's what you do to the perfect stone across a lake or like here in West...a tank.. If you Skip a period, you could be in trouble. If you skip school and skip your period everyone in home room will be talking about you behind your back. ...........Ahhh, skip it..so..peace and love and all that shit..now lets go kick Skip's ass.

Texas International Pop Festival 1969Lewisville, TX 8/30/69 - 9/1/69
Volume One: Chicago Transit Authority8/30/69 Dallas International Motor Speedway, Lewisville, Texas
1. Introduction-> Introduction (real song title) (6:45)2. Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is (5:02)3. South California Purples (7:05)4. Beginnings (6:20)5. 25 or 6 to 4 (5:43)6. --announcements-- (0:50) (8-31-69)7. I'm A Man (7:23) (8-31-69)
Robert Lamm - keyboards, vocalsTerry Kath - guitar, vocalsPeter Cetera - bass, vocalsDanny Seraphine - drumsWalter Parazaider - woodwinds, bg vocalsLee Loughnane -trumpet, bg vocalsJames Pankow - trombone========================================
Volume Two: James Cotton Blues Band8/30/69 Dallas International Motor Speedway, Lewisville, Texas
1. --announcements/Intro-> Cut You Loose (6:48)2. FallinÕ Rain (8:49)3. Heart Attack (5:55)4. Knock On Wood (3:00)5. Nine Below Zero (3:58)6. Dust My Broom (5:15)7. The Creeper (11:02)8. Turn On Your Lovelight (12:57)9. Please, Please, Please (3:58)
James Cotton - vocals, harmonicaLuther Tucker - guitarBill "Stumuk" Nugent - tenor saxBob Anderson - bassBarry Smith - drums========================================
Volume Three: Janis Joplin & The Kozmic Blues Band8/30/69 Dallas International Motor Speedway, Lewisville, Texas
1. Introduction-> Raise Your Hand (5:13)2. As Good As You Been To This World (6:52)3. Try(Just A Little Bit Harder) (6:23)4. Maybe (3:45)5. To Love Somebody (4:57)6. Summertime (4:50)
Janis Joplin - vocalsSnooky Flowers - baritone sax, vocalsSam Andrew - guitarBrad Campbell- bassRichard Kermode - keyboardsLonnie Castille - drumsTerry Clements - tenor saxLuis Gasca - trumpet========================================
Volume Four: Rotary Connection8/30/69 Dallas International Motor Speedway, Lewisville, Texas
1. Lady Jane (5:30)2. Ruby Tuesday (10:27)3. Stormy Monday-> The Whole Creation-> Stormy Monday (14:48)4. Sunshine Of Your Love (8:21)5. Let The People Talk (14:23)
Minnie Ripperton - vocalsSidney Barnes - vocalsJon Stocklin - guitarJeremiah - bassKen Venegas - organBobby Simms - drums========================================
Volume Five: Santana8/31/69 Dallas International Motor Speedway, Lewisville, Texas
1. Evil Ways (6:03)2. You Just Don't Care (5:21)3. Shades Of Time (5:00)4. Jingo (5:59)5. Treat (3:35)6. Soul Sacrifice (9:32)
Carlos Santana - guitarGreg Rollie - keyboards, vocalsDave Brown - bassMichael Carabello - percussionChepito Areas - percussionMichael Shrieve - drums========================================
Volume Six: Led Zeppelin8/31/69 Dallas International Motor Speedway, Lewisville, Texas
1. Train Kept A-Rollin' (2:59)2. I Can't Quit You Baby (6:49)3. Dazed And Confused (14:59)4. You Shook Me (10:42)5. How Many More Times (Part 1) (10:45)6. How Many More Times (Part 2) (11:42)7. Communication Breakdown (4:42)
Robert Plant - vocalsJimmy Page - guitarJohn Paul Jones - bassJohn Bonham - drums========================================
Volume Seven: Spirit9/1/69 Dallas International Motor Speedway, Lewisville, Texas
1. Rehearsal Theme (3:06)2. I'm Truckin-> Fresh Garbage-Poor Richard (6:21)3. Caught-> Jams (10:50)4. Ground Hog Day (4:11)5. Policeman's Ball-> drums-> Mechanical World (11:32)6. I Got A Line On You (3:25)7. Aren't You Glad (3:36)
Jay Ferguson - vocals, percussionRandy California - guitar, vocalsJohn Locke - organMark Andes - bassEd Cassidy - drums========================================
Volume Eight: B.B. King9/1/69 Dallas International Motor Speedway, Lewisville, Texas
1. Introduction (1:03)2. Sweet Sixteen (6:10)3. Please Accept My Love (4:09)4. --band intros-- (0:58)5. Everybody Wants To Know Why I Sing The Blues (6:28)6. Don't Want A Soul Hanging Around-> It Ain't My Cross To Bear (6:37)7. What's Wrong Little Mama (7:14)8. How Blue Can You Get (5:44)9. Whole Lot Of Lovin (2:49)10. Everyday I Have The Blues (2:07)
B.B.King - guitar, vocalsAlberto Gianquinto - pianoKenneth Moore - bassSonny Freeman - drumsJohn Browning - trumpetBooker Walker - alto saxLouis Hubert - tenor sax========================================
Volume Nine: Ten Years After9/1/69 Dallas International Motor Speedway, Lewisville, Texas
1. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl (7:20)2. Can't Keep From Cryin' Sometimes (17:59)3. Hobbit (10:12)4. Spoonful (6:57)5. I'm Goin' Home (11:30)
Alvin Lee - guitar, vocalsChick Churchill - organLeo Lyons - bassRic Lee - drums========================================
Volume Ten: Sly & The Family Stone9/1/69 Dallas International Motor Speedway, Lewisville, Texas
1. Intro-> M'Lady (7:09)2. Sing A Simple Song (5:32)3. You Can Make It If You Try (6:24)4. Stand-> Love City-> Higher/announcements... (10:14)5. Everyday People (3:12)6. Dance To The Music-> Music Lover-> raps-> (8:19)7. I Wanna Take You Higher-> Jam (9:40)
Sly Stone - organ, vocalsRose Stone - electric piano, vocalsFreddie Stone - guitar, vocalsLarry Graham, bass, vocalsCynthia Rubinson - trumpet, vocalsJerry Martin - sax, vocalsGreg Errico - drums========================================
Volume Eleven: Partial sets (Part One)8/30->9/1/69 Dallas International Motor Speedway, Lewisville, Texas
Grand Funk (8-30-69)
1. Intro (0:08)2. Are You Ready (3:42)
Mark Farner - vocals guitarMel Schacher - bassDon Brewer - drums----------------------------
Incredible String Band (8-31-69)
3. -announcements>Introduction (1:02)4. Waiting For You (6:31)5. Black Jack Davy (4:25)
Robin Williamson - vocals, guitarMike Heron - vocals, guitarChristina "Licorice" McKechnie - percussion, organ, vocalRose Simpson - percussion, violin, bass guitar----------------------------
Sam & Dave (8-30-69)
6. I've Been Loving You Too Long (10:44)7. May I, Baby? (4:04)
Sam Moore - vocalsDave Prater - vocalsSteve Cropper - guitarBooker T Jones - organDonald "Duck" Dunn - bassAl Jackson, Jr. - drumsWayne Jackson - trumpetJoe Arnold - sax----------------------------
Herbie Mann (8-30-69)
8. Tangier-> (7:47)9. Improvisation (7:12)
Herbie Mann - fluteSonny Sharrock - guitarMiroslav Vitous - bassRoy Ayers - vibraphoneBruno Carr - drums----------------------------
Canned Heat (8-30-69)
10. Intro...talking-> (1:42)11. Bullfrog Blues (5:16)12. Rollin & Tumblin-> jam (12:23)13. --talk...tuning...stage stuff... (3:08)14. Blind Owl's Blues (9:28)
Bob Hite - vocalsAlan Wilson - vocals, slide guitar, harpHarvey Mandel - lead guitarLarry Taylor - bassAdolfo De La Parra - drums----------------------------
Lewisville Police Chief Adams (9-1-69)
15. Speech (2:00)========================================
Volume Twelve: Partial sets (Part Two)
9/1/69 Dallas International Motor Speedway, Lewisville, TexasDelaney & Bonnie & Friends (9-1-69)
1. We Got To Get Ourselves Together (3:14)2. The Ghetto (6:04)3. When The Battle Is Over (6:58)4. Things Get Better (3:47)
Delaney Bramlett - vocals, guitarBonnie Bramlett - vocalsJerry McGee - guitarBobby Whitlock - organ, vocalsCarl Radle - bassJim Gordon - drumsBobby Keys - saxJim Price - trumpet, tromboneRita Coolidge - bg vocals----------------------------
Tony Joe White (9-1-69)
5. Polk Salad Annie (5:50)6. Aspen, Colorodo (3:24)7. Can You See The Lightning (4:57)8. Roosevelt & Ira Lee (5:18)9. Hard To Handle (3:58)
Tony Joe White - guitar, vocals, harmonicaTommy McClure - BassSammy Creason - DrumsMike Utley - Organ----------------------------
Sweetwater (9-1-69)
10. What's Wrong-> jam-> What's Wrong (14:56)11. Why Oh Why (3:46)
Nansi Nevins - vocalsAlbert Moore - vocals, fluteAlex Del Zoppo - keyboardsFred Herrera - bassAugust Burns - cellElpidio Cobian - congasAlan Malarowitz - drums


rosemary said...

Whether you win or not....here's the deal. I did visit Skippy's blog. Nothing original there. He used canned/net photos, not much personal stuff, of the posts available on the page, there is only one comment. He even has a canned photo for his header. He must have cast all of those votes himself. I was unimpressed. So, if he wins....well, it's a shame because for me the flavor, tenor and words on your blog kick shriveled up Skippy's blogger ass big time.

rosemary said...

Plus....he has ads....can't even support his own blog with friends...so there Skippy.


dearest rosemary: who needs to win a contest when I have friends like you...

Babs said...

He's voting for himself. He's kicking his own ass. What a dipshit.

jan said...

I agree his blog totally sucks. He must have some way of stuffing the ballot box.

sageweb said...

I just went and voted for you again..I love you!