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Saturday, August 29, 2009


"PHARMACY NOTIFICATION". ...... as of January 2009 Viagra will only be available under its chemical name. Please ask your pharmacist for MYCOXAFLOPIN
Jenny and Jason brought over the new dresser and the black faux leather couch and love seat. I love them..but they forgot the cushions (I think Jenny did it on purpose so I'd have to make a trip out to see her new house, ha)...I had to move the one book case by the TV so I could center it more to be seen by every angle..then after I put the furniture where I thought it would look best I had to move the book case once more to get room for my recliner..I love my recliner..I can nap like a mother fucker in that baby.. I gave Tony the other recliner and he's a happy ole man. Hmm, have I mentioned Tony? He's a deacon (from England and white) for Bold Springs Baptist Church and doesn't have a lot of much. So he was thrilled with the recliner and since I got the big ole beautiful dresser I am giving him my old one..and when I say old I mean old...had it since 1984...been every color you can think of. I spent days sanding and beating up the top to make it took old and then sanded it down and put 5 coats of varnish on it..First thing he said when he saw it was oh, I'll have to paint that..I almost told him he couldn't have it..dipshit..oh well.. I love my new dresser...it has a huge mirror and now everything I had 'stuffed' into the old dresser is now roomy in the new one..soon as I get it all put in the right place and the mirror up in the dresser will take picutures...man..I'm in high cotton..ha. I'm also thinking about getting some different curtains..I have white sheer ones now with a valance...but would like something a little darker and more color to block out that fucking Texas sun..Judas Priest..One more day of 103 temperature and I am going redneck ...my ass is plum wore out from the nekkid rain dance, plus every time I do it, it rains 500 miles away. Amarillo gets it and Houston gets it. Sigh*
I thought you would know that Inky is going to come over and do a 'guest post'...I talked to him yesterday on the phone at Wolf's and he was drunk and I laughed my ass off...I want him to do a life in the day of Inky..he said no one would believe it..I said oh yeah they will...they know enough about you to not be surprised by anything..Oh man..he was so silly drunk..I had tears in my eyes..
Oh good news..remember the TABC raid on the gay bar in Fort Worth? Well, they fired 2 agents, a supervisor and disciplined 2 other high-ranking employees after an investigation revealed numerous policy violations...gee Y'think? Plus they announced several policy and procedural changes. Oh and by the way? There was no crotch grabbing and every thing the agents said happened to make them slam dunk the guy's head into the wall and arrest everyone? All a pack of lies...So there is at least some justice from this mess.
Ok, I'm out of here..have to take the dresser over to Tony's and get ready to go to Jenny's. Will take pictures of her new home. She and Jason are both so excited..and I'll so happy for them.
have a great weekend...Goddess bless..


Rox said...

I hope Inky comes through...I think that would be a funny post. :o)

jan said...

You think a dresser from 1984 is "old"? Old?

texlahoma said...

The Manogram has caused me severe shrinkage!

Ted Amadeus said...

25 years is rather senior for a piece of furniture...If it's fakewood (CAF particle-board/sawdust & glue POS) it's absolutely ancient, and JS is damn lucky it's still in 1 piece!
I've done up my whole place in perfectly good furniture other people were gonna throw away!
The only thing I paid for was the Lazy Boy recliner: Ten bucks at a yard sale!
It was missing a couple buttons. I put a blanket over the back.


rox:i'm dragging his ass over her to do the post..he said "I'll talk, you type."
jan:not for an antique piece but for a dresser I paid about $50 unfinished and has been painted white, black/red,turquoise/deep red/green and deeper red and hauled from one end of texas to the other..yeah, it's old..ha
tex:tough shit buddy, we have that done once a year or 2 and let me tell you squished titty ..ain't fun.
ted:yah, it's oooold...the little desk is the same age and it's in better shape than the dresser..
i think i have the living room arranged the way i'll keep it(at least for a while) and it looks good...too some pictures of the living room, but dont want to take a picture of the dresser till i get the mirror in it..
cowboys are up 10-3 over the niners...

Pom said...

Normally I feel like a lazy POS when I read your posts but this weekend I'm working my ass off too so I don't feel nearly so bad! lol
Glad you're in love with your new dresser. Looking forward to the pics. :o)

Willym said...

Okay I give it three months before the new dresser is as crammed full of stuff as the old one! Any bets?

Intense Guy said...

I'd of commented sooner but sheesh, you should see the line over at the manogram place...

I'm glad there was some "justice" over the TABC raid - but someone needs to be arrested - Joe Q. Public would be arrested for slamming someone else's head into the wall.