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Sunday, April 04, 2010


No, Barack Obama isn't a brown-skinned, wishy-washy, bleeding heart liberal socialist, giving away free medical care to the poor and needy. You're thinking of Jesus.
these were brought to my attention by my ole friend Mathew Didier in Canada.


CorvusCorax12 said...

the irony.

Charlene said...

Fabulous. Here in Louisville we have a "mega" church of undefined religious affiliation. My opinion of that is although most churches are used by many as a way to get their hands on the church directory for a sales tool, this church preaches doing business among the congregants.

I was raised a Baptist and there was a casting of the money changers out of the temple. Now church is not worship. It is a business opportunity.

TheWayfarer said...

Liberal, YES...Because He chose to do it Himself, because it was what he wanted to do.
Socialist, no...because He didn't put a spear or a sword to everyone elses throats and demand they pay the Romans to do it
...BIG fkn difference (Jesus, not BHO).

EGGcelent picture, tho.

Nan said...

Great graphic. I'm lifting it, and one of these days will find a use for it, too.

That gospel of prosperity many of the mega-churches preach just boggles the mind. The basic message is "tithe so the minister can drive a Mercedes." Then of course when you never get rich yourself it's all your fault because you've sinned, you didn't pray hard enough, you doubted, whatever. It's the ultimate con game.

Anne Johnson said...

Yes, Jesus preached a voluntary socialism. This is why it baffles me that our government even has to offer social services. Isn't that the duty of all these so-called Christians? PS - They can bite me.

Big Pissy said...

When I was a child my family was SO poor. We benefited from all sorts of Social Services. But each of my four of my brothers went to work at 13...doing whatever jobs they could. I went to work at 16. Eventually we were able to get off welfare and moved to the suburbs.

We've always...all five of us siblings...worked and taught our children to work.

I realize there are people out there who simply cannot do for themselves. I also know for a fact (from my working for the State of Alabama days) that there are people out there milking the system for all they can get.

That's bullshit.

We shouldn't have to pay for them.

They should get off their asses and work like the rest of us.

McDonalds is always hiring and there seems to be a tremendous need for child care providers where I live.

Just sayin'

TheWayfarer said...

Pissy, that was fkn AWESOME!
The excuse of the bureaucrats is that it'd cost more to prosecute the abusers than letting them leech off the system.
That's a bullshit cop-out: The paper-shufflers might actually have to get off their ass and earn their freaking keep!

Intense Guy said...

Well someone has to pay for all them kiddy molestin' suits...

And yeah, can you spell hypocrisy?

yellowdoggranny said...

Easter is now Shazam Day in the Goddess's religion..(I makes the rules.)

sageweb said...

So true!

lucy said...

I believe there was a man that walked this earth and loved EVERYONE, and was kind and gentle. Humans being brainless and wanting to be right, split off with different ways to worship and all of them talking about a loving God. Sad part is humans always think they are the one that is right and the even sadder part is they will fight and kill each other over the Loving God they preach about. I will never understand humans. I will never understand how we got to the top of the food chain. Oh Yes, I forgot, we were given a BRAIN and HEART, but we have forgotten how to use them.

Big Pissy said...

Thanks, Ted!

and I agree with you about the paper-shufflers.

I've seen them in non-action. ;-)