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Monday, April 26, 2010


have a happy Monday and good luck you working sucka's...

gnomes...it was the gnomes..

if Calvin took ritalin.

This one made me really laugh.

finally....I haz cheeseburgerz

yeah, you dumb fucks.

woman gives pitty bull dogs a bad name.

really folks...the south is NOT going to rise again.

If kids were schooled by the yellowdog

for Ted..cause after some of his wingnut replies this is what I'd like to do to his nuts..haha

for the sportsblog..


Kulkuri said...

About that Vice-President requirement, do you think that's why aWol picked Darth Cheney??????????????????

sageweb said...

thanks for the monday laugh

Intense Guy said...

I love the one with the Shepard digging up the lawn sprinkler! And the one right below it - could be Dexter almost... "it wuz the elves..."

:) Thanks ya for the laffs!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Love the Scottish kilt doggy outfit!

Yankee Girl said...

Those were great as always!

I really like the one with the Labrador. I had a lab who ate an entire aluminum can and passed it. Iron stomach, indeed.

Rainwolf said...

Yep, sent the Labrador one around. They also either have the attention span of a gnat, or serious OCD. Still gotta love 'em.

yellowdoggranny said...

kulkuri:do you really think bush had anything to do with picking cheney for veep? remember ? he was supposed to be looking for the perfect candidate and said..oh yeah, it's me..
ted:im not overly fond of having my chain yanked...yank on an old lady's chain and your liable to get bit.
sage:your welcome
intense:yup.i thought of dexter as soon as i saw the it was the elves..ha
yankee:i had a pitty bull dog nate that ate a 4x4 piece of sheetrock right off the bathroom wall..
rain:your spot on..look a ball, oh wait there's a leaf..oh shinny..ha

Tina said...

holy schnikies! that was the longest post I've seen hahaha where you find all the pics - love the cock vulture one hehe

tks for stopping by and brushing dust off on my blog :)