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Thursday, April 22, 2010


Days Date: 11 - 12 - 1943 -

You are 24268 days old. That's 3466 weeks and 6 days.Which is 66 years and 161 days, including 17 leap years*. (= 66 years, 23 weeks and 0 days.)Therefore, you are 66.4 years old.

You were born on a Friday, your last birthday was a Thursday and your next one will be on a Friday.
Not sure this is information I really wanted to know. If you want to know how many days old you are..here's the web address.


CorvusCorax12 said...

You are 17208 days old.
That's 2458 weeks and 2 days.
Which is 47 years and 41 days, including 12 leap years*.
(= 47 years, 5 weeks and 6 days.)
Therefore, you are 47.1 years old.

You were born on a Tuesday, your last birthday was a Friday
and your next one will be on a Saturday.


Mom said...

I 'm old enough, that's all i need to know

Jan said...

Me too. I don't need any big numbers.

Ted McLaughlin said...

Let me just say that my birthday cake poses a serious fire hazard at this point. That's all I need to know.

texlahoma said...

I couldn't do it, the years only went back to 1800.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Makes your age in years seem positively teeny-weeny, doesn't it? You're just a kidling!

yellowdoggranny said...

twain:i have underwear older than you..ha
mom:i tell everyone im older than the hem of the Goddess's gown.
jan:most of the time I feel like im a frisky 30..
ted:ah, your just a punk kid to me..ha
debra:no makes it worse..i like small numbers 66..not 80kabillion days..ha

Sling said...

Hey!..I was born on Friday too!..We are loving and giving,you know.

Anonymous said...

I am 15146 days old.
That's 2163 weeks and 5 days.
Which is 41 years and 171 days, including 10 leap years*.
(= 41 years, 24 weeks and 3 days.)
Therefore, I am 41.5 years old.

I was born on a Sunday, my last birthday was a Tuesday
and my next one will be on a Wednesday.

If you have underwear older than me, I'm sending you new ones for your birthday so you can throw those other fuckers out! LOL!

Intense Guy said...

LMAO @ "twain:i have underwear older than you..ha"

I just know I've been around the block a few times... :)

Cool link though.. never know when you might need something to say at a dull office party.

Willym said...

I'm old! God am I old!

yellowdoggranny said...

face it folks..we're much closer to the curtain going down that going up..

TheWayfarer said...
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TheWayfarer said...

Aw...HELL no!