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Monday, June 29, 2020

well fuck y'all..how ya hanging..?

my version of Leslie Jordan's line from his podcasts..


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I love Leslie Jordan! "Has anyone else noticed that the Demonstrators are not demanding that bookstores and libraries reopen?" HAHAHAHAHAHA! And the toilet plunger yarmulke, LOL!

AZ Guy said...

Thank goodness "sleeve cat" is back ! ! !

Totally missed the toilet plunger yarmulke. . . Eyesight is the third thing to go. . .

Peace and happiness to all, especially Jackie Sue !

Anne Johnson said...

Glad I didn't have to wade through too many dicks to find you!

Jerri said...

Good beautiful Monday morning. You must have been up with the chickens!

"I get most of my exercise shaking my head..." pretty much sums it up. Just when you think it can't get any worse. The difference is, I see some evidence of panic. I used to lifeguard. I recognize flailing and panic. No longer is it:" Who you going to believe? Me or your lyin' eyes?" The loser is going to throw a tantrum.

Every parent should despise this whiney little bitch and all his enablers. That's what we need to do...it's not "The Drumpf White House" , it's " The REPUBLICAN White House" . Make them own him. He's all theirs...forever.

If only he protected Americans (ALL Americans) the way he worries about those damn statues.

Lots to think about here, JackieSue. LOVED the yarmulke! Took me a second...AZ guy, as long as we have our sense of humor it helps mitigate the slipping of the other senses, don't you think?

But especially thank you for the "...I miss teleporting". Having been on both sides of that act of love ( and survival ; ) it was a wonderful place to go. Thanks 😊

Everyone buckle-up, could be a crazy week.( Ya think?) Be safe.

wibble said...

I feel like I've been wading through dicks all my life...


debra I adore Leslie Allan Jordan, I watch him on youtube and haven't missed a one.he gets me thru the days..I loved the toilet plunger yarmulke ..I almost missed it when I was trolling memes.
Az guy, sleeve cat will always be with us at appropriate places..love and peace to you also..
anne,you know you'd do it to get here..
Jerri,I have a confession to make..I usually do Monday Tuesday(depending on how many memes I've collected from Friday) Sunday evening..if I did them when I got up you guys would get the memes from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. central time and the reason they are done at 6:30 is for Debra in Canada.
the gg girls..despise trump..oliva got into a verba knockdown with her teacher when she found out she voted for trump..she said I don't know how you even got your job if you are so dumb to have voted for trump..2nd grade..abby would smack her forehead with her palm and say "I just can't believe it, I just can't believe it." Their mothers have asked me not to discuss politics with our around them as they get in trouble in school with their liberal leanings.hah..
wasn't the teleporting one just grand? I never know what shit is going to come pouring out of his mouth so every morning when I turn on news I cringe..
wibble..'dicks to the left of us, dicks to the left..dicks dicks dicks every where'

Geo. said...

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