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Saturday, April 12, 2008


West Public Library is having their annual book sale and Nancy who believes in the adage of $1 in the hand is worth more than $100 on the shelf, broke down and is selling all of the books Miss Henrietta has been stock piling for 25 years...holy shit..I spent $31.50 plus the $5 to be a friend of the Library...wait till you see what I got..
1.Down to Earth at Walden written and Illustrated by Marilynne K. Roach..worth aprx.$25.
2.The Gangs of New York an informal History of The Underworld by Herbert Asbury...worth..not sure..
3.A Short History of Rome and Italy by Mary Platt Parmele worth $15-$20
4. The Russian Alphabet Book by Fan Parker..aprx.$5
Around the World With a Camera. Leslie's Photographic Review of the Great War...worth from $100-$200
5.Martin Guitars a history by Mike Longworth(autographed in 1975 by the author...don't know worth yet..will google.
6.James Thurber 92 Stories..worth $25
7.The Crisis by Winston Churchill
8. Little Pictorial Lives of the Saints with a foreword by L.El Hostlot,Rector saying the Pope loved it..Pope Leo XIII that is.
9.Soldiers Three. The Story of the Gadsbys in Black and White by Rudyard Kipling.
10. Washington's Farewell Address and Webster's First Bunker Hill Oration..worth about $15
11.The Natural History of The Southwest edited by William A. Burns worth about $10
12. New Worlds. In Search of the Planets (including the Latest Uranus Discoveries).Heather Couper with Nigel Henbest worth about $10-$15
13.paper back copy of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang by Ian Fleming.
14.Sybil, or the Two Nations by Benjamin Disraeli.
15. Don Quixote for Young People..written anew for young people by James Baldwin.
16. The Old Oaken Bucket by Bellamy Partridge
17. The Best of Clarence Day including God and My Father, Life with Father, Life with Mother, This Simian World and selections from Thoughts Without Words.
18. Comes the Comrade! by Alexandra Orme.
19. Shared Dreams Martin Luther King, Jr. and The Jewish Community.
20. The Real Jewish Worth by Stuart E. Rosenberg
21.Clues to Americans Past by the National Geographic Society.
22. The Innocents Abroad by Mark Twain
23. The Red Balloon by Albert lamorisse.
24. Vanishing Species by Time Life Books
25. All Out For the Sack Race! an album of cartoons by Robt Day
26. The Greatest Thing in the World by Henry Drummond
27. copy of the above ..different printing.etc.
28. As a Man Thinketh by James Allen
29.. A Loser is..... by Charlie Manna and Bill Majeski (I collect books on humor and by humorists/comedians, etc.)
30. The Roof Of Africa by David Coulson.
31. The World's Vanishing Birds by Cyril Littlewood
32. A Journey to the Center of the Earth by Jules Verne.
I'm so excited I don't know if I should shit or go blind.
I love books...and some of these books I have been wanting to get my hands on for years...When I walked out of the library with the 2 boxes of books..I could hear Miss Henrietta spinning in her grave..
I have Sunday off, and it's not supposed to rain..don't get a day off till Wed. but that's ok with me.. I like having Sunday off..Sunday and Monday's were always my days off, that way I could watch the Cowboys if they played on Sunday and if they had a Monday night game...
I told Thom I wanted to ask now before everyone else got their request in for Labor Day Weekend off as I am having guests coming down for Westfest..He laughed and said you will have probably quit by then or killed James and be on trial for his murder...I have made a habit of zinging James at every chance I get..and he just laughs...He said he wouldn't get a raise again for about 2 years. I said and the rate he was going...it'd be 3 years..
Then yesterday he was giving us a litany of video games he likes to play...I said well, now it's official, your a geek.
He just laughs and laughs...Thom and Inky are just shaking their heads...Thom has actually gone out of his way to schedule us on different shifts as he's afraid I'm going to snap and bip him into a coma. But not to play favorites I had to zap Inky too. He was drinking this God-awful jolly rancher drink and I looked at it and told him it looked like cinnamon douche..
The machine that you use your credit card on takes for fucking ever to work...After waiting and waiting and waiting, it finally popped up..I read it and said to the lady .."Well, your credit is good, but you have an over due library book, and it's time to take your dog in for his shots."...I like amusing my customers...Some one will come in and ask where something is...like the round cake pans..and I will tell them it's in the round cake pan department..
Did I mention I get tomorrow off?...sigh*
Maryjo has called twice in two days to inform me that it's 87 degrees and she's sweating..People in San Francisco are freaking out over their 'heat wave.'...It's been in the 80's here too...and thank the well endowed Goddess, no rain is forecast...
My ass is dragging....bu'bye

oh ...almost forgot ..the Lady Trojans are in the playoffs, and areunbeaten in district..and the boys are in 3rd place so far...we're bad...yes, we're bad..We also had our annual Bluebonnet Run last Saturday which is when all the owners of Cushman's race around town...
We also had a Main Street cleanup for down town..Every one came and cleaned up 4 blocks of Main Street. Picking up trash, weeding, planting flowers, etc. Eventually they will do the entire down town area...I was going to help but that is the day I worked at the library...
Plus April 15th at the West Community Center the West area democrats are having a grass roots meeting..I keep meaning to go and never do and have to work till 8 that night so don't know if I'll be able to make it..so many things to do....so little time...


LostInCO said...

LUCKY!!! BOOKS!!! What a great deal.

Anonymous said...

I laughed right out loud at the "Your credit's good..." stuff! You kill me!

Nit Wit said...

Lots of books and no time to read them. I haven't gotten any new ones lately.
Lady Trojans, I still giggle when I read that name. They share it with a Canton Oh. High school team who's one claim to fame was to have the highest percentage of their young ladies Pregnant. I guess they really embraced that abstinence only sex education program.
I hope you make that meeting where the democrats are going to watch the grass grow from the roots out.
I wonder how many Hillary supporters are having second thoughts now.
Mojo called twice to brag about the nice weather? We are going through another cold snap with rain but they were off a good bit about the temps and amount of rain. The farmers say we have enough rain anyway, something I can't remember them ever saying before.

Anonymous said...

I don't see "One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish" in your list.
Perhaps next sale.

Juanuchis said...

Geez! Every time I'm lucky enough to find a book sale, it's nothing but romance novels. Ick.

Lucky you!

texlahoma said...

You made out like a bandit!
I'm off on Sundays and Mondays, I kind of like it.
Oh yeah, thanks for telling that guy from the U.K. about my blog, I drank 6 Lone Star beers in your honor for that.

jan said...

This reminds me of the time when i had one kid working at the library and another in a bookstore. We would spend days off going to book sales or garage sales with books.

yellowdog granny said...

lic:wow..the martin guitar book is nealy $300 on amazon and so far only one person has a copy of it..and the photo book of the great war is going for a big price too..so think i will sell those..if i get what i want for them will donate part of the money to the library..only fair
rox: the lady cracked up.said i made her day..
nitwit:yeah, everyone got mad at me one year cause i said we should all wave blown up trojan condoms at the football games..
i dont think those hillary supporters have a mind to change..snort*
I will always find time to read..yeah, you'd think it was in the 100's the way the san friscans are carrying on..bunch of wussies..it's texas..we always need more rain.
sr:nope didn't have it..most of the children's books were gone..i love to buy children's books..the illustrations are some times done by very famous artists..
janice:i never buy novels..well, i do occasionally, if i haven't read them but will donate them to the library..most of my books are non fiction or bios' or books on sports/humor..
tex;you are the next blog i'm going to post about..you need more readers...wow..they sell lone star in oklahoma?...ha..
jan:i love books...just love them..like holding them,touching them, smelling them..and then reading them...they are my best friends...

zero said...

good find on the books...
it is amazing what you can find at sales like that...

as for the weather... it snowed here today... only a little, though.

billy pilgrim said...

you hit the jackpot.

i picked up 5 for a buck at the library yesterday. they had one giant book on world coins i wanted but i had to take 5 so i loaded up. it's hard riding a bike with 20 lbs of books swinging back and forth.

Christie said...

Sounds as if all the fun is right there in West! While here in Crescent we are watching it rain and waiting on the mailman to deliver chickens, caint get no more down home than that. My life is sad, really sad..

Kalibitch said...

motherload! you hit the motherload JackieSue!

unokhan said...

some good catches in your book creel...

yellowdog granny said...

zero:its pushing 70 and windy..naturally..but have spent most of the day planting nasty urchins, moving plants around and cleaning off the porch..listening to celtic music and wishing i was in ireland...that martin guitar book was really a find..had my eye on it for years...finally and for only a buck..i rock..
bp:it's the best feeling in the world to buy good books for a great price...i love my books..
christi:for a small town that is border line boring, we always have something going on..even if it's just bold springs baptist church's cheezeburga's..
kali:didn't i do good...?? so proud of myself...i heart books..
unokhan:yup i have to say so myself..i did good..
thanks for stopping by..

Sling said...

From the Russian ABC's to Martin guitars!
I love your eclectic tastes in books.

tsduff said...

Okay: several items of interest:

"Gangs of New York" - heck you MUST watch the movie - Lost of eye candy (mmmm) and yes, lots of history well portrayed by Scorsace... AS WELL AS my favorite Mark Twain's Innoncents Abroad... well done Granny :)

yellowdog granny said...

sling:hahah, they are all different types aren't they?.ha
tsduff: i googled the gangs of new york..1928 printing..up to $400 ...holy shit..

Big Tex said...

Wow, sounds like you made out pretty good on the books! I may have to come down the next time they have one of those sales. I remember the impressive collection of books you had the last time I came down to visit, I can only imagine what it's grown to by now. :-)

I think the Dems are going to be more organized in this state going into the fall than we have in a long time. Call it the Obama effect. Don't know if we'll win the state in November, but we could at least have a fighting chance.

BillyWarhol said...

U Scored Big Time!!

Congrats on being on the Impeach Bush Bandwagon!!

;)) Peace*

U may like www.WorldCantWait.org

tsduff said...

okay okay, so we are not so hardy here in the Bay Area... we just aren't USED to heat - every thing is relative, do you understand? Besides, I used to handle the heat so much better - but now, I'm old and fat, and the heat slays me. The worst thing with these hotter-than-normal hot days is my pup, Tobin.. over a 100 in dog years. He won't make it through another hot summer (we lost Big Kitty in the 110 degree heat two summers ago).