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Monday, April 21, 2008


I finally took the 2 toss away cameras into the house of Satan today..but first let me start from the beginning..
today is the first of my 2 days off...hot dang!
Yesterday Babs calls and tells me she got bit by Baby, the tailless Siamese cat from next door..He was on her porch terrorizing Peaches and Babs stuck her foot out to push him off and he bit the ever living shit out of her..4 huge fang marks on her ankle..Told her if it didn't get better to call me(even though it is my day off and had plans to do nada all day long) and I would take her to see Dr. E., so she called me and I took her to the Dr. where she got a tetanus shot and 2 scripts..She's got infection, a fever and is hobbling around from that stupid fucking cat...Dr. E. told her to call the police and have them pick up the cat as the lady said 'she thought he had his shots'....so the cat is sitting in quarantine and Bab's on the couch knocked out on pain pills...and to top it off...Anessa, Inky's wife got bit by a spider and she's allergic and he had to take her to the hospital today. I on the other hand dropped 4 more lbs...While I was at the house of Satan this morning I put the toss away cameras in and had been so long I couldn't remember what was on them..hell, it was more Halloween pictures along with some Christmas pictures..jeez...none of me..but on this one I have now I will have some pics of me, Inky and Anessa and will take some more of me so you can see me before I waste away to nothing but tits and elbows...
We've had rain, wind and sun..today is just the most glorious day...Hotter than hell with a little breeze..
Today I got the keys to go check my mail and Annie shot out of the apt. like a bullet...out the door, down the steps and across the parking lot and stopped right in front of the office and turned around and looked at me, as if to say..'where the hell are you?'....I laughed my ass off, and then told her to come back and she kinda loped back ...when I got to the office Charlotte and David wanted to know what the hell was chasing Annie..I said nothing, she heard the keys and knew I was coming so she raced to beat me here..She's just happy that I'm home and not going any where...she HATES the fact that I'm working and not here all day long at her beck and call...Spoiled wench..won't eat cat food any more, so now I'm roasting chicken breasts for her to eat..
Wed. is the shipping off of the gnomes..and the box of books for the Buddha-boy Robert..Hmm, what else..?
Jenny and her boyfriend Jason came by with her $400 Maltese puppy Lula....who the hell names a dog Lula..Shady Lane was right, Jenny gets her way..Jason and I wanted to call her Boo(she's all white)...I got 15 novels for Jason at the library sale for $1 each for his birthday..This month was birthday month...Thom, Kathy(girls mom), Jason and Patsy Patsy Patsy at the Community Grocery. Next month is MOJO's 35th birthday..jeez....my baby is 35...sigh*....
ok...now will add all the pictures...and try to post again tomorrow..except I have to do laundry...which we all know I love to do...feck!..I'm going to do the pictures separately..


sageweb said...

So it is true Cats are possessed with the devil.
You are one busy Texas beaver.
Cant wait for the pictures.

McRaven said...

That is a nasty bite story, both of them...hope everyone gets better quick. I go back to work tomorrow, ugh!

jan said...

Cats and spiders from hell in Texas. And we found out about it here first.

Big Pissy said...

Good grief!!!!!!!!!!

I hate cats.

and spiders.

Nit Wit said...

I like spiders and cats though they can both be scary at times. I hope that cat has had it's shots. Babs has enough to deal with during alergy season in Texas.
Big vote in Penn. tomorrow, maybe I'll cross the border and steal some Republicans ID and vote for Obama.

Big Tex said...

Cats can be mean little bastards, especially when they latch on like that. But they give us lots of entertainment on the YouTube! :-) When I was living out in Kemp we had a cat that was an onry little cuss. I slept on a cot in the living room, because we were living in a tiny little trailer at the time, and I had to learn not to leave my arm hanging over the side of the cot because if I did, that thing would be mincemeat by the time I woke up the next morning. I think I still have a few scars here and there.

So Mojo's 35 now? Ugh, just a reminder that I'm getting older too - I turn 37 this July. I still have a copy of that picture of me and her when we were kids, it still cracks me up to look at it. Can't remember if we were visiting you at the time or vice-versa.

yellowdog granny said...

sage:i promise some pictures of me..and it was a full day for me..
mcraven:good luck on the work ..ugh!...spiders and cats and books oh my..
jan:i kept telling them..it coulda been a rattle snake..
bigpissy:when they bite, they're no fun.
nitwit:i just got an email from her, the pain pill helps some and at least now she can sleep without being in so much pain..
vote twice..we'll need it
cuz:the thing i remember most was mojo was teething and would latch onto your knee and chew on it and you would laugh so hard you'd fall out of the chair, and she would chase you trying to get to your knee..it was the perfect size for her to gnaw on..we were visiting you..you had those pitty bull dogs...

LostInCO said...

oh ouch ouch ouch.