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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

.......Y'ALL COME.......

you'll be able to wear one of those t-shirts if you move here.

I was reading the DAM News and found several articles that I think all of you should hear about...First one was about the fact that Texas passed N.Y. as home to the most big companies.

The Lone Star State is at the top of the 'heap'...Texas now has 58 head-quarters, three more than New York, the previous No.1 California has 52. Why are we number one? Low taxes, affordable land and large workforce.(si)..Land...oh man..we have lots and lots of land. We have no state taxes and plenty of cheap labor thanks to the over abundance of Hispanic aliens. So you can get a good job, low prices for a house, a good looking Texan, and someone to mow your lawn at affordable prices.
So what more could you ask for..Plus, Jackie is right down the road...oh, by the way...right down the road is anywhere from 3 miles to 580.
"Cost is overwhelmingly the No.1 driver," said Albert Niemi Jr., dean of the business school at SMU, who wrote his doctoral thesis 30 years ago abut companies leaving the Northeast for the Sun Belt. The cities that have the most headquarters are

San Antonio---5
Fort Worth---4
Austin/Round Rock---2
El Paso---1
The Woodlands---1
Some of the Fortune 500 that are headquartered here are:
Exxon Mobil(who woulda thunk it) ConocoPhillips, At&T, Valero Energy, Dell, Marathon Oil, Sysco, Enterprise GP Holdings, J.C. Penny,Kimberly-Clark, Halliburton(no surprise there, thanks to Bush and his bidness buddies),Texas Instruments, Whole Foods Market, Blockbuster, and Clear Channel Communications.
Just a few..The jobs are here and according to the other article...so are the men...Dallas has the 4th-largest surplus of unmarried men. North Texas has 46,300 more single men than single women..Those are some pretty good odds, but the LA, Long Beach and Santa Ana area is even better with 89,000 more single men than women. N.Y., and Northern New Jersey has 211,000 more single women than men. Maybe it's cause they keep getting whacked by the mob?
What I'm trying to say here folks...is that we have the jobs, we have the men and lots of cheap housing, thanks to the mortgage slump. Maybe you can get one of the single guys to help you move into your new house, after you get a new job..There are lots of pluses too....the sun sets, the sun rises, the friendly people, the blue bonnets, and the home of Blue Bell Ice Cream.
You have desert, mountains, hills, beaches, swamps, forests, and red necks out the ass..Ok, that's not a plus...So, pack up your old kit back and come down and see us..ya hea'?


Nit Wit said...

Having more men than women and a high percentage of them Bush Rednecks really doesn't do much to entice me to move to Texas. Now Westfest and Jackiesue down the road with Babs near by helps but Bush is going to be right down the road too. I give about 50/50 odds he will dust off Texas for some hoity toity resort of the rich and famous when he doesn't need Texas anymore.

Boy About Town LB said...

I lived in Dallas for a minute. By the time the moving truck got there I met them at the end of the driveway & told them to turn around and don't look back! Did you know Dallas has the 4th largest gay population in America?! It's true! Us gays love lots of cheap land with cheap labour to mow the lawns...well we love love cheap labour anyway!

jan said...

Regulations out the wazoo is the reason companies are fleeing California. If there is a regulation any of our legislators can dream up, they pass it. They have no concept of the real world.

Elizabeth said...

I'd move there in a second! Love the West.

Big Tex said...

As a single man in the DFW area, I can attest to the fact that there are far too few single women up here. Y'all come! But leave your boyfriends up north. :-)

Nit wit, we do have more than a few Bush rednecks down here, but it's not as bad as you'd think, especially in the urban areas. Politically the state is trending towards becoming a swing state. Austin is a very liberal city, and has an awesome night life. Dallas isn't as liberal as Austin, but we have our fair share of liberals here, and Dallas County elected a lot of Dems during the last election cycle.

old enough to moan said...

When G.W. Bush leaves office at least he will have no trouble finding a job with all those oil companies around, or he could get a job mowing lawns!

Kalibitch said...

i don't suppose you could find some of those available cowboys to audition for me, JS?

I'd prefer that they wore only their cowboy boots, hat and chaps when they pose for the picture you're going to take. You know - the picture that convinces me to pack up and head to West, Texas.

McRaven said...

I left a comment and an error came up with some shit about duplication which to means ???? Twice?

so I come back to check and there nothing there. So fuck it.

I love you.


Kulkuri said...

You don't have to worry about aWol hanging around Texas, rumor has it that the Bushs have bought a huge ranch in Paraguay and our military has bought a chunk of land next to it for some security thing. Hey if it was good enough for the Nazis, it should be good enough for aWol. It may be wishful thinking, but I know aWol won't be doing a lot of travel in other countries for fear of getting arrested for war crimes.

Big Pissy said...

Next time I go to Texas to visit relatives, I'm gonna get one of those shirts.

'cuz even though I haven't lived there in over 30 years....I'm STILL from Texas! ;-)

sageweb said...

So as boy said Dallas has a big Gay community, and so do the other cities you mentioned with a lot of single men. Might be the reason...I am thinking Texas isnt too close to having legalized Gay marriage. As soon as they do the single men ratio might change.

buddha_girl said...

I don't care about the single guys - gay or straight.

I do like the cheaper housing.
I do like sunsets.
I do like knowing that Aunt Grandma Jackie would make daycare obsolete! Screw the Dollar Store. You'd have some Buddha love!

tsduff said...

Man alive, you've got me almost talked into my next geographical except that I despise corporations. I do love Texas BBQ more than anything else. And the wide open spaces call to me. Course my Grandpa was born in Texas, as was my sister (Fort Worth). What about those tornados though?

yellowdog granny said...

nitwit:good news bad news.. good news..bush will be moving from down the road in crawford when he leaves the white house..bad news..he's moving down the other road to dallas...farq!
boyabouttown:also we have more gay families raising children in texas than any other state..so we're not all bad..in my little red neck town we have a bar that is owned and ran by two gay guys...been here for over 25 years...i'd say 99% of the people in town could care less that they are gay...which is pretty good for a town with less than 2,000
jan:texas doesn't care what you do..just come on town...very lax regulations..very very lax.
elizabeth..west, texas is in central texas..we like to keep people confused..
cuz:i'll have to fix you up with some czech girl here in west..
kali:i'll have to start taking pictures of the elegible bachelors here in west..well the ones under 70 anyhow..
mcraven:right back attcha
kulkari:yeah, i dont care where he goes, but would prefer 'sraight to hell'
bigpissy:i HAVE to get me one of those shirts..
sage:texas is changing it's spots everyday..if we had a democratic governor instead of good hair perry, i think we could get the gay marriage law passed..as long as they called it a 'union' and not 'marriage'....stupid people..
buddha:we can always use good teachers here in west and for the most part..the families are very involved..you should see our baseball stadium with 4 fields...like pro's use..
tsduff:come on down, we'll find you something..you can buy the village bakery and start your own business..ha

Boy About Town LB said...

I want Dan from Hollywoods blog address as well!

Jez said...

I would love to come to Texas. But do you still got that no cooking live lobster thing? I love lobster!

Allan said...

I spent a summer squatting in an abandoned building in Austin...cheapest rent I ever had.

Nan said...

Guess I'll have to tell my daughter to get one of those shirts. She's so far east in the state she might as well be in Louisiana, but she is on the west side of the Sabine River.

tsduff said...

Is it for sale?