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Saturday, August 08, 2009


Lily, if you don't like working every other night shift...say something..Explain to the supervisor that she'd get better productivity out of a happy employee...Remember..the squeaky wheel gets oiled first.
Rosemary your not going to find happiness by winning the lottery..$10,000 may pay off some bills, but that in itself won't bring happiness. Wrinkles are a nice way to account for all your actions. Goddess thinks the people on this planet are more worried about their looks than their health..
Jan, cholesterol is another numbers game. Just eat fresh foods and eat small amounts. The numbers will take care of themselves. Stay away from the drive through...
Mrs. B...NO.
Daisy, why would you want a smaller ass? Have you seen the Goddess's ass? You have to have a nice ass to get some good ass.
Ted, the Goddess has been every where and seen everything and she thinks the most beautiful northern lights are seen in Finland.
No one needs to keep an eye on your ass Anne, the Goddess is pretty sure than by the end of school term you'll have kicked your own share of asses.
Woozie, Woozie, Woozie. Maybe when you're old enough you'll see that sex has nothing to do with love. Love is about friendship taken to a higher level. Find a friend, find lots of friends, then cultivate the friendship...and love will come.
Billy, you know the Goddess doesn't care about politics..so I could care less why Indian has a nuclear submarine and Israel doesn't. I don't think it's going to matter anyhow. I give this planet about 3 more years before you all are whipped out in a nuclear winter. Then we can start from scratch with smarter fish this time.
Sooner...stay away from them sisters and quit jacking off.
Debra, the Goddess wrote the Book of Love. Although the Monotones did a good song about it.
No Ted, life doesn't start at 60.. a new life starts every morning when you wake up. It's all a new day with new beginnings.
Not so wishy washy...The correct thing for me to say is:"yes, it's always better to take the higher road."...............but lets face it...getting down and dirty and sticking it to someone that deserves it...just feels so right.
Intense guy, you always need to be prepared for Sooner.
Wendy, when you go apply for a job..give them the impression that you don't need their job...they need you..and would be foolish to pass up the chance to hire you. And yes, any Palin question is political. That woman has set the women's movement back 100 years.
The Goddess has a special place in Hel for all politicians...When they start taking the job without pay, then I might start trusting them.
Scottish Toodler has some great questions. Yes, I fear for the Polar bears, but I also fear for all living things. This planet has been here for millions and millions of years, and will be here for a few million more, but the living things are doomed, and it's all your own fault. God has been taking a nap since 1392..
Clance, Sooner lives in Oklahoma and if you ask the Yellow Dog, she'll tell you the best place to live is right here in West, Texas. The heart of Texas.
Sage, you don't need short hair, or attitude to get some romance..Just be who you are and flash those baby blues..
Woozie, what the hell do you think those earthquakes are ? PMS Goddess style.
Sling, if everyone agreed with you, you wouldn't have anyone to argue with..and between you and me..you know you love a good argument.
Joy...the people might have a chance with the new guy. He wants health care for everyone and if the right wing assholes don't fuck it up, you might get it.(courtesy of the Yellow Dog)
Battlee43, you need enticements to get them to fix your roof. Let them know you'll serve them ice tea and cookies. But getting a good roof isn't easy..ask Billy Pilgrim.
Tex, being a free country isn't going to be easy. When everyone is equal freedom will come.
Rox, I'd go with humor. "I supposed you want to know why I called this meeting", would be a good start. Or "As I was saying, before I was rudely interrupted."
Rastpootin, like Woozie, you have to start out with a friend and friendship. It all starts with the smile and wanting to make each other laugh.
Willym, I think it sounds very interesting, and doesn't everything sound better in Italian? How scary could some thing be by someone who say things like linguine, prima vera, Sophia Loren?
Rainwolf, I'm not sure that a planet that can't agree on who to worship or how is capable of bringing about world peace. Every person has to be fed, have a warm dry place to sleep and live without fear before there will be world peace.
Which is a good place for the Goddess to stop. You all want to be young, pretty, skinny, and rich. When there is less caring about appearances and more caring about your fellow man, you all might find happiness. I wish you peace..I wish you love and I wish you a happy heart.
Blessings on you.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Wow, YDG, you really DO know everything!!!! I'm impressed!


yellowdog knows sports and politics..the goddess knows EVERYTHING.

Willym said...

damn you're right - as always - electro-stimulati does sound sort of sexy!

Woozie said...

Find a friend, find lots of friends, then cultivate the friendship...and love will come.

Yeah but you see Goddess, I *did* that, and it ended with itty bitty bits of my heart strewn across the ground like so many pieces of sheet metal from an exploded car bomb in Baghdad. Forgive my bitterness but genuine love is not something I'm looking for at the moment, not any more no ma'am.

Ted Amadeus said...

Money quote:
The Goddess has a special place in Hel for all politicians...When they start taking the job without pay, then I might start trusting them."
Hot damn, another convert!!!

I love my family, but they don't love anything but themselves and money - largely the latter. I've wasted so much time and resources on this grand-mal cluster-fuck (see CFN posts entitled "A Fool's Parade") and have good reason and legal advice to just let it die: The deeper I dig, the more it stinks!
First Rule of Acquisition - Never pay more for anything than it's actually worth.
The gods they serve will pay them the wages of sin, and it will be ugly.

jan said...

As always, wisdom imparted from a world beyond.

joy said...

Thanks. You are an amazing goddess!

sageweb said...

The short hair sure is helping me though. THe ladies love it! I will eventually post a picture.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

*slaps forehead* Sorry, got mixed up, YDG! Of course the Goddess answered our questions. Thanks for channeling Her wisdom!

billy pilgrim said...

i didn't realize my question was political, i apologize from the bottom of my broken heart.

i just can't get the picture of 100 curry eating east indians aboard a submarine. i hope they have several crates of pine scented glade.

Lily Strange said...

Thanks Goddess. I've said something, several times in fact. Perhaps you could remove the wax from my supervisor's ears and give her a brain that works!
The goddess is quite right that people are far more concerned with looks than health. We're all stupid!

texlahoma said...

When everyone is equal? In other words, never. Bummer.

Green tea said...
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Sling said...

Of course you're right goddess.
I even argued with myself in my last post.

Rox said...

Oooooh good lines Goddess, I'll let you know how they play out!

Intense Guy said...

Hmm.. good advice as always.

:) Just keep sooner away from me.