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Monday, June 12, 2006


Oh, man did I feel better after that last post. I had received enough comments from people objecting to my onesided posts about Forest Gump and calling Ann Coulter a cunt, I just wanted to make sure they understood the ground rules...I get to say what I want and they get to kiss my ass...
I stumbled on an article from the Rolling Stone about how the Forest Gump administration stole the 2004 election..it's by one of the Kenneydy's and no not Ted...Robert ?. Kennedy,Jr. and boy is it interesting...I think it is this months magazine..but not sure...but it is worth checking it out...long ass article...I am waiting for my new Vanity Fair magazine...I love Vanity Fair.

In the DAM NEWS they have been running a series on illigal aliens in Dallas...Parkland Hospital delivers sooo many babies ( over 26,000 I think)..and 70% of the babies born at Parkland in the first 3 months of 2006 were illegal immigrants...these babies are being born at tax payers expense..In 2004, the hospital spent $70.7 million delivering 15,938 babies but ended up having a $7.9 surplus in obstertrics. Why? It resulted from an infusion of Medicaid funds, about $34.5 million, to cover the delivery costs for the undocumented women. Dallas county taxpayers also kicked in $31.3 million, or about 40% of the total obstertrics costs, and the Federal Government paid an additional $9.5 million to make up for the hospital's high percentage of patients on Medicaid, the state-funded insurance program for the poor.
The average patient in Parkland's maternity wards is a 25-year-old, married, Hispanic woman giving birth to her second child and the survey says..she is most likely illegal.
Under a 1986 federal law, called the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act, pregnant women cannot be turned away by a hospital if they are in need of emergency help,such as being in labor. Hospitals that deny care to such patients face a $50,000 fine and termination from the Medicare program. But Parkland takes it a step further by offering the women prenatal care, which improves their chances of delivering healthy babies and at a lower cost to the hospital.
Patient demographics for 2003 deliveries, including 15,585 at Parkland, 42,297 in Dallas County and 377,374 in Texas.

Dallas County:


that is just ONE border state...do the math...Calif.,Ariz., and New Mexico. They are not staying here..They are living in each and every state..google your state and find out the data on your illegal aliens..
They will win this war...why? they are having more kids...and we are paying for them all...
The Veterans had their benefits cut back or discontinued..but Congress is allowing more money for medicaid for the aliens...something wrong here folks...
I am tired of people thinking I am a bad person because I don't want to give them amnesty. If you read how some of the Mexican aliens got here..they say they paid the coyote $3,00 or $1,800 for each memeber of the family....If they can raise that kind of money..why don't they stay there in their own country. Hell, I would be hard pressed to come up with $3,000 to cross the border into Canada..
Oh, man..I'm getting one of those headaches....mabye it's from banging my head on the keyboard....
fuckme till I say No Mas..


Nit Wit said...

I agree with you that there should never be amnesty given. Illegal is illegal and I don't understand why people don't understand this.
The thing that I find most unbelievable is that by some convoluted excuse for logic the babies are eligible for US citizenship.

Mama Kelly said...

free medical care for illegal immigrants does push my buttons

because all that free care results in higher costs for everyone else

I have medical insurance - I pay $200 a week for the priviledge and STILL have to pay copays up to $60 for medicine and $500 a day for a hospital stay

apositivepessimist said...

Welll you said you were going to do it. Your comments would be a testament to your success at that ;)

While I understand the anger you feel about this especially when you know how much it costs the average Joe and Josephine Blow in medical insurance blah blah...I'm still glad that the hospitals are not allowed to turn away those about to give birth.

I guess that saying..."birth, death and paying taxes"...really isn't so ironclad after all.

TheWayfarer said...

"Something wrong here, folks."

That's god%$#$ed right. Get the Whore of Babylon (Roman Catholic cult) out of our government and pockets TODAY!
I don't buy this "human rights" snake-oil being peddled about everyone on earth deserving to be given anything they want at the expense of the American taxpayers. It's the second biggest bunch of bullshit to come down the pike: The first was the UN, our last best hope for socialism.
The 0th is PrezJohnny-Reb and his (snake) oil buddies getting fat off this police-action war.
It's tea party time, I sez!