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Friday, August 17, 2007


Little Rock, Ark.---A Houston-based oil and gas distribution company agreed Wednesday to pay almost $3 million in penalties for discharging thousands of barrels of jet fuel,gasoline and crude oil into waterways, the Justice Department said.The company, TEPPCO, also agreed to make $1.6 million in improvements to its pipelines..

well wooptee fuck!...Why didn't they take away their deserts also..fuckers...$5.6 million dollars is like a $5 fine to you and me..They make that much a fucking hour...Judas Priest..The Goddess is most displeased..I wouldn't be surprised if they all came down with

warts all over their peni.


Sling said...

3 million bucks to an oil company??
Yeah,I can hear 'em now..
"Thanx..I'll pay the 2 dollars"..

Nit Wit said...

They are basically paying a bribe to the State to continue what they were going to do anyway.
Losing all that refined fuel cost them a hell of a lot more in profits.
They will then get 10 million dollars in tax brakes for improving their equipment.
Probably going to put in a claim for compensation for controlling the mosquito population with their innovative use of petroleum products.
Gee my comment is longer than your post.

AngelConradie said...

oh boy...
so pray tell- what would you suggest for punishment then?

Anonymous said...

They probably got sent to their rooms and put in time out.

Josh said...

And I'm sure they're going to jack up the price of fuel to compensate... assholes...

yellowdoggranny said...

sling:they could have made it $50 million and it wouldnt have put a dent in their fat wallet..
nitwit:hell sometimes your comments are better then my posts..
angel:about $100 million dollars..
jan:can't watch tv and no snacks..
josh:well of course..

i was looking at the labels for this post and just decided that warty peni would make a great name for a punk rock band..hahahahah