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Sunday, November 18, 2007


Ho hum, another win....yawn...I am now 89-58-10 for the season...that's 89 wins, 58 loses, and 10 ties..betting the point spread..which is better then all of the sports reporters for the Dallas Morning News...hahahah...and so far..one of the best seasons I have had in a few years..I did lose the Cowboys game as I took the Boys and gave up 101/2 points..I should have known better...as Washington always plays us close..I wonder why the Indian Nation hasn't forced Washington to change the name from Redskins to something more politically correct..?
While watching the game I decided to put up my Christmas tree....wasn't going to put it up this early...but if that Rude girl can put hers up this early...so can I...Now all I have to do is keep Annie out of it..she has tried to climb it a few times already and has staked out a place to roost, right under the tree...If I could find my camera I would take a picture of her and the tree...I know it's around here someplace..but don't know where..
Jenny and Jamie came over Thursday and I cooked them dinner...made turkey meatloaf...veggies and cheese and apples...they loved the meatloaf and veggies, but you would have thought I was trying to poison them by putting cheese with apples..I tried to explain to them that fruit and cheese is a well known after dinner desert...they didn't believe me...Maybe if I had fried the apples and melted cheese over them they would have gone for it..
I didn't get to go home for the reunion, which is just as well,as with the exception of my pistol packing 86 year old Aunt and her brood, only my uncle and his wife showed up..and he's been mad at me since 2004, when he was celebrating George W. Bush's win and I said 'fuck you Uncle Hick'...Wonder if he still is celebrating?....What an asshole...You can pick your friends, you can pick your nose, you can pick your friends nose and wipe it on your saddle horn, but you can't pick your relatives..
Oh....by the way..every body's favorite football player had 4 touchdowns in today's game...I'm really starting to like that T.O. He might be a spoilt brat, but by Goddess, he can catch the ball and run them into the in zone pretty damn good...and I can lie with that..
Well, going to go watch the movie I rented..Munich...supposed to be good..hope it is as good as the Train Station...cause I really did like it...Fuck..Annie's in the tree...


Heidi said...

I wanna see pictures of Annie in the tree! I bet she's really cute!

John loves apple slices and cheese. That used to be his breakfast in the morning on the way to work. It does seem like a weird combination, but he likes it.

Jan said...

I'm sure in Annie's little cat mind the tree is something you put up for her amusement. Can we bet on how long it takes her to knock it over?

Apples and cheese is a very European (or Euro trash) dessert. That's all we were served when we were there.

the rube said...

maybe the big tuna was holding them back.

t.o's a hero and vick's a prick!

who woulda guessed!

Nit Wit said...

Are they still playing that silly game?
We had some excitement in Ohio this weekend. I'm not sure but I think we had a war with the state to our north. Everyone wearing red uniforms and displaying red flags with big O's on them. We must have won the war as everyone seemed really happy.
Pretty impressive as Detroit is the most violent city in the country.
I hear New York may launch a preemptive strike to regain the title.