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Friday, November 23, 2007


3 points....They only allowed 3 points...oh man...by half time I was giggling like a 3rd grader...Now the game I am worried about is coming up next..the packers...The Green Bay Packers..with Bart Farve playing better than he
has in his life...holy shit..now that's going to be a good game..except I will have to go to a bar to watch it as it's on the NFL channel and my 2-bit cable company (Rapid Cable....rapid my fat ass....Unreliable is what they should call them selves..$49.07 for the worse cable I have ever seen or had..and the apt's won't let you have satellite dishes...But some one told me it's against the law for them to refuse to let you pick the TV carrier of your choice...don't know..will have to look into it..I know that one of the tenants has got a satellite dish but the manager doesn't know it...and I hate to nark on him, but will if it will get me a dish..snort*
I hope you all had a very happy turkey day..I had a great one...went to the granddaughters mom's house like I did last year...Turkey, ham, dressing, mashed taters,gravy,the (shudder) green beans with crispy onions on top, my baked macaroni and cheese and lots of deserts..Jennifer made a terrific chocolate pie..had Oreo crust, chocolate pie with heath bars broke up and mixed in and a whipped cream with more candy on top...it was fantastic..I ate a small amount of taters,dressing and mac/cheese so that I could have a small piece of Jenny's pie..My blood sugar was 118 3 hours after dinner..so that was pretty damn good..I left before the cowboys came on as I don't like to watch the game with anyone that isn't completely into the game like me...and as much as I love Jenny and Jamie..they would rather watch a movie then sit through a football game with me...even if it is the cowboys..and know if they started talking and bullshitting while I'm trying to watch the game..I would be plucking them bald-headed...
I came home and found Christmas balls all over the floor and the wrapping on the packages shredded...Annie looked mighty pleased with her self..little bitch..
I am going to the bank tomorrow and see about getting money so I can go to the House of Satan and get me a new computer, desk and printer...can get a computer for $398....$54 for the printer and will check out a desk...This computer is so slow I'm about to put my Baby Phat's through it..The speed is 45.2kbps...and AT&T informed me that dial up is going up from $9.99 to $14.99 which is the same as fast speed..so will go ahead and get it..
I just finished watching Munich...what a great movie..but I either need to get a hearing aid or the sound editor on this movie should go back to school...had to sit on the TV to hear...
Winter is here..high today was 52..and windy...but after 3 weeks of 80 degree weather...it's about time..now if we could get some of the rain that Dallas got..they even had snow flurries at Dallas Stadium during the game..
Well.....it's 5 till 2am..and have to get up early to go to House of Satan..fuckity fuck fuck fuck..happy happy...love jackie


Mouthy Girl said...

HG was PISSED that they even allowed the three points. With 42 seconds remaining, he was still ranting and raving, pissing and moaning. You get the picture. I told him to stick some food in his piehole and get over it. Sheesh.

Buddha went to see SANTA today. Oooooooooh wait until you see the pics!

Anonymous said...

My son and I had our traditional Thanksgiving of many years--pizza and football. For those of us not Cowboy (or Jets) fans, that game was a total dozer.

I think the NFL is cutting its own balls off by dictating terms on its channel.

the rube said...

i'll bet 50 cents that the cowboys bet the packers.

beware the old printer trick, cheap printer super expensive toner.

BBC said...

AT&T has been my service provider since I moved here in 98. At that time it was $4.95 a month. But it keeps creeping up and I've been paying $14.95 for at least a year now.

It isn't any faster unless you download and install the web accelerator. Modems can only get so fast though and that is a fact of life.

I like AT&T as a service provider all in all, the service has always been good for the most part.

But if I could get Quest broadband here I would jump at it. Maybe not, if I could get Quest broadband I could also get AT&T broadband.

Modems suck for things like Utube.

As for who wins what games, I could care less. Football games cause a lot of spousal abuse problems in this country.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Please get high speed already! You and my mother are the last two people on the planet still using dial up!

mckait said...

hey jac........had a great time last night at the Harp and Fiddle. I think you would have enjoyed it a lot!

Your thanksgiving sounds gorgeous! except for the football.. not a fan myself. hehe

I still have 2 of my boys at home, and it has been fun... the wife? well.. lets say that I said something about how pretty a young girl was who was doing some irish dancing last night at the pub.. and she was.. but the wife said nly.. that she was chubby... a large marge.. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the girl was maybe a size 10-12 and long blond hair.. beautiful, terrific dancer... and that is all she could say. nice eh?

but i don't have to live with her... so

anyway... i guess today is anther football day for you???

are you getting a new computer?

john said...

a new pc ? why not a laptop. they are cheap now ! happy thankgiving.


bg:yah, I thought it should have been 34 zip....can't wait to see the pictures..but then I'm still waiting on the halloween ones...hint hint..
jan:I agree that nfl channel sucks..and the guy in charge of getting all the cable companies to get it?...jerryimanassholejones..
leo:uh,expensive ink?...jeez...I think the cowboys are going to win too...but then I thought they would beat Indy too..
bbc:football is an excuse for sposal abuse?...people who think that there is an excuse or reason for spousal abuse makes me want to commit some abuse myownself...BBC you think some weird shit..
byg:when I get it I will call your mama and tell her how great it is...maybe get her to go for it..ha
Kath:I got the new computer..david oden is supposed to come over today and put my desk together so I can put it up....yeah!!!!!

John:I almost bought a lap top, but have had so many people tell me they are easy to break..and I'm such a klutz...thought I would be better off going with a desk top...

Heidi said...

Jackie, glad to hear you had a great Thanksgiving!

Oh-Oh. Sounds like Annie is in TROUBLE...

Cyberoutlaw said...

Okay, okay...don't get too happy. The Jets suck.

AngelConradie said...

so glad you enjoyed watching the game in a pub!

and happy belated turkey day wishes from me!