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Friday, October 20, 2006


From wire reports.

Washington--Scientists are boldly going where only fiction has gone before-to develop a Clock of Invisibility.
It is
n't quite ready to hide a Romulan space ship from Capt.James T. Kirk or to disguise Harry Potter. But it is a significant start and could show the way to more sophisticated designs.
It's lik
e a mirage, where heat causes the bending of light rays and cloaks the road ahead behind an image of the sky.
"We have built an artificail mirage tht can hide something from w
ould-be observers in any direction," said cloak designer David Schurig, a research associate in Duke University's electrical and computer engineering department.
For thei
r first attempt, the researchers designed a cloak that prevents microwaves from detecting objects. Like light and radar waves, microwaves usually bounce off objects, making them visible to instruments and creating a shadow tht can be detected.
The result is that the microwaves slide around the structure like
water flowing around a smooth rock in a stream,said Dr. David R. Smith, a professor of electrical and computer engineering at Duke and an author of the paper published today in the journal Science.
Enthusiasts have already suggested thata the technology may som
eday be useful for the military to create objects that are invisble to radar,or to shield objects from cellphone signals.There has even been talk of a real-life version of the invisibility device.
"We hope it's got some commercial potential," Mr. Myhrvold said
."It could easily take years to figure out what the stuff is really good for from a practical, pragmatic standpoint.But, boy, it sure is really cool from a short-term standpoint.

Associated Press.

Washington--This year's Antarctic ozone hole is the biggest ever, government scientists said Thursday. The so-called hole is a region where there is severe depletionof the layer of ozone-a form of oxygen-in the upper atmosphere that protects life on Earth by blocking the sun's ultraviloet rays.Scientistss say human-produced gases such as bromine and chlorine damage the layer, causing the hole.That's why many compounds such as spray-can propellants have been banned in recent years.

Jackiesue's News:
Washington-President George W. Bush said after being told of the hole in the ozone.:"Hey, dude...just throw one of them invis
ible cloak's over that ole hole and it'll 'poof' disappear...just like ole Harry Potter in them movies. ..Ain't scientific shit cool.Do you think you can get me one of them cloaks so I can make myself invisible the next time Ole Dick wants me to go dove hunting with him? Dang,dude..I hate going hunting with him..he shot me in the ass once, said I stepped into his 'line of fire'...hell, I was in the back of the truck...yeah, get me one of them cloaks,I need me one of them cloaks."


JBlue said...

Would the Veep be more likely to hit you if you were visible or invisible? Hmmmm.

Interesting thing about that cloak, though. Wow!

yellowdoggranny said...

jublue:im just sort of proud of myself for the way i linked the 2 together and used them to make fun of george again..hu huh

Babs1 said...

Fuck! They've discovered my secrets to the invisible clock.
Bush is so easy to make fun of and well, he deserves it.

texlahoma said...

My son told me about those cloaks, I told him he was full of shit, I would tell him that he was right, but he seems to have disappeared!

apositivepessimist said...

ohhh a cloak...was thinking wtf good is a "clock of invisibility"...arrhaaha...now really JS I can muddle meself up enough without you helping me.

Beansidhe said...

I'll betcha anything ya like that pesky ol' Saddam Insane was hiding his WMD's under one of them thar cloaks.

Damn sneaky these arabs ;)

Ol' Lady said...

Dam...you do come up with the most interesting shit...now you see me now you don't

yellowdoggranny said...

Babs:ok, so i should really consider using spell check..or at least proof reading my post...but then it would seem like a job...and this is for shits and giggles...
Apos:..if took me 3 readings before i saw where i had spelled it clock instead of cloak..fuck...sigh*..
beany: you're right on the money..next press conference bush will be spouting off about there WERE womd, but Sadaam had that thar invisible cloak and had 'em hidden..
bbr:hope your kid comes back with the cloak...we can use it to throw over oklahoma when they play next..cant catch them if they cant see them.
ol'lady:i have lots of time on my hand..and my dallas am paper has all sorts of good shit..i just link them together and use them to make fun of george bush...like babs says...he deserves it..

Anonymous said...

The mirage thing sounds pretty interesting and may actually be useful. I wish Fucktard took the envoirment more seriously. Mother Nature so has the right to make us pay for the descruction we cause.

Rowan Dawn said...

I read that somewhere else. That is just cool!

john said...

will it make mark foley dissapear ... forever ?

Nit Wit said...

I can think of a few uses for a field that will block out microwaves. Just think, you will be able to watch a movie without everone's cell phone going off.
Now if they could develope one that blocked all Political speaches. Except Kinky, he a funny fella.

Anonymous said...

Hey, let's go ahead and get Bush one of those cloaking devices, put him in it, and we keep the controls. If he's out of sight, and if sound doesn't penetrate out through the cloak, then it's better than locking him up in prison.

yellowdoggranny said...

mimi: fucktard only takes one thing seriously..that is making money for his family and his bid'ness buddies..
dawn marie: i want one.
john: how about the entire republican party..?
nit wit; we could just throw it over washington d.c....yea, that's the ticket..
winston: wouldnt you like to go back in time and just throw that cloak over barbara's vagina..?

Anonymous said...

hey yellowdog granny you come up with some of the greatest photos, I think the cloak thing will work in Washington.

Anonymous said...

Are you threatening the joker in a round about way? hahahahaha

Allan said...

I remember seeing reports on that cloak several years ago...then the news just vanished. Thanks for the update!

yellowdoggranny said...

floyd: i love searching for just the right pictures.i have googled some weird ass requests..and never fail to get at least one picture of someone either getting or giving a blow job..wtf?
nancy: dont give them any ideas, they will be donw here tossing my ass under the jail...
Allan:bush probably made them make him one and is making democrats disappear...

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

When they get that cloak figured out, let's knit one big enough to throw over Washington D.C. so we never have to see "the mistake on the Potomac" again!
Seriously though, they already have been using technology similar to this on the stealth fighters and bombers, it's just the device works on radar frequencies only. It'd be weird if they came out with a personal, portable one that worked on visible light, but most people I've met barely pay attention to what's right infront of their eyes, so this device could capitalize on that.
Call it a SEP field generator.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

It would work by generating a field that makes the observer dismiss the object being shielded by the device as "Somebody else's problem!"

Hell, they MUST have invented it already!!!

yellowdoggranny said...