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Monday, October 09, 2006

..............BUSHSHIT'S WAR..............

Iraq war injuries are on the rise..776 of our soldiers wounded last month.
The numbers of U.S. troops in Iraq has surged to its
highest levil in nearly 2 years as they fight block by block in Baghdad to try to rein in a crushing blow of sectarian violence that U.S. commanders warn could lead to a civil war..(excuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuusethefuck out of me..but aren't we there already???)
month, 776 U.S.troops were wounded in action in Iraq,the highest number since the miliary assault to retake the insurgen-held city of Jallujah in November 2004,according to Defense Department data. It was the fourth-highest month total since the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq in March 2003.
The large i
ncrease in American-wounded, with nearly 300 more in the first week of October, is a grim reminder of the degree to which the U.S. military has been pushed into the lead of the effort to stave off full-scale civil war in Iraq, military officials and experts say.Beyond Baghdad, Marines battling Sunni insurgents in Iraq's very violent western province of Anbar last month also suffered their highest numbers of wounded in action since late 2004.
than 20,000 U.S. troops have been wounded in combat and 2,700 killed in the Iraq war.Although most of the media's reporting has been focused on the number of dead, military experts say the number of wounded is a more accurate gauge of the fierceness of fighting, because advances in armor and medical care allow many service members to survive who would have perished in past wars.The ratio of wounded to killed among U.S. forces in Iraq is about 8 to 1,compared with 3 to 1 in Vietnam.
The upswing in wounded comes as U.S. commanders issue increasingly dire warn
ings about the threat of civil war in Iraq, all but ruling out cuts in the current contingent of more than 140,000 U.S. troops before the spring of 2007.
Thousands of additional U.S. troops have been ordered to Baghdad sin
ce July to reinforce Iraqi soldiers and police who failed to halt..or were in some cases complicit in...a wave of hundreds of killings of Iraqi civilians by rival Sunni and Shiite groups.
The worsening violence in Baghdad has led some Pentagon officials to criticize decisions by the U.S. military since early 2005 to transfe
r responsiblity for security in large swaths of Baghdad to Iraqi forces while cutting back on American patrols.

What it boils down to is we that our soldiers are dying and getting wounded fighting a war that should be fought by their own people but are too corrupt to be trusted to do the job...and the results are the brave soldiers.

Thanks to blogger I was unable to upload(download?) any more pictures....couldn't do it last night and all of today...it really sucks...so I will add them later..because they need to be seen...


Josh said...

And now this shit with North Korea, which we'll have to face knowing that the military is already spread thin, primarily from Iraq. Thank you Bush for weakening our military in the face of Iranian and North Korean threats.

Jackie Sue, try ImageShack. I've had some problems with Blogger image hosting as well, but ImageShack has always worked for me.


Lauren said...

It's Viet Nam without the jungle. We're trying to save people that are too chickenshit to stand up for themselves and don't want to be saved in the first place.

Look at Viet Nam today. . . Modern, thriving and living at peace. . . The people don't give a royal shit about the politics as long as they have a home, food on the table and schools for the kids. . .

Oh sorry. . . I forgot the country is run by Commies. . . What was I thinking????

Anonymous said...

Hello, just running my blog roll and saw your post, very good post a picture is worth a thousand words. It seems the violence has increased two or threefold in Iraq, the news everyday are more of our soldiers dying and getting maimed, it is so sad,'stay the course' just don't cut it and there is no real plan of where we go from here.
Once again very good post, but, they are always good from here. My friend's son had to be shipped back over about 2 months ago, so he is in the thick of it now. The military is being spread so thin, so they just keep rotating them right back to the killing sands.

yellowdoggranny said...

josh:yea, and you don't think that crazy korean bastid knows we are short a few soldiers...and this will give bush the excuse he has been waiting for to reinstate the draft..fuckers..image shack huh?
lauren:right on the money again...don't know who is running vietnam...but they are doing it better than bush is running our country..
floyd: glad you liked the post...i see those kids ..and i mean kids...with bullets in them, limbs gone, it's just enought to make me crazy....

Anonymous said...

My nephew was shot in the leg in Iraq and we were relieved that he would be coming home...wrong. He was repaired and rested and sent back.

It's all very sad and scary.

Carina said...

Sad and scary indeed. Excellent post as usual...we have made everything so very much worse by engaging in this stupid war.

Charlene Amsden said...

Dr. John did not send me to express my political views, but I don't recall him saying I couldn't:

I have said from the beginning that it makes no sense to fight a war against a group of people who consider death a victory. But this isn't about sense, it's about oil -- and Bush's ego. I think he sees himself as the instigator of armeggedon.

Dr. John did not send me to express my political views.

yellowdoggranny said...

nancy: that's what freaked me out about that article about the 52 year old woman soldier..they called her up and boom..this lovely smart, brave, funny woman is dead..
carina: yup.a war we shouldnt be in as it was built on lies..lies...lies...by the biggest liar our country has ever seen.
quill dancer: you can come here and express your political views anytime you want..unless they are differnt from mine..but since we agree..you're more than welcome...what? does Dr. John have a online blogger cult?

Anonymous said...

Hi! I am not for war but peace and love as my blog will all ways say peace is the way forward.I have blogged about This kinda things Glad to know you do as well.
Wish you well :) .

yellowdoggranny said...

zingtrial: i try to enforce peace as much as possible..if people dont like it i kick the shit out of them...
He he he...!

JBlue said...

But...but...but D*ck Ch*n*y said we'd be greeted as liberators!!!! WTF?

Anonymous said...

why not send jerry falwell, pat robertson, jimmy swaggart, ernest angley and robert schuller with their armies of christain soldiers over to iraq?

there is a hint of religion to the civil war isn't there???

yellowdoggranny said...

jublue: yeah..he spoke shit..
Ruby rocks:..yeah i would like to see some of them go and bush's two useless daughters....you notice they are out of the country and not in the news anymore..

Nit Wit said...

I think I read that they found more than 70 executed people around Baghdad yesterday. The government factions are busy doing a little religious recruitment. There finally figuring out that the police and security forces are behind a lot more of it than the insurgents.
More and more all sides are turning to attacking our troops because the civilians are getting into line with the faction of their chouse just to stay alive. There is no civil war. There are different Mullahs trying to take control and turn Iraq into another Afghanistan or Iran. If you have stock in an Iraq Burka factory you should make a killing after the killing is done.
One thing that bugs me a lot is that the Gump thinks it's a good photo opp. to be seen with solders that have lost legs and arms after they are completely healed of course. In Vietnam you went for 11 months plus 30 days vacation. You were only sent back if you volunteered. When we left there Millions were killed or sent to reeducation camps so it wasn't all roses.
Rant over, sorry. Did someone play football?

yellowdoggranny said...

nitwit: you are always so smart and right on..i was flip about vietnam...what they have now is a lot different than what they had right afte the end of the war..many were killed or tortured to bring them around..i think one reason why the soldiers only went for a year unless they volunteer was because of the draft..they could keep bringing in fresh guys where we don't(yet) have the draft now and keep rotating the same guys over and over...so sad...
football schmutball

Anonymous said...

Yep, just spreading democracy. And it's working so well they're thinking about spreading it to Iran too.