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Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Don't know if most of you know this or not..but friendships to me are very important..I have had friendships with many people...and most of them are long lasting and strong..some went by the wayside, but then I figure ..they weren't friends to begin with and I don't miss them..I have had one friend that I have known since before my first son was born..and he turned 43 in October..I think I met Maryann C. about 2 years before D. was born..so that's 45 years..she lives In Ohio and haven't seen her since before my daughter was born and she is 34..but we write, email and send Christmas cards..Shady Lane has been a friend for about 32 years...David O...over 30 years..and my friend Brian in New Mexico I have known for about 37 years...I cherish and hold them close to my heart...I love many of them more than most of my family..they have never disappointed me..ever..and I hope I have never disappointed them...so ..what's this about?..My friendship with these two people I am going to ask favors for..
First friend...Bubba Kolar..he's the spawn of one of those friends..I am sure I have mentioned Edda Kolar..she's the one when I first came to West every one told her.."You have to meet Jackie, she says fuck more than you do."...and people would tell me.."You have to meet Edda Kolar,she says fuck more than you do."...So one day I'm sitting up at the Capital Bar stowing beer in my tummy cooler when someone drapes their arm around my shoulder and this deep voice (almost as deep as mine) says:"So, are you this Jackie I have been hearing all about, that says fuck all the time?"...I grinned and said:"You must be the infamous Edda Kolar."...and we have been friends every since..she was my landlord for over 10 years and if not for her I would have been homeless...She let me stay rent free in my little house until my social security came in..and then let me but the house by making rent payments...Bubba is her baby...well, 23 year old baby..He's the one that goes by the name Bratprince...Any how...he has a blog..I think he started in June/July..he only did 2 posts and quit as no one commented..sort of discouraging I'm sure...Babs and Sooner,Tex,Nitwit,Leo and Kevin were my first commenters..So..what I'm asking you to do is maybe drop by his blog and check him out..he's a pagan like me..is funny..and so smart he's scary..when he was 7-8-9 years old he was reading Shakespeare..I gave him all my books by Milton, Shakespeare,Plato, etc..he read them all...Still does..his blog address is lettersfromtartarus.blogspot.com...
just stop by and encourage him so he will keep at it..as he has lots of funny stuff to say...thanks..
Now for my second favor..as most of you know
our friend Babs is living in a homeless
shelter in Dallas...She is doing fine by
the way,
talked to her Saturday..she got to spend Thanksgiving with her Dad and step brothers family..which is cool..So we are bullshitting, making fun of people etc, and I asked her if
she had an address as I wanted to send her something for Christmas..she gave me the
address and then I asked her what she wanted me to send her as I didn't know what she needed or could use..She said a Sonic gift card...She
will go to Sonic and sit in her car nursing a coke or ordering something for lunch, but she will sit there for 3-4 hours and it would be nice if she had some gift cards to use so they won't make her go someplace else..So..my favor?...send Babs a Sonic gift card..I'm sure they start at about $5 and go up...I am going
to go today or tomorrow and send her one...the address is:
Barbara Wilson
C/O Center of Hope
4815 Cass Street
Dallas, Texas75235



BBC said...

We don't always see eye to eye, but I like you and your style and consider you to be my friend. :-)

So, I bought a new computer yesterday, but not from Wal-Fart. Posted about it this morning.

I'm hoping that you are getting along well with your new one, hugs.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the plug!

I'll do some err...concentrating....for your friend.


Heidi said...

That is very nice of you, Jackie Sue.

Yes, friends are very important to have. I'm glad I got to know you!

texlahoma said...

I have a strange feeling about babs, like she is going to do something really important someday or at least that she will look back on theses days from a much higher station in life.

Unknown said...

I hope Babs will get into a better place soon. I usually feel like quitting blogging because nobody ever comments but I keep doing it just to piss people off anyway.
I don't have very many friends because I just don't trust people. Been pissed on way too often and it pisses me off.

Nit Wit said...

Funny I was in the evil Wally World at 4:00 AM after getting off work and was looking at a display they have of gift cards for all sorts of places as we don't have a Sonic in this big city. What do they say about great minds thinking alike? I didn't see one for Sonic but I did see a pre loaded credit card that can be used just like a debit card and was wondering if that would be more useful.
Something that I don't seem to hang on to is friends. I think it has a lot to do with being a military brat and then on active duty for so long. Then again maybe it's just a case of people getting tired of my bullshit. I barely have any contact with my family let alone other people. Hell I have more of a relationship with you and Babs and a few other bloggers than I do with anyone other than The Boss and my kids and grandkids.
My trouble is I don't mind solitude. I'm my favorite company.
I almost always get along with me. :)

yellowdoggranny said...

bbc:before I can hook up my new computer I need to erase my hard drive..and I don't know how and having problems finding anyone who does know how and can show me how to do it..fuck!...thanks for what you said...
brat prince:get out there and post bubba...show them what I know..your weird and funny...
Heide:I live for my friends...and consider all of you ..my friends..
tex:I wouldn't doubt it a bit..she is a very special person and has what it takes to over come all of this...
Lily:I can honestly say that I have only had one friend screw me over..but my revenge was so long in coming and so sweet when it happened ..it made up for it..snort*...send the address again to your blog and will drop by..js
nitwit:I think that would be perfect..and you know (or you should)that you, leo, sooner, ruby,heidi,buddha_girl etc..are all my friends...I feel as close to some of you as I do my own family...which really isn't saying much as they are mostly a bunch of assholes....I know that babs will appreciate anything you can send..she doesn't know that I am doing it..as I know she doesn't have time to read blogs any more..so it will be a nice surprise for her...thanks..

the rube said...

it seems like babs is on a perilous journey to save mankind much like frodo was with the ring and you're her samwise helping her through the dangers.

saruman the white better watch out.

Mouthy Girl said...

Consider it done. Both its.

Bratty better buck up when he meets me.

Babs deserves all the Sonic gift cards in the world. I hope things start looking up for her soon. I'm so sad for her right now.

AngelConradie said...

you are such an incredibly caring woman...

mckait said...

no sonics here... found one once near my St louis... we had just eaten breakfast, but went anyway.

The commercils make it look great.. i did ike it ..

went to his blog.. its a good one..

I am so busy lately I keep meeting myself coming and going.!

about friends? one of the greatest gifts.......

Charlene said...

Here I am 3+ years later and just have to know, how is Babs? Does she still need help?