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Sunday, November 23, 2008


Plus...we beat the point spread..So far(not counting tonight's games) I'm 106-58-5...I happy!...
I also made 4 pecan pies today...One for Babs, one for Tom, who furnished the pecans, one for Edda K. and one for the manager for the other dollar store in West..She tried to lure me over to her side Saturday, but I let her know I couldn't work more than 20 hours a week, and I liked my shift at Family Dollar. Didn't want to tell her I hate Dollar General stores. They always look dirty and cramped compared to Family Dollar. That's not just because I work for them, I felt the same way before I went to work there...I only go there for specific things that we don't carry at Family Dollar, like the McCormack spices, vitamins, raunchy cards, and there Charmin soft toilet paper is .50 cents cheaper than ours.
Babs came over to get her pie and helped me de-bug my computer...it's working so much better now. I need to do laundry and since I hate to do laundry I'm going to go see if I have one more clean work shirt, so I can put it off till tomorrow. I'm going to go to House of Satan on Black Friday again this year. I'm going to get 2 mini choppers($4 each as compared to $10 at Family Dollar) for me and Babs, a microwave for $25, and a Sewing Machine for $60. I decided I'm going to start making aprons and clothes pin bags. Two things that people ask for all the time and no one in town carries.
Our cold front came and went..it was in 60's today and I was sweating like a piglet..but then I had the oven going all fecking day too. Still have to make some chocolate covered pretzels for Babs. She was going to get some already made ones when I convinced her that I could make them just as good, all I needed was the pretzels and some bark..Which let to 20 minutes of me wandering up and down the aisles going 'bark..bark...bark'... Then we drove by the new used shit store. It's called Bucky's Bargain Barn. So I had to say that about 12 times until Babs(who's still a little testy from not smoking) threatened to make me walk home if I didn't shut the fuck up.
She's gone with out a cigarette for over 10 days. We decided not to keep count as it's easier not to. ha..
I have the tree up and it really looks good. Will take some pictures..Annie has staked out a place right under the tree and is eyeing the lower balls. So far she's left them alone, but Tina, Babs kitty has already climbed the tree a few times and broke some balls.(that has a certain ring to it..breaking balls.....sorry guys..it's a woman thing.)
After a series of incidents the past few weeks, I've decided I know what my last words will be. I went to put garbage out one day and a cat jumped out and I yelled "Holy shit."...(I never scream)..One of the old ladies snuck up on me in the laundry room and I yelled "Holy Shit."...and today while reaching into the birdseed bag a mouse jumped up at me I yelled "Holy Shit."....and then laughed my ass off..So I'm sure when I look up and see a truck coming at me or look over from my hospital bed and see me start to flat line...my last words will be "Holy Shit."....
Hope you all had a "Holy Shit" weekend..


Jan said...

fuckity fuck fuck fuck...

as they say in Texas when they lose.

rainywalker said...

My daughters cat knocked over the Christmas tree three times last year because she liked lying up there.

Dollar General up here has a two day sale [27-28 Nov.] while they last NOKIA Net 10 telephones for one penny. Included 300 minutes free upon activation.


jan:i feel your pain.
rainy:I am going to get one of the phones if they still have one.finaly break down and get a cell phone.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Awesome: The Cowbums stayed home and the Cowboys showed up to play!
Boy's Minnesota Vikings won handly as well.
Getting some fish ready to go down with my beer as I watch the Colts tonight...Because of all the previous bungling, they gotta win out to get a Wild Card.
I have a Dollar General, a Family Dollar and a SaveALot store all within walking distance...Love 'em all!
Can you email me your pecan pie recipe? I been trying to find a Pepperidge Farm frozen one, but I guess they don't make them anymore.

sageweb said...

WOw what a weekend you had. A mouse jumped out at you...how funny ..was it cute? Did it have a bow tie on?

Nit Wit said...

I checked the temp Sunday morning at 4 AM an it said it was 14 degrees. That was a Holy Shit moment for me. It's only November and we are breaking cold records.
I was hoping they would forget to play those football games and stay home this weekend.
Thinking of breaking balls is going to give me nightmares when I go to bed in a few minutes. Got the new Stephen King short story (for him) collection called Just After Sunset. Now all I have to do is find time to read it.
Gotta go rest up so I can cook turkey and stuff Thursday morning.

Anne Johnson said...

I will leave it up to your imagination how much I enjoyed cleaning the bathroom Sunday afternoon while listening to my local NFL team's game on the radio.

Kulkuri said...

A friend of The Old Lady's used to call the bakery outlet store the Used Bread Store and for the last 25 years so have we.
Maybe you should request that Holy Shit be engraved on your tombstone!!

texlahoma said...

Nice catch T.O.!
We had to get a new tree this year, the old one was falling apart. I ordered one off of the the internet. I thought it would take a week or two to get it, nope more like two days. I wish we could just leave it in the box and put presents under the box but Shelly would never go for that. I'll wait till after Thanksgiving to set it up.

LostInColor said...

Ya post pictures of your tree! Thats funny, holy shit. I think I scream...

Nan said...

"Holy Shit" or "Oh, shit" tend to be the last words heard on flight data recorders. If they're your last words, too, at least you'll be in the company of a lot of pilots.

I'm still not convinced pecan pies are edible.


tedd:the dollar stores are having big sales for the holidays. but then so is the house of satan for black friday. i sent you the recipe..hope you like it.
sage:no bow tie..but it was cute..little brown one..
nitwit:oh man 14 degrees..I'd never fecking leave the house.I thought it was in the 60's yesterday..it was in the low 70's..was HOT.
i never cared much for stephen kings short stories..but will read them when nancy gets it for the library.
I think im helping out at the senior center for the old farts, then come home and make turkey sandwich and watch the cowboys beat seattle.
anne:what the fuck happened to your team?...first they tie then they lose..its like the cowoboys..you never kno which team is going to show up.
kulkuri:used bread store..i like that.
I always wanted "oh the other hand" put on my head stone.
tex:T.O. was looking good, especially after a week of whining and pouting.
for some reason i get a bigger kick out of putting up the tree now that i did when i had kids...now I GET TO BE THE KID.
lic:i don't know why ..but I have never screamed.ever..i yell..but never scream. will take pictures. want to take some better pictures of my hair color too..
nan:that's also the last thing a redneck says right after "here honey hold my beer, I wanna show you something."
i guess pecan pie isnt for everyone..but your the only person i know who doesn't like it..in texas its a right of passage..ha.

Mouthy Girl said...

I am having a HOLY SHIT day because you have the kid up there cheering for the 'Boys. Be still my beating, NY Giants heart!

When Husband Guy got home from work on Sunday, he saw the end of the game and said to Buddha, "Go Cowboys, right, buddy?"

Buddha responded, "Nuh uh! Go GIANTS!" Haaaaaaaaa. I wanted to feed him candy for dinner.


that'll teach you to give me pictures of budda boy..i'll make a cowboy fan out of him yet..

Josh said...

Oh, my mom's had the tree up since sometime just after the election. It was all I could do to convince her to wait until November. We have actually had the tree up in October in previous years.

I've been checking out some low-hanging balls here lately myself... *ahem*