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Sunday, November 30, 2008


Thanks to my buddy over at intense guy http://intenseguy.blogspot.com/

I get to name 10 things I like, that start with the letter G. He picked G for me for Great Granny...cool.
so here goes.
1.Granddaughters....I have 4 of them..Four of the most beautiful, smart, loving and crazy girls as you would ever want to know. I get up every morning thankful that I have them, even when they are pissed at me for whatever sin I have committed at the moment. (and there are plenty)
2.Green..I love the color green...emerald green, Nile green, granny smith apple green, the green green grass of home green,(in Texas that is a color sometimes in short supply)The green eyes of my Daddy and now I'm trying to go green. Green is good.
3.guitar:I am crazy about guitar music. I think my 2 favorite guitar players are (well, hell...to me if you strum it it's a guitar, and than includes base) Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings. Laugh I don't care..but Willie can play damn near anything on Trigger and you know it's Willie..same with Waylon, the intro of all is songs is so distinctive, you know who it is right away.
I always wanted to play the guitar...maybe I'll learn yet.
4.Ginger Ale..really I love that stuff...Of course now I have to drink it diet free, but it's still good..I remember when I was a little girl in Hawaii and we were at some friends of my folks celebrating New Years, and the lady gave me a champagne glass full of Ginger Ale so that it resembled the Champagne the growdups were drinking. I remember the smell of the Ginger Ale and the bubbles breaking up around my nose and sipping it out of that glass. It was just the coolest thing in the world..One of my favorite childhood memories.
5.Gnu...I like the word...more than the animal it's self..I like to pronounce the G as in Ganu...Also like to pronounce the K in Knife too..as the Kanife..hand me the Kanife so I can go cut up the Ganu..OK, so I'm easily amused..
6.Garlic. What can I say?...Is there nothing more wonderful than the smell of garlic simmering in a iron skillet with a little olive oil?...I still think if they could bottle the smell of garlic and blend it with some rosemary it would make a great perfume
7.Gay..as in Gay people...What's not to like? Still fighting for their inalienable rights after 200+ years..they deserve better treatment.
8.Gallop...I love to watch a horse gallop...little ponies out in the fields..Wild mustangs galloping across the desert...When I was a kid I wanted to be a horse..I would paw the ground with my foot, toss my long blond hair, snort and paw the air with my hands and gallop off into the sunset..My Daddy informed me that I was a 'Crazy Horse'...so he became my favorite Indian. I would pretend to be Crazy Horse riding on his horse..All of this changed when I discovered boys.
9.Galaxy..I love to look up at the stars and imagine other planets and if there is life on them. How the stars got there, how we got here. When I drank I always saw a lot more of the stars than now ...I spent a lot of time flat on my back looking up at the stars...wondering 'how the fuck did I get here?'....'Is the moon moving or is it me?'
10. Last but not least...Goddess...The great one. The one in charge. The Goddess that's so modest that she allows some kid named Jesus to take all the credit. Doesn't matter who you pray to, they all get to her, sooner or later..I think she has email so she can have them forwarded. In case you wonder ...if you ever pray to have your team win she just hits ctrl/alt/delete. She's much to busy to help your team win, or help you win an Oscar, or a Grammy. She's working on curing cancer, finding a cure for aids, and working on world peace. So don't expect any help from her during the Super Bowl. I know this because if you notice the Cowboys haven't been in the Super Bowl in a long time, and Goddess knows I was praying for them . She won't help you make good grades, have enough money to buy a new car, or pick the numbers for you for the lottery. Pray for others ...you have a much better shot of her answering them.
Well, there are my 10 favorite things that start with a G..


Big Pissy said...

Very cool post! :)

texlahoma said...


Intense Guy said...

Great gobs of good G goodness...


I too, have said why is the Kay in Ka-nife silent? and Ka-now I will be saying Ga-nu...


tex:faaar out!
intenseguy:english is such a scrwed up language. no wonder people from other countries have such trouble learning it..kanow what i mean?

Jan said...

thanks for explaining the goddess' rules.

LostInColor said...

G is a great letter! I love green too.

Heidi said...

I like ginger ale, too!

Oh, and Gossip Girl!(Although I probably shouldn't admit that...)

Nit Wit said...

I missed this one yesterday. It's interesting. I like gimger ale too but what I like even better is Vernor's which is sort of a supercharged ginger ale.
One of my favorite colors is Gray. Makes me feel better about my hair.
So that's why my Reds keep losing.