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Tuesday, November 04, 2008


voted for the first time in their life..Margaret is 77, and Mary is 63, I thought she was younger..When they got through I put their I Voted sticker on them and we hugged each other and there wasn't a dry eye in the place..They both agreed that if Obama doesn't win they will be pissed...Life is good!
When I was in the store today this couple came in and they're regulars and Tom and I help them put their minutes on their phones all the time..So I was talking to the wife and I said did you think 50 years ago you would be voting for a black man for President?(they are African/American.in their 80's). She said 'Oh, child it was something I never even thought about, we were just hoping no one would kill us, voting wasn't even something we thought about..and to vote for a back man..Oh child, it makes me so proud.' So I took off my Obama button and told her I think you need it more than me, and pinned it on her little sweater. I got the first of a bunch of great hugs of the day. I have a grin on my face that just will not go away.
Now I'm so nervous if I had to spit, I'd have to borrow some.


Woozie said...

Don't be nervous until 8:00 or whenever results start coming in.

unokhan said...

you are truly a people person, jackie, and regardless of what happens in this elexion or in any turn of national or international events, you can say you fought the good fight. for damn sure.

Jan said...

It blows my mind that someone could be 77 and never have voted. Does she let people make all her other decisions?

Anonymous said...

Great story about your store regulars. You just made my day! Now I am going to do laundry, drink beer and watch the polls come in...

Anonymous said...

I loved reading this story about the couple at your work JS, and up here in Canada I'm nervous too! If I could hug you I would! (((hugs)))

KrisMrsBBradley said...

How wonderful that you got to stick those "I Voted" stickers onto women who voted for the first time!

I'm sure they both grew up in an era of letting men take care of them and make the decisions around the house for both of them. Especially if they grew up in a small town in Texas. Not everyone is born a hell-raiser like you ;O)

I bet they were proud!

Heidi said...

I couldn't stop smiling today, either. I'm going to be up all night watching the results. I hope we get a definite answer before 1 AM.

Nit Wit said...

I'm still nervous. There are a lot of nuts out there and a lot of them have Ohio addresses.
You always help out with the people who can't drive. Though you recruited a couple of never haves too. Did you have to tell Margaret that Jesus told you to vote for Obama?
For the first time ever The Boss went to vote without me to help her with the ballot. Really am unneeded now. I am proud o her though. I asked her who she voted for and she looked like she was going to get one of her meat cleavers when she said Obama of course. Still in one piece if only because out bathroom has a good lock. There were 5 people on the ticket for President here after all.
It looks like that anti gay marriage proposition is going to pass in California
I hear the opposition was funded by religious groups in Utah.
In other words polygamists Mormons.

Kulkuri said...

We won the big one at the top of the ticket and there are other signs of sanity returning to this country. Hopefully it will continue to spread from the North thru the South.

Mormon's believe marriage is between a man and a woman and a woman and a woman and a woman....... Saw a bumper sticker a couple of years ago that at first I thought was about pets but can also apply to people. "If you can't feed'em, Don't breed'em."

sageweb said...

I am hungover and happy

Rox said...

I love you!

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