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Saturday, November 29, 2008


This is Cheryl P. and her grand-kid the dog..which I made friends with by carrying doggie treats in the truck. She's a shitzu. I'm sure I'm spelling that wrong.

Just to show we have a little class at Strickly Country we even had a customer arrive in a limo..of course the guy who drives the limo is also the guy who can find the whores for you...

Patsy, Patsy, Patsy's new shoes..which she said were 'killing her fucking feet.'..

The Christmas tree at Strickly Country..It's very ....festive in there. Merle has lights every where, and wants to put up more.

The domino players. The guy on the right ate 3 pieces of my Pecan Pie.

The grub...The 3 pots in the back were full of turkey, ham, butter beans and ham hock, dressing, gravy and rolls.The side on the left was all veggies and desserts...The bartender made little bundles of green beans wrapped in bacon and man, they were most excellent.

Andy(Patsy's boyfriend) and Tommy P. who is one of my very favorite people. When I walked in everyone was all 'hi, good to see you, give me a hug, etc. Tommy looked at me and said 'fuck you'....I laughed and said, 'somethings never change, which is why I like you'..He's always the same..always...an asshole..but a funny asshole..I've known him and his wife Cheryl (along with all of them) for over 30 years...and of all of the people I know..he's exactly the same as he was 30 years ago..nothing bothers him, he's mellow, doesn't give a shit and likes me.
T.J. and Merle. Merle's the one I went to House of Satan with. He bought .T.J. a new computer and himself a new TV, and still had time to go outside and have a smoke.

Patsy and Andy, and I can't remember who the woman is...

The stocking on my door..If you click on it you'll see that two of the very's have been x'd out and I wrote 'see Santa'..after good.

My Santa collection.
I had about 30 more but gave them to Mojo.

the tree...

the tree..

Annie on her perch and is laying on my heating pad.

Annie under the tree. She likes to sleep under the tree and pull off all the tinsel.

What greets everyone that comes to the apt.

OK...I have a thing for clouds..and Texas clouds are the best.

That's my view from my front porch...

the ruler of my life.
Cross-eyed little bitch.

Jenny called me last night and asked me to the family thanksgiving..which was late as everyone was out of town. She's been mad at me since May, so it was nice to hear from her. She said she was sorry 'she over reacted'.....ya'think?...Everyone in our family over reacts. I was so tired from the trip to hell, and Friday is the day we get our truck and I put out a u-boat full of stock so was just too tired to go...So she asked me to come over today and see the tree she and Jason put up...So I brought a zombie pizza from Pizza House and went for a visit...it was really nice and her puppy LULU has doubled in size...so sweet..I brought her a bag of snasauges, and she didn't leave my side the entire time I was there. We had a great visit. and she made a point to show me all the things that I have given her for her apartment. When I first got there Jason made a big deal out of hugging me and I laughed and said 'you're going to have to stick up for your own-self from now on...your on your own.'....(the reason why she was mad at me is because I told her to 'lighten up on the boy'..She nags him pretty good.
Oh, and I got a hair cut Friday..at the same place I got it cut last time but by a different girl, and the first hair cut was fucking perfect. this one............not so much..I'm so pissed I'm going back and tell her to fix it or prepare to get her ass kicked.
She's one of those that listens to what you tell her and then she does what 'she' thinks will work...that might work for some people but not me..it was hard to tell at first as she had it back combed and fluffed..which I knew I'd just go home and comb it out and de fluff it..the styling part was bad enough..but the hair cut is crappy...She had it all sprayed down and wasn't till I came home washed it and re styled it that I could see little tuffs of hair sticking up on the sides...fuck...yes, asses will be kicked.
Well, I'm off to bed..Need a good day of hiding out tomorrow, a do not a fucking thing day..and I'm ready for it..


Nit Wit said...

Why the big blank space at the end.
Glad you and Jenny made up. why are there beers wearing insulated suits? I've never heard of green beans wrapped in bacon but it sounds like my new favorite food.
I guess you didn't kill an customers while you were working. Have to be carefull thee. If you do put someone out of their misery they might have to give you a black mark on your employee record.

Intense Guy said...

The decorations look nice! I hope you enjoy your day of do-nothing.

Your ten things I like letter is "G" for great granny!

Willym said...

We all need a cross-eyed bitch to rule our lives!

Matt said...

Happy Holidays from the Pet Haven. We're giving away a Pet Grooming kit as a special treat to some lucky pet owner.


texlahoma said...

Nice post, I like all the pictures.
Cockroaches in the corner don't stand a chance against Patsy and her new shoes.

billy pilgrim said...

it's been over 30 years since i spent the night with a cross eyed little bitch.


nitwit:im not sure why there is a blank space at the end...just lucky i guess.the green beans were killer as was a pumkin roll with cream cheese filling...oh my ..it was fantastic.no customers were kilt, which freed up my weekend..otherwise i would have spent the entire weekend trying to find a lawyer and you know how hard it is to find a lawyer on the weekend?
inenseguy:it's almost noon and all i have done is eat breakfast and read the sunday paper..i did yell at the guys on fox TV sports...they remind me of the women on the view except the women on the view have more balls.
willym:you can come get Annie, just be prepared to buy her lots of canned food that she won't eat.
matt:bite me!
tex:there is no way i could squeeze my little fat feet into those shoes.
billy: same offer goes..come get annie..she's a good snuggler though...

sageweb said...

Great xmas tree. I was going to decorate but I got busy doing yard work and chasing lesbians. I need to get on it though.


sage:i have a great idea..invite some 'friends' over..and for every decoration they/you put on the tree, you take off an article of clothing...kind of strip tree decorating..

Rox said...

These pictures are great! Those shoes do look like they'd give a girl a bunion or two!

unokhan said...

you're a good egg

Heidi said...

So, you get shitty haircuts, too? Glad to know it's not just me, although now that my kick-ass stylist Natalie is back, I shouldn't have that problem ever again unless she moves or something.

Annie is so cute!

Love your "bite me" comment to the spammer. Too funny!

AngelConradie said...

i LOVE all your christmas decorations!!!