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Monday, November 10, 2008


I was and still am sick to death of coughing..Friday was 7 weeks, or maybe 8..who can keep track..So I went to Dr. E's at 2pm this afternoon and told him, first of all it's not the blood pressure medicine that's making me cough, it's some allergy, and I want my old blood pressure back as it worked and the new one doesn't..So he said fine, and was going to give me a inhaler, and I said you gave me one last time and it didn't work for Jack-Shit, which is a term I'm not sure he is familiar with. He said this one is different and isn't for asthma it's for allergies. So I puff on it 2 times twice a day. Then I said I want a shot..an allergy shot..and I want a lolly-pop when I get it..He laughed and walked out to get the nurse, then came back in with his hands behind him and leaned forward and in the 'I'm talking to a 6 year old voice', said:"Now if you are a very good girl and don't cry when you get your shot, you can have a piece of candy." and handed me a Milky Way miniature candy bar, giggled and left the room. I think he likes it when I come in to the office. So I got some nameless allergy shot, and a puffer. Which little did I know is like freebasing crank. I've been zipping around the place all afternoon. Had to go back and work an hour from 4:30 to 5:30, as Bam Bam was sick and everyone else was off for the day, and Tom had to be in on a managers conference call. I came bursting thru the door like Wonder Woman slamming my wrists together. I wouldn't say I was on a puffer buzz, but I noticed the Halloween candy was marked down from 50% off to 75 % off, and sold 2 kids $24 worth of Halloween candy. They were going to get a bag of M% M's ., so I steered them over to the baskets full of candy and showed them where the M% M's cost $2 a bag, they could get 5 times that amount of candy for the same price..Their eyes were as big as mine..Wow, really?....You betcha!...When they left I told them to brush their teeth after they ate the candy. They thought that was hysterical. They're new kids just arrived her from Chicago..I said you know you'll have to root for the Cowboys now instead of the Bears or we'll send you back. For about 1/2 a second they believed me..I think I made me some new friends. I came home and picked up the rest of the cracked pecans from Babs, who was using them as therapy to keep from smoking..you should check out her latest post, it's pretty funny. I am making 2 pecan pies..one for the Thanksgiving party at the apartment complex party room and one for Babs for doing all the nut cracking..I think about now she's wishing the nuts were actually attached to some former boyfriend to alleviate her frustrations from not smoking..Well, at least she hasn't kilt anyone yet. But I personally wouldn't fuck with her if I were you.
So we've been threatened with rain, hail and tornado's all day long...But you forget, this is Texas..which means we got nada. I think it sprinkled this morning long enough to make the streets slick and cause a few little old Czech ladies to skid around town.
I have to go now..the pies are in the oven, I'm still on a puffer high and I still have two more puffs coming. Any one want a bag of now or laters for .50cents..
Oh ....good news..Jamie's coming home from Virginia for 2 days..on my fecking birthday..what a great present that will be.
Tomorrow is Veterans Day..hug a vet.


jan said...

So you don't drink, smoke or have sex now, but you got the doctor to give you something for a high.


PeeJay said...

I know the feeling...the doctor gave me darvocet (for a HEADACHE no less) and instead of making me sleepy, I'm bouncing off the walls. Maybe a second one will do the trick...hehehehe.

tsduff said...

Your pork stew was a huge hit - you are the bomb! Hey, ever had Black Bottom Pecan Pie? It is a pecan pie, with fudge on the bottom - old family recipe and to die for. I'll send it if you like. It is on the table ever Thanksgiving for my entire life... - was Grandma's recipe, then Moms, and now mine. My girls were asking for it just yesterday, and it is unforgettable.

Sorry about the confusion with the blood pressure meds and the horrible cough. I'm really concerned about that cough... how many years since you quit smoking?

PS: why do little old Czech ladies to skid around town when it rains? HA HA HA HA

Nit Wit said...

You have that Doctor wrapped around your little finger. The trouble with having a Doctor who really likes your visits tempts him to keep you just ill enough to keep you coming back for regular visits.
I guess I better stop making smart ass remarks over at Babs blog or she may come up here and introduce me to her nutcrackers. I just had a chill run up my spine just typing that.
I always look silly when I hug myself but I'll give it a shot.
Gotta fix my blog tonight before I loose all my visitors.
I hope you get better soon.

Allan said...

Thank you for making the Chicago kids feel welcomed in Texas...talk about culture shock! I'm glad the doc likes you...see him again if it doesn't clear up soon.

mrsb said...

Am I to assume that those pies were of the pecan variety?


Hope this medication change works for you!

Ted said...

If they still make that shit next spring, I'll get me some for my grass allergy...Sounds like more fun than beer or wine.

Willym said...

why do I want to quote that famous line: I'll have what she's having!

And some pecan pie would be nice too.

sageweb said...

I use to get high from my puffers...now I think I am use to them..but when I feel a little tired..I do take a puff..just for a little pick me up.

Raspootin said...

That pecan pie with the fudge sounds really yummy!

I have had a cough for almost as long as you. I think that my friends and I keep giving it back and forth to each other.
Perhaps the government is performing odd chemical experiments and every time the wind changes back and forth from TX to LA we all get a whiff of the chemical? I like conspiracy theories...

yellowdog granny said...

jan:yup..and it was free....
peejay:i'd rather have a dr that would find out what gave you the headache before he started giving you pain pills for the headache..just saying..haah
tsduff:im so glad the green chili stew was a hit...it's a big favorite with everyone that's every had it..
oh that sounds like a good idea..send the recipe for it..well, it's allergies and the meds are fixing it but shooting up the blood sugar, but can take more meds to fix it..i haven't smoked in 36 years..but the cough is going away..finally..i got to switch back to the other blood pressure meds as it wasn't giving me the cough..just the shit the wind is blowing around..everyone in town has it.
because they can't drive for shit!
niwit: we talked about this today..she said lucky for you gas isnt cheap enough for a road trip to introduce you to her nut cracker..haha..i was telling her about your wife calling me your internet girlfriend and at work there is a tshirt that says 'i know what your thinking and you should be ashamed of your self..' thinking about sending it to her, but not sure what her sense of humor is like..haha.
dr E's wife asked me once what i said to him all the time to make him laugh that he never laughs like that with anyone but me..i said i told him dirty jokes..she actually believed me..ha
im sending you an internet hug..you being a vet and all..
alan:those kids were so cute and sweet..hope they don't get beat up because their last name doesn't end in a vowel.
i think im on the mend. yeah!
mrsb:oh of course..i make the best pecan pies ever..I make them when they have benefits and the highest bid i ever had was $40...i was proud..
ted:the shot was decadron and the puffer is symbicort 160/4.5
ive been cut back from 2 puffs twice a day to one puff twice a day..it shot my blood sugar up to 295..scared the feck out of me..so i have to up my meds to counter act it..eek!
willym: come on down, i'll bake a pie just for you..
sage:them suckers are a cheeeap high..and they actually work..
raspootin:im with the allergy dr. who told the patient that when ike hit it went over cuba, haiti, the oil refineries, etc. and thinks it stirred up something and every where ike went it took it with it...makes sense.

Cheesemeister said...

I'm glad not to have to use any inhalers anymore. My old doctor mis-diagnosed me with asthma, but in truth I just had a really persistent lung infection that eventually turned into pneumonia. Just remember to gargle with warm (not hot) water and swallow it to rinse your larynx after using the inhaler. Doctors forget to tell people, but the inhaler leaves residual in the mouth and larynx. I learned the hard way when using Advair to reduce the inflammation with the pneumonia. It tore up my larynx and that took about 6 months to heal. The rinsing will make that less likely.

That Rude Girl said...

I hope the puffer helps you feel better. You've sure had a rough time with coughs and sniffles! Take care of yourself!