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Sunday, November 16, 2008


This is the African acrobat statue that I bought at Westfest. I love it..

This is the newly arranged book cases. It looks alot better than all scrunched up in the right hand corner.

This is my Willingdorf Goddess Statue that Babs got for my birthday. I love her.I forgot to post the picture of the Goddess that Vicki(junebugg) gave me when she came to visit.

My new red hair, baggy sweats, and Pee Wee Herman T-shirt.

My birthday present from Shady Lane. My solid black converse high tops. Now I need to get some really wild looking shoe strings.I fecking love them shoes.
I didn't know I had such a fettish for shoes..but I do.


billy pilgrim said...

like rod stewart said, you wear it well.

sageweb said...

Great hair color...nice shoes too. You look like you are in your 40's with the hair and new shoes.

Mouthy Girl said...

I love the red hair! Mine's not nearly so vibrant, but I'll still claim that you have passed on soem DNA to me. I'll have to send some updated pics of Buddha - his hair is RED. A lady in Target hugged me yesterday when I took off his baseball hat so she could see his full head of hair. No joke.

Love you. Miss you. I'm back for the attack again. Things have been more than a little unbearable here but are on the upswing now.

Belated birthday wishes are coming your way - Buddha worked hard on 'em!

Rainwolf said...

Damn, your tits ARE huge:)

Love the red hair and shoes, they both suit you.

rainywalker said...

Love those books! I never had a fetish for shoes, but feet used to excite me.

texlahoma said...

Man, you look so much younger...young lady.

Heidi said...

Now you fit in with the rest of my friends. Seems like every friend I have has red hair (either natural or colored).

Yep, I think you definitely have a fetish for shoes. Pretty soon we'll be calling you Imelda. :)

Rox said...

Love the hair!

Cie Cheesemeister said...

I'm reluctant to admit it, but I have quite the collection of Crocs. They're ugly as hell but comfortable and easily slipped on and off when I'm working at night. I finally got a new pair of walking shoes after three years. The soles of mine were becoming quite thin.
The red hair looks good on you. I've decided to just stop fighting the tide and let mine be gray. Right now it looks pretty half-assed, being gray on top with the red growing out. But whatever. I don't recall saying I was entering any beauty contests anytime soon!

KrisMrsBBradley said...

Love the hair and love the shoes!

For my b-day Mr. B. is going to get me the Xhi Converse. Not as high as Maddy's, but a little past the ankle.

I'm a sucker for some Chucks!

Nit Wit said...

I just get cheap shoes with velcro straps except for work where I get steel toes, but I still don't spend much on them because the big steel racks at work chew them up pretty good.
You sure are getting skinny now. Soon you will need to strap counter weights to your butt to keep you from falling over.
I just let my hair be the way it is shot through with gray and about to the middle of my back.
It's snowing here today, such fun.

Jan said...


Are you Rita Hayworth's love child?

tsduff said...

You look fabulous! And I love your nerve... dying your hair is one of those cliffs I never jumped off in my life.


billy:i have the face i earned..and the ass to go with it.
sage:my friend shady lane calls this color'motherfucker red.'..i agree
buddha:i think if i had a grandson he'd have roberts hair..which is just one of many reasons why im so partial to him..
rainwolf:yup them suckers is texas size.
rainy;i love my books more than my shoes.
tex:everyone i know says they like my red hair better and that it makes me look younger..i'll take it.
rudegirl:mrsb's daughter has a pair of shoes that i'd kill for.black and white converse high top...boots...sigh*
rox:i really like it better too.
cheesy:eew..crocks..now there is a shoe i could hate.
mrsb:hmm, what do they look like? im still mad for maddies shoes.
nitwit:i like gray hair on guys..for some reason it always looks better on guys than women...ohh, snow..we got down to 38 degrees..with lots of sunshine..that's almost winter for us.
jan:ahah, rita hayworth...now there was a red head..
tsduff:oh my..i've had my hair every color you could want and some i didn't want..like purple, orange, green turquoise..and black.

Allan said...

I like the red.

Anonymous said...

I love the Venus of Willendorf!!! One of my fave college profs had one just like that as a finnial on the corner rail of her staircase, at the bottom. It had such a prominent spot at the bottom of this elegant staircase, it was such a cool way to display it. :)

Josh said...

Hair and shoes look great. :) I think you must be a reincarnation of the Venus of Willendorf. (Well, maybe just a reincarnation of her tits...) Tits like that were bound to rise again.