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Monday, January 14, 2008


This survey was in my DAM News and thought it was pretty interesting...but then anything that doesn't pertain to the Cowboys/Football is pretty interesting to me now..

84% of workers do not have their dream job(Melanie Griffith has my dream job...fucking Antonio Banderas.)

60% believe smokers should pay higher insurance premiums...(betyoass they should..sorry all you smokers).

81%of adults think that smoking in films influences children(more people get killed in movies than smoke cigarettes..so do kids want to kill more?...hmm, ok...lets ask Jeffery Dalmier).

71% think the U.S. is not respected in the world today..(thanks to the election and reelection of George W.Bush for president, they think we're idiots).

62 % fly the American flag at home, in the office or their car.(which will not make up for all the coffins sent home from Iraq).

71 % believe Congress should do more to 'deal with' illegal immigrants(how about enforcing the laws we already have?).

32% of large U.S. companies pay people to read employee e-mail(now there's a dream job!).

28% of large U.S. companies have terminated employees for e-mail policy violations(good reason for working at home).

92 % want 'country of origin' printed on food packaging(especially since I read that over 70% of our vitamins are made in China, and no where on the bottle does it say that).67% consider full-fat ice cream to be 'worth the guilt'(well, duh!)

57% drink coffee everyday(not me...that stuff tastes nasty).

72% say bad service is the biggest irritant when dining out(that and worrying about what that 17 year old in the kitchen is putting in my dinner, just so he can brag about it to his punk buddies).

5% have been diagnosed with a food allergy(probably given to you by that food that was made and shipped here from China/India/etc.).

47% believe that 'nearly everything causes cancer(well?..)

68% think circumstances exist where a patient should be allowed to die(just make sure in my case it's not imacuntthedaughterinlaw, that is in charge of that decision).

65% spend more time with their computer than their spouse(which is #529 of why I am still single..I love my computer more than any guy)

30% of extramarital affairs last a week or less(which is a direct result from the computer/spouse survey).15% abstained from sex until they were at least 21(I'd like to meet that 15 %...really...and bet they lied).

34% of college graduates accept as fact the biblical story of creation(which explains the 32% that still believe in Bush.

87% of people believe an innocent person has been executed in the past 15 years(15 years..how about the past 50 years?...how about that for the 'oh who cares, he was probably guilty of something' attitude).

68% predict a civil war in Iraq if the U.S. withdraws in 2008.(wonder how many think they will have a civil war even if we stay?)

44% of adults made a new year's resolution(and wonder how many broke them within the first week?)

10% believe that the U.S. will withdraw from Iraq in 2008(is that before or after Bush invades or bombs Iran?)

68% oppose the war in Iraq(where were you when we needed you..schmucks).

67% admit using a wireless device to contact work while on vacation.(that's pretty sad..but they are part of that group that spends more time with the computer than their spouse too.)

56 % believe homosexuals cannot change their sexual orientation(well, fucking duh!)

58 % have no homosexual friends or relatives(boy are they in for a big surprise when their cousin Nancy who has been living with 'Butch' her roommate for the past 15 years comes out).

17%of women have felt sexually harassed at work(bet that number is higher as most women don't want to admit it)

85 % of women would rather reveal their age than

their weight(no shit).

21% of women are unable to resist peeking at their Christmas presents.(I used to be like that.Now I like to prolong the suspense.)

5% of U.S. Muslim's had a favorable opinion of al Qaeda(had?.....had?...what changed?)

13% of U.S. Muslim's said that suicide attacks might be justified.(can I have their addresses please?..I have a little justified package for them.)

16% of Hurricane Katrina survivors report mental health problems.(according to Barbara Bush they are better off now that before Katrina)

7% are prepared for a disaster or emergency.(If that means a flashlight, matches, candles,and duct tape...I'm ready).

What do you think?...Agree or disagree..Pretty intersting numbers..Wonder who gave this survey and who took it?

Now that football season is officially over for me..I will have more time to work on some good ole fashion political rants..I am liking the dirty politics from the Clinton/Obama camps..They keep digging up dead guys to enforce their arguments..So far they've dug up Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Baines Johnson..I'm sure that will get them elected.

None of them folks can vote..ahh, fuckme till I cast my ballot..


Anonymous said...

Actually, you have met one of those 15 % of people who abstained from having sex until they were at least 21.

I'll give you a hint.....me.


Babs said...

Ugh... politics. I ate that chicken and rice. It was goooooooood. Found the neighbor's cat, so I'll keep an eye out for Asshole too.

Rocky (Racquel) said...

80% of the 40% who told 100% of the truth to 50% or more of the questions only eat 75% of their dinner 33% of the week.


Sling said...

Researchers have determined that 72% of all women fail to achieve orgasm during sex..I'm pretty sure this is the fault of the researcers.

apositivepessimist said...

Smokers do in Australia.

Surprised at the only 61% flying your flag. That was one thing I noticed my first time here [may have had something to do with being just a six months after 911] the amount of flags on things…cars, houses, mailboxes, peoples clothing. It was easier to count the places that had no flag.

I was 22...but I don’t count.

There’s no need for me to peek. The LFB can NOT keep a surprise to himself. I got two of my chrissy pressie’s early and then was told about my late one still to come.

Nit Wit said...

Late bloomers all over the place. I can't say it was voluntary though.
I'm wondering what kind of attachments your computer has that replace a man. I'm not talking about a brain though.
I don't display the flag. I think most people who do are doing it for the wrong reasons and frankly I'm not real proud of what it has come to represent around the world.
I would have thought the dream job entry would have been higher.
Oh boy more rants! Now you know why I dislike football.
I tell them at work that I have to go home because my computers miss me when I'm gone too long and payback is a bitch.

Kalibitch said...

"34% of college graduates accept as fact the biblical story of creation(which explains the 32% that still believe in Bush"

LOL! Yup. That explains alot.

Junebugg said...

I'm amazed, confused and bewildered by all the people who lied on that there survey. You know the numbers are wrong on at leat 50% of those questions!

billy pilgrim said...

statistics rock!!!!

i actually read that whole thing. having the attention span of a gnat i rarely read anything that long.

no offense to previous long posts.

billy pilgrim said...

oh yeah, i'm going out to buy a shit load of vitamins this morning. i want to be as smart and rich as a chinaman.

yellowdog granny said...

bratprince:oh my...that's very ...wise of you...ha
babs:thanks..going to make cookies today...will bring you some..
rocky:now those are some believeble stats..
sling:I'm sure they would volunteer to work on the problem
apos:I think we still fly the flag a lot..but not as much as right after 9-11...and I think it's a joke..flying that flag wont bring back the dead soldiers, stop the war or make up for all the crimes commited with the flag in full view...
22? wow...was it the brat prince?..ha
nitwit:i have two small flags but actually got them to stick in my herb pots to keep the birds away..I wish my computer did have a 'male' adapter..haha..

kalibitch:yup...anyone who believes in the creation story will buy anything that bush sells..and did
junebugg:I kept thinking that all the way thru ..they's a bunch of lying sonsabitches..

billypilgrim:I (moi?) do long posts?...sigh*..yeah, I'm going to do a lot of research on my vitamins...I may get lead poison..

Elizabeth said...

Amazing.... weird....interesting....insane. Yep, that's my country!

texlahoma said...

They even dug up Lloyd the mechanic (It was the wrong grave.)

sageweb said...

That was hilarious, I have spit all over my keyboard. (from laughing not drooling) What a great country we live in.

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