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Wednesday, January 23, 2008


This will be difficult as I never measure..ever...these are abouts...
about 4 lbs meat...ok...the meat..in Texas we have chili meat..which is a coarse grind of meat..I will buy it if it's on sale..if not I buy roast that is on sale,shoulder roast usually..then I get the guy at the local grocery to grind it up for me coarse...no extra charge..I love my little town..
4lbs meat
2 onions
4-6 gloves of garlic
chili powder/garlic powder/red pepper
cumino.(about 3 tablespoons)
1 small can of tomato paste...
24oz Lone Star Beer(or your favorite brand)..these are to taste...if you like hot..use more chili powder..but I also get dried red chili's and soak them in water till the peppers are soft, then run them through the processor with some oil...till it is mush..then use it in the chili..as much as you want...I also use some of the water that the chili's soaked in if the chili gets too thick..(I like my chili to look 'clean' so I constantly pick the red skins from the chili peppers out of the chili)
I run my onion/garlic thru the processor till they are mush
add it to the meat as it cooks...salt pepper...when gray I add the spices ,chili's ,tomato paste and beer...after an hour I taste..if it needs more what ever..I add it..and keep adding it every hour till I have it the way I like it..which is when sweat pops out on my forehead..This batch is pretty good but I don't eat it the first day..I cook it for 4-6 hours on simmer..then put it in the refrigerator over night..then back on the stove for more cooking about 3 hours..still tasting and adding..after simmering for another 2 hours or so..you eat one bowl ....then back in the refrigerator over night..then you can eat it..there is something about the setting and the long cooking that really pops the flavor..Right now it needs to sit in the refrigerator over night and then I will add more chili's..it's not hot enough..
I hope you enjoy your chili....To get you in the mood here is a nice pom' about Chili--
No person shall I ever see
Who is addicted as is me;
Addicted to the Fowler Chili,
I eat it daring, willy-nilly,
Then steel myself for what must come
That fiery exit through my bum.
writ by:Eck Bludsoe
If you are real chiliheads...you need to get on ebay and buy these three books..
The Great Chili Confrontation by my hero..H.Allen Smith
The Great American Chili Book By Bill Bridges
A Bowl of Red by Frank X. Tolbert.
I have all three...the one by my hero H. Allen is about the very first chili cook off in Terlingua, Texas. It is not only about the cook off, it's about Texans, chiliheads, chili Queens( which they found out where whores in San Antonio,Texas) and about how the first chili was made by the Aztec's in Mexico. How they killed a bunch of Spaniards and cooked them up with some chili's and tomatos..so if you really want to make original chili...you have to capture one lean Spaniard...


buddha_girl said...


I'm making this for Super Bowl Sunday! Cumino is cumin, right?

I feel like such a novice chili bitch around you, sister!

I've read A Bowl of Red and plan on getting the first book since it comes so HIGHLY recommended.

Nit Wit said...

Isn't that first book the story you posted year before last? I liked that.
I tried to comment on this 2 hours ago and while I could look at blogs I couldn't open comments.
Chili Spegetti suace and soup beans are all better the second or third day of cooking. The beans are better after you freeze them too.
I never thought of turning the onions and peppers into pulp before. I always dice them up small but not that small.
Its all the way up to 19 Degrees and snowing now.
I miss Global Warming.

billy pilgrim said...

your chili looks like a lot of work and time, i don't think the lovely mrs myshkin loves me enough to go through all that work.

when i was a happy bachelor i used to make lots of chili and real spicy. the problem was it gave the old space hound the runs.

i got gas and he got the runs. a match made in heaven.

yellowdog granny said...

buddhagirl:you will love the H. allen smith book...he's my favorite author of all times..remember to start the chili at least 3 days before you want to eat it..ha
nitwit:yup.I think I did a post on the book and chili before...in chili cook offs you are graded on the fact that you cant see the onion and garlic or chili so you grind it up into mush...and I think it makes for a better flavor too..I have to go stick the chili back on the stove to do another taste test...
arghghgh 19?...it did get down to 18 one night..but i was inside and didn't know it..
billy:one of the good things about living alone...no one to complain about my chili farts..although annie didn't sleep under the covers last nigh...if you listen to all the chiliheads..the only good chili cook is a man...so make your own chili..

sageweb said...

I am confused...do I drink the beer or does it go in the chili?

yellowdog granny said...

sage:well, 17 years ago it would have been both for me...one beer for the chili 2 beers for me..but in this case..the beer goes into the chili..but you can get some to drink with the chili too..although i still am of the old school of drinking milk with my chili...and corn bread instead of crackers..and if you're really into living dangerously...buttermilk with the cornbread in it..

yellowdog granny said...

oh by the way chili pepper is hot but the red pepper is reallly hot..so go easy with it..

jan said...

"the sweat pops out on my forehead" that is great. Now I know when it is finished. This sounds like great Super Bowl fair.

Big Pissy said...

I made chili today. :)

I ALWAYS put beer in mine....there's no other way! lol

High-Maintenance & Hostile Heidi said...

I'm going to try making this. (never made chili before). It sounds yummy. Thanks!

yellowdog granny said...

jan:i had some for dinner to night and it was really good..pretty hot ..not for me..but for most folks..
bigpissy:yeah, I can't even imagine why anyone would want to make chili without the beer..preferably Lone Star..
hmhh:call me if you need help..hope you enjoy it..

tina said...

haha that is friggin awesome, and beer?! greaaat :P

I'd write down my recipe but the damn thing changes every time I'm at the stove :) I put a lil chorizo in mine

Sue said...

I'm hungry now!! I'm going to try out your recipe maybe this weekend, and substitute with Canadian beer ;)

tsduff said...

Thanks darlin - I'm surprised I didn't see this when you first posted it. Mmmmmm! It looks great - will make it later today. I like it hot - but my Bear isn't a spicy kind of guy so maybe will lighten up on the chili a teensy bit.

tsduff said...

PS: loved the poem ha ha ha