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Monday, January 21, 2008


"The larger the car, the bigger you feel."
Kirk Pingel,explaining why he and fellow Texans love big vehicles. Texas emits more carbon pollution yearly than California and Pennsylvania, the No.2 and 3 states,

combined.(associated press)

(You can buy a car 3 blocks long and you're still going to have that t-tiny dick, Kirk.....Hmmm, last name is Pingel..wonder if all the teasing he got as a kid about being fingle pingel is the reason he is so insecure?)

"We are the way to happiness. We can bring peace and unite cultures."..Tom Cruise, hyper-enthusiastically praising fellow Scientologists on a Church of Scientology training vidio.(gawker.com)

(I want a ring side ticket to this freak show.)

"What makes the allegations in the indictment so shocking, is that Siljander is a Born-Again Evangelical Christian. We had fast days in his office. There were prayer circles."..Debbie Schlussel, conservative columnist and former emploee of former Rep.mark Siljander, indicted this week on charges of aiding Islamic terrorist fundraising.(debbieschlussel.com)

(Gee as if Born-Again Evangelical Christian's have such a sterling reputation...huh, George Bush?)

"People wonder what in the world it is because this is the Bible Belt, and everyone is afraid it's the end of times."

Steven Allen(no not that Steve Allen), a Stephenville,Texas business owner who was one of many local people to see a UFO.(associated press)..(How scary is that.?..They are so afraid to admit there might be people from another planet or universe that they would rather have the world come to an end..)

What a bunch of assholes.........


Nit Wit said...

The morons around here have a competition trying to see who has the biggest truck and smallest minds.
There is a new car dealer up the street and the whole lot is filled with full size SUV's and oversized pickup trucks. There are at least 4 Humvee's around here and I actually see them on the road proving the owners have ore money than sense.
One thing I'll say about those Scientologists, they sure can wash a brain.
A lot of the so called born again Christians seem to leave their brains in their first life.
I read about the UFO sightings and hope to have more to say soon. Let's just say something about it caught my attention.

Babs said...

I'm kinda speechless on this. I was enjoying all your past pictures and then I'm still having trouble understanding the whole larger car, bigger you thing. Remember when it used to be sports cars that made up the difference. I liked those better. At least the cars looked cool.

sageweb said...

What? An bad evangelical??? Guys that drive trucks to make their penis feel better? And Scientology? And people wonder why other countries think we are complete assholes. These people can't get much more ignorant...or can they?

Oh and the UFO thing...might be possible. Never know....

billy pilgrim said...

peace and happiness would be real nice.

maybe we should give tom a chance. xenu probably told him where all the space ships are parked.

High-Maintenance & Hostile Heidi said...

Wow, you hit on all of my favorite assholes today.

The assholes who drive Hummers. The bible-thumping hypocrite assholes. And that asshole Tom Cruise. I really can't stand that man, although I'd still take him over the Religious Right any day.

yellowdog granny said...

nitwit:even west has some asshole in a hummer, every time i see it i flip them the bird...im not born again..i did it right the first time..ohh, can't wait to see the post about the ufo's..
babs:glad you liked the pictures..yeah, so many assholes ..so little time..
sage:im more apt to belive in the ufo's than big cars make you bigger, tom and the scientoligist know jackshit,evangelical christians know anything.plus i've seen a ufo..
billy:he probably came in on a ufo..
hmhh:yeah, it was an asshole drive by..

Allan said...

Superstitions are funny.

Josh said...

It must be the cool people like you and Babs keeping the Goddess from just bipping Texas right off the map.

buddha_girl said...

I HATE Tom Cruise. His as should be shot to the moon just for shits and giggles.

Elizabeth said...

Granny, i think you could make a mint coming up with fabulous bumper stickers!
!. "I'm not born again. I was born right the first time!"
2. "That SUV/Hummer won't make your dick any bigger"
3. "So many assholes, so little time."
You crack me up. Now get to work and sell those babies!

McRaven said...

I love your labels: ashholes are everywhere! You always make me smile!

angel said...

oh my word the world is being taken over by morons!!! bloggers should unite and make a stand i reckon!

yellowdog granny said...

allan:so are people
buddhagirl:i think the aliens are making a big mistake by n coming and taking him away..
elizabeth:i do like that so many assholes ..so little time.. idea..ha..wanna go in business with me?
mcraven:i made you smile?..my work here is done..
angel:yeah, if bloggers all joined a union we would control the internet...

texlahoma said...

There are a lot of big 4x4 pickups around here. Most of them are alright but look out for the bright red ones, those guys are pretending it's a fire truck and they're on the way to a fire.