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Thursday, September 06, 2007

.......GOT PIVO.......

Well, it was a Westfest weekend and all went well...we had 22,714 people here from 7 PM Friday to 1 Am Monday. For some reason I keep thinking the numbers are higher, but that the 30,000 numbers are from about 15 years ago..we used to get lots lots more people..But then we were the only game around..now there are all sorts of festivals at this time of the year.But even though we had fewer people then we had last year..the ones that came stayed longer..The weather was great..even got a little rain to cool it off..There were 2,513 people for the Friday's Preview Party, and 12,51 on Saturday and 7,620 on Sunday.The Friday night numbers are really low, but it rained that night and I personally had never heard of the band that played and think no one really gave a shit about them..The old farts running Westfest need to start catering to the younger crown..there is enough polka music to keep the older crowd happy and coming back..but they need to get some better music/groups/bands to draw in the younger crowd...I am going to go to the Westfest meeting this year if it hairlips the governor..Plus Friday night is High School football and in Texas Friday night Football rules..although we lost our opener ...hope we do better this weekend..Ok..now to the good part..what they ate and how much....brace yourself..it's pretty scary...now remember how many people we had over the 21/2 day weekend...this is what they ate and drank.

They consumed the following:

2,130 hamburgers, 1,380 corny dogs,1,700 pounds of french fries,8,172 kolaches,74 whole strudels and buchtas,790 BBQ sandwiches,670 turkey legs,720 potato pancakes,520 baked potatoes,1,550 spudzillas(potato twisters),960 sausage sticks and sausage and kraut plates, 1,715 roasted ears of corn,625 ears of

corn on a stick,1,250 snow-cones,85 cases of bottled water,and 3,000 servings of cotton candy,530 bags of Bavarian nuts, 390 pounds of corn for kettle popcorn,55 pounds of uncooked pork rinds, 1,300 skunk eggs,3 cases of fried green tomatoes,20 gallons of fried pickles, one case of fried squash,1,050 ice cream floats and ice cream servings,and 400 pounds of sausage products, 108 gallons of funnel cake mix, 300 rosettes, 250 fruit pies,125 pretzels,475 steak on a sticks, 500 chicken on a sticks,450 pork on a sticks,650 super nachos and 25 gallons of pickles.For the first time ever they didn't tell us how much beer was drank...So it must have been a lot and they were too embarrassed to let everyone know what booze hounds we are...Jeez, their Czech's ...that's what Czech's do..drink pivo, do the chicken dance to polka music and drink more pivo.
So..another year and another Westfest...I have been here in one fashion or another (except for when I was in Calif)..since the second one..Everyone has a standing invitation to come to the next one on next Labor Day..Buddha_Girl, Lorna and 'Obert are coming next year for sure.

Plus I have 2 Westfest magnets, 4 West papers ..2 from the week before Westfest and 2 for the week after..Pretty cool..anyone wants them...let me know..will send them out..


jan said...

The food sounds fabulous, fattening and laid with cholesterol just the way food should be. But bottled water? Bottled water? That seems so wrong.

buddha_girl said...

1. That list of food made me dry heave.
2. That list of food will NOT keep me from downing a kolache or two. Hell no!
3. I loved your previous post on fucking George. What a fucktard. Let's suffice it to say that many more people cry a whole hell of a lot more tears for the dead soldiers than Georgie ever will. Might I add that they're REAL tears?

Nit Wit said...

I was eating when I read this. Ham and Swiss on wheat. Now I even hungrier than before.
Maybe it's not politically correct to brag about how much beer they sucked down.
Who eats uncooked pork rinds? The Boss eats the ones in bags. I think that's why her cholesterol is so high.
Now mine has gone up just reading this.
One more night of work and I'm on vacation!!!!! Staying home this time.

the rube said...

1300 skunk eggs and only 1050 ice cream servings!!!

did they run out of ice cream?

BYG said...

What are skunk eggs? Must be some crazy Texas thing.
I can't imagine why people say Americans are all so obese!