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Monday, September 10, 2007

.......HOG HEAVEN.......

Yes, folks...old yellowdoggranny is one happy old lady...not only did the cowboys win....45-35(sorry Buddha_Girl)...but the fucking Philadelphia Eagles lost...Yes, there is a Goddess and she did good..So for for this week I am 9-3-1..Still 2 games tonight so depends on how they go for my final bets..I am going to have my bookies summer home at the end of the season if this keeps up.
The only thing bad about our win was how badly our defense sucked..hell, I'm a crippled old lady and can tackle better then them guys did last night..and special teams?...wasn't so special...we have injuries, but JJ has the bucks so he needs to get us some replacement players..But I can't tell you how I love to look at my TV and see Coach Wade Phillips on the side line...you can see every play in his face..he grimaces, grins, frowns, rolls his eyes,scrunches up his face...it's all there..every play..I love it...and when they score..oh my Goddess,the grin goes from ear to ear and it is a joy to behold...just a contrast from that smirking/snarling face of that old Yankee coach Bill Parcells,before...a pox on him..hooray for my Boys..and fuck you Philly fans..and if that isn't enough good news..Pee Wees back...Paul Reuben's is going to be on Pushing Daisies..He will play the potentially recurring role of

Alfredo Aldarisio, a traveling homeopathic-antidepressant sales rep...I hadn't even planned on watching that show..but if it has peewee in it..I'm a watching it..It's on ABC..so be on the look out..peewees back..I are in HOG HEAVEN..

sigh*....life is good..


the rube said...

and one of the manning boys got squashed.

if that isn't nice, what is?

jan said...

One of the most entertaining things to me about NFL games is that they always have one camera dedicated solely to the coaches' faces. Quite a study in pissedness.

texlahoma said...

I can just see it.
"An older lady from out of the stands, just made the tackle for Dallas!" "Now the police have finally caught her and are escorting her off of the field." "What's this?" "In an unusual turn of events, a Dallas recruiter is actually giving her his card."
"We'll be back to Monday Night Football, right after this."

Nit Wit said...

I don't think I would like Hog Heaven. I mean if it's heaven for Hogs it can't be good for humans.
I didn't realize that they were going to play football this year. Oh well, something to keep the masses happy.
It also gives those human growth hormone mutants somewhere to go pound each other into bloody gobs of meat.
Now that's entertainment.

Cyberoutlaw said...

ROTFLOL! You've gotta make that little photo your Blogger ID pic. It's perfect, LOL!

yellowdog granny said...

rube:yeah, we hurt about 3 of them ..and we lost 1 too...football hurts..
jan:i love it when they pick some 'star' out of the audience and he or she is doing something like picking their nose or chugging a beer and spilling it all over them...
tex:I did it at baseball games and football games when my oldest son played...I tackled a ref and punched an umpire...I wasn't allowed to go to anymore baseball games..so would try to disguise myself and sneak in..but my voice is very destintive...and they would know it was me the minute I spoke..
nitwit: hog heaven..lots of food and mud to play in?..sounds like
fun to me..
cyber:I have a picture of me giving the finger..thinking about using it..but like the lightning bolt..

more cowbell said...

woo-hooo, football season, hell yeah. Congrats to your boys. My boys have been doing well too -- Seahawks all the way, baby. (Sorry about that Tony Romo bit last year and all.) Hopefully this season we won't be so injured as we were last year. I wish football season could go as long as baseball season -- goddamn, those boys with the bats play half the year. Anyway, nice to see another diehard fan who's not just about making sandwiches for the boys. Fuck that.

Oh, and how 'bout that Kevin Everett == I was so happy to hear the update that he may walk, and that he's moving.