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Monday, September 03, 2007


2ND British officer blames Rumsfeld......
General says warning about deficiency of postwar plan ignored.
London...A second retired British general slammed the United States over its Iraq policy, saying in a newspaper interview published Sunday that it had been "fatally flawed."
Maj. Gen. Tim Cross,the most senior British officer involved in the postwar planning, said he had raised serious concerns about the possibility of Iraq falling into chaos but said former Defense Secretary Donald (the dickhead) Rumsfeld dismissed the warnings.
"Right from the very beginning we were all very concerned about the lack of detail that had gone into the postwar plan, and there is no doubt that Rumsfeld was at the heart of that process,"
Gen. Cross said in the Sunday Mirror.
The comments came a day after the release of critical comments made by the general who led the British army during the Iraq invasion.
Retired Gen. Mike Jackson also singled out Mr. Rumsfeld for criticism, saying his approach to the invasion was "intellectually bankrupt," according to quotes excerpted from his autobiography and published Saturday by The Daily Telegraph.
The comments from the two retired British generals come in the wake of U.S.criticism of British military performance in Basra and Washington's fears that Prime Minister Gordon Brown is poised to approve a British troop withdrawal.(yeah, now if only Bush would follow the leader)
(this to me is the kicker for this article...)
U.S. and Iraqi authorities have expressed concern that a broader British draw down could jeopardize the region's rich oil resources and the supply line from Kuwait to Baghdad and beyond.(only worried about the fucking oil).
Some analysts also fear that British withdrawal could exacerbate a violent power struggle between rival Shiite groups in the sect's southern heartland...(uh?....what the fuck have they been doing for the past 5 years???)
and how about this for a oxymoron? the Iraqi Prime Minister ordered a "professional and neutral" investigation Sunday into violence that killed more than 50 people at a religious festival last week.He also defended his government, saying critics underestimate Iraq's
problems and don't appreciate his achievements.
"such as stopping the civilian sectarian war."
Oh my fucking ass!...if that was true why would this be a problem????....this is a quote from the Iraq's national security adviser....brace your self...it's really ugly:
"But this is my favorite television show."---Mowaffak al-Rubale, Iraq's natio
nal security adviser, objecting to a request by U.S. Congressmen to quit watching cartoons during their meeting, according to Rep.James Moran,who was there..(Washington Post

Is that not enough to chap your ass?...Judas fucking priest...someone...GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK!...We're over there fighting their fucking war and the assholes watching cartoons...I wish him a speedy Gonzales non-cartoon like death...
fuckme till it's 'that's all folks.


Green tea said...

Oh Honey bee, I couldn't say it better my self.
Idiot child that calls himself President paid a surprise visit to Iraq.
We'll hear how much better it is since the Surge..I'm sure.
I wish they would let him walk down a street in Baghdad by him self, that would be a good test.

Anonymous said...

It is such a fucking mess no matter how you look at it. It has been since the dawn of time there and always will be with or without us.

buddha_girl said...

I have absolutely nothing else to offer. Well said.

Nit Wit said...

The strange thing is that the British areas of Iraq have been the only ones that are relatively safe and under control.
The Gump's people are just bad mouthing the British because they are going to stop being his bitch and go home.
Now there going to end up attacking Iran because Chaney wants to use up some more equipment and lives so his buddies can get even more juicy contracts and they can raise the price of oil some more.
I'm sure the Iraq security advisor is just doing what he heard The Gump watches cartoons too. He has Condi to explain them to him.

Cheesemeister said...

Somebody must be making money off it or we wouldn't still be there.

I have a favor to ask of anyone who is willing to participate. I need to get 50 subjects and I have 22 so far. It's for my biology class. Should you choose to participate, all you need to do is tell me if you are right handed or left handed. Then clasp your hands together, interlacing the fingers. Tell me whether the right or left thumb ends up on top. Email your results to cie@q.com
Thanks--I really appreciate it.

BBC said...

It isn't their war, it is our most stupid presidents war. And it doesn't matter how well it was or wasn't planed, it was bound to fail and fall into chaos, I knew that before that fucking idiot started that mess.

A: They don't want our form of democracy.

B: They fucking love to fight each other and will continue to do so.

C: I'm surrounded by fucking idiots.

the rube said...

i'll bet that fucking iraqi has a satellite dish and gets 10 times as many channels as me.

he can probably watch camel races 24 hours a day!

texlahoma said...

I thought at least we would get some free oil out of this war, nope not even that. I guess the soldiers could fill there pockets with sand before they leave, then make a big sandpile back home. Then if anyone asks what we got out of that war, at least there'd be something to point at.

High-Maintenance & Hostile Heidi said...

Bush and the puppet master have gotten us in such a mess, I don't think there's any way out. Maybe that's why the Iraqis watch cartoons. Because they know IT IS HOPELESS!!!

We ruined their country. We ruined our own. And Osama Bin Laden is still on the loose...

yellowdog granny said...

green tea:oh cool..no one has ever called me honey bee..I like that..
wall down the streets of baghdad? hell he can't even walk down the streets of most towns in the us with out someone offering to kick his ass..that's why the security around him is so tight..
mimi:yup..he has really screwed the pooch on this one..
buddha_girl:nothing to say?..I doubt it..ha..
nitwit:hell, bush is a cartoon...DOPEY GOES TO WAR.
cheesy:yup the buddies of the gump are still making money..
BBC:they have been fighting over there still Jesus was a pup..and the minute we're gone whether it's today or 10 years from today..they will still be fighting..
the rube:I hope they took away his fucking tv set..the jackoff..
tex:that was my thinking too...gas for .87cents a gallon...yeah right..everyone got fucked on that deal..
HMHH:yup yup and no shit..

apositivepessimist said...

I guess one thing in his favour…the dude wasn’t watching their MickeyMouse inspired cartoon. The one where a poorly costumed dude incites the kiddies to rise up and end the “occupation” etc.

For the cheesemeister one…I’m right handed and left thumb was on top when hand clasping. I know they asked to be emailed but basically I’m lazy at the moment.

Blue Momma said...

If that damn village would just ask for it's fucking idiot back, maybe we could get out of this mess!

Josh said...

I just think it's fitting that the plane full of Republican lawmakers got shot at when they were flying over there to "inspect progress."