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Saturday, August 19, 2006


Sorry it took me so long...I also wanted to put in two more little bits on me and Daddy...to show our weird sense of humor even in the face of death..The combination of chemo and radiation caused Daddy to have some severe gas...the kind of gas that usually gets blamed on the dog..but there was no dog in the hospital so I had to come up with something as this was a source of embarrassment for Daddy...I went to some novelty shop in Waco and found a frog that if you squeezed it the tongue came out and it made a farting noise...perfect..so when I handed it to Daddy with no explanation(didn't want to make it obvious what I was giving it to him for)he squeezed it and it made the farting noise...he did this about 3-4 times and then you could see the light bulb going off in his head...and from then on when he was going to emit gas he would squeese the frog and make some comment on that 'damn farting frog'and 'Damn that frogs farts sure do stink'...The other thing that really got to Daddy was everyone asking him how he felt, or how are you doing, or 'how are we doing today S/gt Roycroft..'lordy it pissed him off...he figured it was none of their damn business.ha..so I went back to the novelty shop in Waco and searched around and found the (for me anyhow) perfect little doo dad....when I gave it to him...I made sure we were alone..I told him Daddy I got this for you but if you don't want to use it I will understand..but thought it might come in handy the next time some one asked about your health...and then handed it to him...this time he burst out laughing and said..'It's just what the dr. ordered'....and then a nurse came in and said'How are we doing today S/Gt. Roycroft?' and Daddy showed her his new toy:which was a hand about 8 inches tall and it was giving the finger...She cracked up and after that anyone said or did anything that pissed him off Daddy would just point at the hand...
The Br
itish overcame the Argentinians in the Falkland war.Israeli's invaded Lebanon(yes their invasion this month was not the first time)in an attack on the P.L.O.
W. Hinkley,Jr. was found not guilt by reason of insanity in the shooting of President Reagan.Alexander M. Haig.Jr., resigned as Secretary of State(resulting from his attempt to hijack the white house when Raegan was in hospital).Princess Grace of Monoco dies of injuries when her car plunged off a mountain road;her daughter Stephanie,17 suffered serious injuries from the crash.Lebanese Christian Phalangests kill hundreds of poeple in two Palestinian refugg camps in West Beirut.Leonid Brezhnev, Soviet leader dies at age 76.Yuri V. Andropov,68, chosen as sccessor.
Barney B
. Clark,61 was first to receive artifical heart implant at University of Utah Medical Center in Salt Lake City........................he died anyhow....but nice try.
1982 continues to reek with music.."Being Boiled, Don't you wa
nt me, and Mirrorman'by Human League,'Oh Julie'by Shakin'Stevens,'the Model and Complete Love'by Kraft Work,'Town called Malice'by the Jam,'The lion sleeps tonight'by Tight Fit,'Seven Tears'by Goomba Dance Band,'My camera never lies'by Bucks Fizz,'Ebony and Ivory'by Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder,'A little peace'by Nicole, 'House of fun'by Madness,'Goody Two Shoes'by Adam Ant,'I've never been to me'by Charlene,'Happy Talk[,byCaptain Senseible,'Fame'by Irene Cara,'Centerfold'by J. Geiles Band,'I love rock and roll'by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts,'Chariots of Fire'bySurvivor,'Abracadabra'by Steve Miller Band,'Hard to say I'm sorry'by Chicago,'Jack and Diane'by John Cougar,'Do you really want to hurt me'by Culture Club,'I don't wanna dance'by Eddy Grant,'Beat Surrender'by the Jam,'Come on Eileen'by Dexy's Midnight Runner,'Pass the Dutchie'by MusicalYouth,'Save your love'by Renee and Renalto,'Don't stop believing'by Journey,'Maneater'by Hall and Oates,'Mickey'by Toni Basil,'Truly'by Lionel Ritchie,'Up where we belong'by Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warner,'65 Love Affair'by Paul Davis,'Ain't no pleasing you'by Chas and Dave,'Blue-eyed'by Elton John,'Body and Soul'by Jo Kennedy, 'Body Language'by Queen,The Day before you came'by ABBA,'Don't go'by yazoo,'Don't talk to strangers'by Rick Springfield,'Easier said than done'by Shakatak.(who are these people and what the fuck is this music??????????)
'Eye in the sky'by Alan Parsons Proj
ect,'Fantastic Day'by Haircut 100,'Freeze Frame',by J.Geiles Band,'Ghosts'by Japan,'One perfect day'by Little Theras,'Girls on film'by Duran Duran,'Gloria'by Laura Branigan,'Golden Brown'by the Stranglers,'Great southern land and Hey little girl'by Icehouse,'Gypsy and Hold me by Fleetwood Mac,'Harden my heart'by Quarterflash,'Head over heels'by ABBA,'Heart attack'by Olivia Newton-John,'Here is the news and Ticket to the Moon'by ELO,'Hurt so good'by John Cougar,'I can make you feel good'by Shalamar,'I know what boys like'by Waitresses,'Iron Fist'by Motorhead,'It's raining again',by Supertramp,'Lets get it up'by AC/DC,'Listen'by Stiff Little Fingers,'Love my way'by Psychedelic Furs,'Maid of Orleans'by OMD,'the message'by Grand Master Flash,'the number of the beast'by Iron Maiden,'Old Town'by Phil Lynott,'We got the beat and Vacaation'by the Go Go's,'Valley Girl'by Frank Zappa,'Still they ride and Open arms'by Journey,'Pressure'by Billy Joel,'Hungry like the Wolf and Rio'by Duran Duran,'Since you're gone'by The Cars,'Spread a little happiness'by Sting,(and who can forget this one....)Sube a mi motora'by Menudo,'Theme from Hill Street Blues'by Mike Post and Larry Carlton,'Time'by Culture Club,'and 'Trouble'by Lindsey Buckingham.wheee....is we jamming yet????
'Waiting for a girl like you'by Foreigner,'White Boy'by Culture Club,'When the war is over'by Cold Chisel,'Why',by Carley Simon,'Yellow Pearl'by Phil Lynott, 'You can't hurry love'by Phil Col
lins,'You don't want me any more'by Steel Breeze, 'You should hear how she talks about you'by Melissa Manchester,'You've got another thing coming'by Judas Priest,'Young Guns'by Wham,and last but not least....'Young Turks'by Rod Stewart...
and for all you that were listening to country like I was...There was 'Lord, I hope this day is good and Listen to the radio'by Don Williams(don was big in the 80's)..'You're the best break this old heart ever had'by E
d Bruce..who I loved...he played the sherrif on some tv western with James Garner...*sigh...
on my mind'by willie...'Just to satisfy you'by Willie and Waylon(a favorite of mine),'Yesterday's wine'by Merle Haggard and George(no show) Jones,'I will always love you'by Dolly Parton,'Same ole Me'by George Jones,'Old Friends'by Willie, Ray Price,and Roger Miller,and one of my favorite songs by Waylon 'Women do know how to carry on'.....
so other than the
fact that some great babies were born this year....it was a sad and lonely year for me..It was also the kickoff of a long bout of drinking..man..if you thought I drank before.....you ain't seen nothing yet.....


Sling said...

Once,in a crowded elevator,my mom farted.
My brother immediately placed his hand on his stomach and said,"Excuse me!"
Class act,my brother.

Nit Wit said...

The Farting Frog and the Finger boy I could use both of those. I think we have hit the music dead zone. Nota whole lot of stuff there that I listen to.
Might needthat frog tonight, Had baked beans and cheesburgers for supper and gonna have a few beers later. The Boss may make me stay on the porch tonight.

Jezebelle said...

I love how your Daddy knew what the frog was for without you saying. You two shared such a special bond.

Josh said...

Menudo, as you may or may not know, was the first band that Ricky Martin was in.

I'm not a huge Ricky Martin fan, even though he's kinda cute; I just happen to watch VH1 "I Love the 80's" every now and then. Primarily to see Hal Sparks.

Cassandra said...

Awww... those gifts for your Daddy were perfect! Great sick and twisted humor.

Cyberoutlaw said...

It's good to hear that your dad maintained his sense of humor. That's not always possible given the cricumstances. The finger thing must have been a hoot the first time he used it.

Hard to believe that those songs are that old!

JBlue said...

Love that hand with the finger salute. Great idea. Is that it in the picture? Did you keep it? I'd probably keep it forever, too. It's such a funny (bittersweet?)memory.

Now you're into the years I can firmly remember.

Anonymous said...

Awww shit, the 80s! I gotta catch up on this reading - bring back memories jus like the 70s :P

Scottish Toodler said...

I didn't read this yesterday and it is surreal now because I was in AAHS last night buying gag stuff and jokes, and they were playing 80's music. I heard a bunch of the songs you listed, CENTREFOLD being one them. Anyhow. I love you JackieSue!!!