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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

..............ALL ABOUT ME..............

Ah jeeeeeez! I sometimes like doing these post's and sometimes I don't...I don't want you to know all my evil little secrets...but here goes anyhow..(thanks Donna)
1.Things that scare me:evangelical christians, rightwing republicans,people that still think Forest Gump is a good president and those little yappy fucking dogs.
2.People who make me laugh: apos,babs, sooner, Peter Sellers,
David Letterman,H.Allen Smith,Janet Evanovich,and me.
3.Things I don't understand:math,how planes fly,how we REALLY got here,why all the men on tv are fat and stupid and are married to goodlooking smart women,how so many people were taken in by Forest Gump and still think he's an ok President, and how Howie Mandell got his own tv show..
4.Things I am doing right now..Listening to a oldies but goodies radio station, partly listening to the tv, doing this stupid thing, and feeling the urge to go pee.
5..(going to go pee..be right back)ahhh!
Things I can do:play a mean game of pool, cook up some good grub,pick winners in football(I'm 32-14-2 so far and it's only preseason),drive in reverse as well as I can forward,tint paint and stain by eye,train dogs by silent jestures and laugh at myself.
6.Ways to describe my personality:I'm a scorpio...I will be your best friend or worse enemy...it's all up to you..I know that it isn't nice to admit this but if you mess with someone I love...I'll make your life a living hell..and smile while doing it...even if it takes me the rest of your or my life, I'm loyal to those I love.I don't take friendship lightly.
7.Things I can't do: math,find out how to get rid of the zombie that has hijacked my browser and using it to send out spam...any electrical work.
8.People I think you should listen to:Molly Ivins,Leo,Nit-wit
Waywrong,Willie Nelson,and Me.
9.People you should never listen to:any of those rightwing psycho's on Fox..you know who they are...fuckem...
10.Things I would like to learn:how to play a musical instrument,another language,how to knit,and how to sing without scaring dogs.
11.Favorite foods:..meat, seafood,all salads,Dublin Dr.Pepper, and Bluebell Icecream.
12.Beverages I drink regularly:Dr.Pepper, ice tea, water, kool-aid with sweet and low,and hot tea.
13.TV Shows I watched as a kid:Howdy Doody, Andy's Gang,(plunk your magic twanger Froggie) Lassie,Little Rascals,Lone Ranger, Hoppalong Cassidy,Roy Rogers,Wild Bill Hichcock,and The Cisco Kid and Pancho.

so...ya know enough about me now?...2 days to westfest...


Anonymous said...

Ooohh I'm first! and we have so much attitude about things in common! wowee :)

My sister-in-law sent me a postcard in the mail a few weeks ago. It was black and said "WTF" because that is all me baby...What the Fuck! haha Sometimes I have to remember where I am and make sure it doesn't slip - ahh fuc it :P

Sling said...

You are a likable person indeed! :)

Anonymous said...
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Nit Wit said...

Gee, no rain here yesterday but my grass grew at least 6 inches.
Shouldn't tell people to listen to me. I've been discribed an a bad influance.
For some reason your TV shows reminded me that I used to watch Sky King. Forgot all about that show.
Way past my bedtime now the suns out and the schools are in.

Anonymous said...

My doctor's name is Howard Mandell and he does comedy routines during visits. He shouldn't have a TV show either .. ;)


Anonymous said...

We got a lot in common. No wonder I like you so much!

john said...

i hate fox as well . o'reilly is such a fake !

leo myshkin said...

is 32 and 14 against the spread or straight up? if it's against the spread you are the goddess or you drank the water of shaihalud on akaris.

texlahoma said...

I've always been attracted to Scorpio women and though it can be very awesome for a while, it almost always ends in disaster. I guess Leos and Scorpios aren't a good match.

People that think Gump is doing good scare me to. Do they have an entirely different way of proccesing information or what?

Josh said...

Cool. It's always nice to learn about the people I read regularly. And your comment about meat being your favorite food reminds me of one of my favorite rhetorical statements (Asa hates it when I use it):

If we weren't meant to eat animals, then why are they made of meat?

apositivepessimist said...

ohh I suck so bad in reversing...short distances fine, long not so fine.

I could never be a vegetarian or a lesbian. nope like me meat waaay too much.

Nancy said...

To know you is to love you, and I do.

JBlue said...

Hey, fellow Scorpio, great post!

Cyberoutlaw said...

Forrest Gump, LOL! I'm noticing a pattern here, and I like it.