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Thursday, August 31, 2006


I am having trouble remembering 1986....I really started to get serious about my drinking about then..I thought I had healed some from Daddy's death..but not!...I was the queen of denial.in more ways than one.I cranked it up into overdrive..Had eased on from the occasional black out to an every night deal..My jobs were getting fewer and fewer and none were in areas where it took any skill or my expertise...I took what ever job I could and worked it until I didn't go to work that morning.I was beginning to suffer from agraphobia..harder and harder to get out of the house...then I was at work at a family owned I-HOP type resturant as a cook...I'm a great grill cook...and on the way to the back carrying a pan of grease from grease trap I slipped in the grease and hit my tail bone(L-4-5) and ended up with back surgery for ruptured disc...So got some money from workman's comp for that and between the pain pills, rum and cokes backed up with Lone Star...that year and the next is pretty fucking hazzy... For some reason I manage to haul my ass to the movie and saw Platoon, probably only good thing I did that year...Some of the news events I remember ..some I don't..some of the music I remember..some I don't..some times I felt like a nut...some times I didn't...
ident Reagan froze the assests of Lybia in the U.S. The Supreme Court bars racial bias in trial jury selection.Voyage11 spacecraft reports secrets of Uranus.(and my anus and everyone else's anus..sorry I couln't resist)
I do remember this world event..when the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded after launch at Cape Canaveral,Florida. All seven of the astronaughts were killed.That was a heartbreaker...President Marcos fled the Philippines after ruling for 20years.Corazon Aquino was elected to succeed him.
an President Kurt Waldheim's service as a nazi officer was revealed(like that was some big surprise..everyone over the age of 65 at that time in Austria or Germany was a fucking nazi..I never believed all that shit about we had to be a nazi..we were only following orders...sounds like George Bush's bunch).ohhh that should get me some mail.
Halley's comet yeield information on it's return trip. U.S planes attack Libyan 'terrorist centers.'Desmond Tutu elected archbishop in South Africa.Something else I remember through my veil
of alcohol....The nuclear accident at Chervobyhl Power Station.That scared the shit out of the world...and we are still seeing the returns from that little Russian gift.
The Supreme Court affirms abortion rights.Why does no one remember
this about Reagan? The World Court rules U.S. broke international law in mining Nicaraguan waters.that old fucker.
Congress approves immigration bill barring hiring of illegal aliens, with amesty provision.(fuckity fuck fuck fuck).
signs $11.7 billion budget reduction measure.He approves sweeping revision of U.S. Tax Code.
The Democrats triumph in elections, gaining 8 seats to win Senate..Which leads to: Secret initiative to send arm
s to Iran revealed(fucking Reagan and that bunch of misfits).Reagan of course denies exchanging arms for hostages and halts arms sale.Diversion of funds from arms sales to Nicaraguan Contras revealed.(liar liar's pants on fire)
So the
year was almost saved by the music..I have to admit..it's getting a little better.....like...'Burning heat'by Survivor,'That's what friends are for'by Dionne Warwick and friends,'On my own'by Patti LaBelle and Michael McDonald,'Addicted to Love'by Robert Palmer,'Kiss' and 'Mountain'by Prince,'R.O.C.K. in the USA'by John Cougar Mellencamp,'Everyone have fun tonight'by Wang Chung,'Living in America'by James Brown,'Why can't this be love, Love walks in and Dreams'by Van Halen,'Walk this way'by RUN DMC and Arrowsmith,'Conga and Words get in the way'by Miami Sound Machine,'Walk like an Egyptian'by The Bangles,'Take my breath away'by Berlin,'The Sweetest Tabu'by Sade,'A matter of trust and Modern Woman'by Billy Joel,'You give Love a Bad Name'by Bon Jovi,'Dancing on the Ceiling'by Lionel Richie,'All I need is a miracle'by Mike and the Mechanics,'How will I know and Greatest Love of all'by Whitney Houston,'French kissing in the USA',by Debby Harry,'The Future's so bright I gotta wear shades'by Timbuk3,'Sledgehammer'by Peter Gabriel,'Funky Town'by Pseudo Echo,'Higher Love'by Steve Winwood,'Danger Zone'by Kenny Loggins,'Glory of Love'by Peter Cetera,'Got my mind set on you'by George Harrison,'Lady In Red'by Chris De Burge,'Venus'by Bananarama,'Living on a prayer'by Bon Jovi,and 'Walk of Life'by Dire Straits.....not tooo shabby..
'Live to tell, Papa Don't Preach,and La Isla Bonita' by Madonna,'Take me home tonight'by Eddie Money,'He's Back'by Alice Cooper,'Rock me Amadeus'by Falco,'Locked In'by Judas Prie
st,'Hip to Be Square'by Huey Lewis and the News,'If you leave'by OMD,'Mad about you'by Brenda Carlisle,'Harlem Shuffle'by The Stones( I liked that one),'Hey,You'by Divine,'Like a Rock'by Pete Seger,'Love Touch'by Rod Stewart,'Manic Monday'by The Bangles,'Move Away'by Culture Club,'War and My Hometown'by Bruce Springsteen,'What have you done for me lately,When I think of you and Nasty'by Janet Jackson..I liked that one too...'Notorious'by Duran Duran,'Real wild child'by Iggy Pop,'Rough Boy'by ZZ Top,'Ruthless People'by the Rolling Stones,'That Was then, this is now'by the Monkeys,'The Way it is'by Bruce Hornsby and the Rangers,'Turbo Love'by Judas Priest and last but not least....'True Blue'by Madonna...Bringing up the rear with country was 'Hurt'by Juice Newton,'Happy Happy Birthday,
Baby'by Ronnie Milsap,'Ain't Misbehavin''by Hank Williams,
jr.'Just Another Love'by Tanya Tucker,'Guitars and Cadillacs'by Dwight Yoakam,and as I always like to say'On the Other Hand'by Randy Travis...
This maybe one of the suckiests years yet...but that is only cause I can't remember what happened in 1987 either...Think this is when the granddaughters started showing up...Ahhh, grandkids...they were what caused me to quit drinking...too bad I couldn't have quit for my kids..


Nit Wit said...

Daja vous all over again.

Nancy said...

I swear I didn't do any drugs today, am I seeing double posts? :)

JBlue said...

Did Voyager find any Klingons around Uranus...? Sorry, I tried to stop myself but I just couldn't.

I was in college that year. I remember sitting in class and the prof was late, and when he came in, we could see right away something was on his mind. He told us about Challenger. I wanted to cry right there.

Juice Newton had a Greatest Hits album? I only remember one thing by her.

Wine Girl said...

I remember Challenger, watching in school, crying when they realized the disaster.

For someone who can't remember you reminded me of a ton of things, 86 doesn't seem so long ago, 20 years, yikes!

Love your stuff, you make me smile, Bon Jovi, Livin on a Prayer...it was like an anthem to me and my sisters

Cyberoutlaw said...

Comparatively, I think the music was starting to fall off around that time. I remember following Marcos' ouster because a couple of Filipino women worked with me at the time and they hated that guy, LOL!