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Sunday, September 21, 2008


Not that it really matters, but it's the first time that we have beaten the Packers at Lambeau Field. I don't care about stuff like that...I just like the big W for a win..

I'm still sicker than a dog...cough till I throw up, cough till I choke..really nasty stuff. I finally gave in and shut all the windows and turned the ac back on...I ran out of cough drops today so went to work and got 2 more bags..makes 4 bags of drops...5 boxes of Kleenex, and a #5 wash tub full of chicken soup..I walked in the door hacking and coughing and sounding like the devils voice in the Exorcist, and Tom said I should stay home till I'm better. I swear I have missed more days of work at this job then I have at all of my other jobs put together..Think it's the direct contact with people and handling all that nasty money. I'm off to bed..Just thinking today that I have 2 anniversary's coming up in November..my 65th birthday and November the 9th will be 18 years since I had a drink...sigh*..I think I just saw my life flash in front of me, and I was drunk through most of it.



by the way..3 games in and i'm 32-13-1

sageweb said...

I am in first place in my football pool. Of course I picked the Cowboys.
Well I hope you feel better soon.

old enough to moan said...

Both those anniversaries deserve celebrating, appropriately of course. Congrats.

Nit Wit said...

You better be careful you may have Bronchitis or Pneumonia. With your High BP and Sugar that could be really serious.
You should go to Vegas and be a bookmaker. You would get rich.

LostInColor said...

so it is not just allergies? Dang if you are sick, get in bed, and take care of yourself!

Allan said...

Yes, take care of yourself and watch out that it doesn't get worse.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

500 milligram tablets of Vitamin C (rose hips).
You'll be on the shitter for two weeks, but after that, you'll wonder why you didn't start the regimen earlier.
Particularly effective if you use a lot of dairy products.
Cut back refined sugar, or if possible, eliminate it.
You won't recognize the difference.

Anonymous said...

I'm sending germ-free get well vibes your way, girl!

Congrats on the upcoming anniversaries!

Gadfly said...

Sorry your sick.

Glad the Cowboys won :o)

Get well soon, YDG


sage:yeah for you.i still feel like crap.
oetm:i'll probably have a dublin dr pepper for each occasion.'
nitty:i had a fever but it's gone down..my blood sugar has been right on the money.im thinking about calling vegas and placing some bets.
lic:i dont know what it is..but with a fever babs says it's not just alleriges..ive developed a really nice cough though.
allan:so far im hanging in there.
ted:i already take a ton of vitamins and can't take a bunch of vit. c because of being a diabetic.
catscratch:thanks sweety..
gaddY;as long as the cowboys win i can take the rest.

Raspootin said...

So what was up with Miami beating NE?

Im doing terrible in my football thing this year.

Hope you feel better soon.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Oh, & BTW:
Hot damn! COWBOYS ROCK!!!

Sling said...

Maybe we could try a laying on of hands to cure you!!
Not that I believe in that stuff,..I just wanna lay my hands on you. ;)
Feel better soon!

billy pilgrim said...

how about those cowboys!!

any arcanists in west texas?

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Who's the CLB in the photo?

Mouthy Girl said...

OMG you so DID NOT use my kid to celebrate the Cowboys!!!


Wait til I tell HG! He will be so proud. Bastid.

We watched the game for about 7 minutes - at which point HG stomped into our office and refused to return. He's such a pussy sometimes!

Ted? That's my kid. He's a hellion - don't let the picture fool ya!

Jan said...

Keep on with the chicken soup and get lots of rest.

BTW, how does one celebrate an anniversary of not drinking?

Heidi said...

Hope you feel better! Rest up and get better! Hugs, Jackie Sue!


raspootin:miami..I swear to goddess, you never know who's going to show up when they play...who would have thought they would be the team to break the streak...they fucking suck!
i still feel like hammered shit.
ted:how 'bout them cowboys.?
sling:you can lay your hands on me any time..even when im not sick..
billy:im so happy with the 3 wins..there can't be any arcanists in texas..they won't be anything they can't spell.
ted:that's buddha_girl's son robert..my adopted grandson..he's a pistol...
buddha:hell used him for all the wins..wait till they beat the giants and i use it then too..ahahahahahahaha
(she's a giant fan)..
why did he give up so early?...they rocked out the win..that's all that counts..
jan:i will have dublin dr pepper to celebrate my 18th year of no drinking..
maybe get drunk on my 65 birthday..hah..no not really..
im chicken souping it, cough droping, allergy med taking and hot tea drinking.still feel like shit...missed today at work and will miss tomorrow too..feck!

tsduff said...

You are awesome. 18 years is much to crow about - woo hoo!!! I had 16 once... (nov. 21 was my sober date) but I threw it all away. Not too bad most of the time... I walk if I drink - never drive. Somedays wish I didn't drink what I ought not have though.... Things just changed. xoxo keep coming back... one day at a time and all that jazz. Really. You sound like the hellraiser we all aspired to be - sober or not :D

tsduff said...

And btw - yesterday we went to the dollar store just to celebrate you :)


tsduff:oh man..you should go back and read some of my archives...I told a bunch of drunk stories..and to this day i still have people coming up to me and saying 'i remember the first time i ever met you' and know it's going to be one of those drunk stories...ha

Buzzardbilly said...

Jackie Sue, I just wanted to let you know that I'm blogging our dreamy Dexter today. New shows start Sunday! No rules Dexter. I cannot wait.

BTW, I was pulling for your guys on Sunday :)

Anonymous said...

*Raisin' a glass o' ice water to ya in honor of your annivesary and sayin' "Here's hopin' you feel better real soon, ya hear?*

NYD said...

Interesting place you have here.
Now while I am not all that interested in footbal I did enjoy the Stumbles, especially the ones at the bottom of the page- not too interested at looking up a picts kilt either, for that matter.

Hope you are enjoying the abstinence. I will raise a glass and toast you tonight when I get off work.

Josh said...

Congrats on the Cowboys win and on the anniversary!

PeeJay said...

WooHOOO Go Cowboys! Hope you get to feeling better soon! We had to turn our a/c back on yesterday, but it's because it got too hot again. I live 10 miles from the Dublin DP factory so if you're ever in need, I can hook you up.

Robin said...

My first thought on the win was to email you with a "yea!" but I know how crappy you're feeling (been there, done that!).

Seriously though, if you don't get some relief GO TO THE DAMN DOCTOR! (tee hee, robin yelled at Jackie and is too far away to get hit!)

Congrats on the anniversarys! Both of them. It's amazing...I quite smoking for 72 days, last year...want to go for it again. At some point, the beers might have to go as well! You're an inspiration!