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Thursday, September 04, 2008


Me fixing the sheet over the hay bale.

One of two signs I made for the truck. I tried to tell Mary, that just because I have arts and crafts stuff, doesn't make me crafty.
Me with Brice, Boyd and Mary M. Don't I look thrilled?

The SPJST float. I have no clue what the letters stand for. But it's some Czech organization.

This was my favorite float. Referred to as the Bohemian mobule home..(it's an outhouse)..I told them I loved their float just because it pissed off that one lady who would write a letter to the editor of the paper every year to complain how insulting it was to Bohemians. They appreciated my sentiments.
That's Czech for something..haha
Think it means welcome to the Westfest..
I can't remember this womans name to save my soul. She and her daughter are the two bartenders at Strickly Country. They filled the ballons to full and when it got hotter they were blowing up and would make me jump every time. This float won 3rd place in the commercial float division.
Me and what's her name.

Vicki liked the Pipe Players attire.


billy pilgrim said...


stupid pricks just spit tobacco.

Unknown said...

I still haven't posted, trying to get caught up on all the mess that I walked into!

sageweb said...

I love the pictures...that strictly country lady is hot.
And you look as sexy as ever in your Obama Mama shirt.

Nit Wit said...

I would be the guy in the outhouse and make sure the door flew open every few seconds.
Looks like I missed the fun again.

LostInColor said...

Look at you Obama Mama, hat on backwards and everything! Great pictures!

Anonymous said...

Love that t-shirt JS :)

Anonymous said...

Obama Mama!!! I love it!!!!

Anonymous said...

Totally awesome!

Kilt is a sexy name for a man skirt.


billy:i should have known.
junebugg:uh oh..what happened? annie misses you and so do i.
sage:yeah, 190 lbs, bleached blond and 64..yeah, that's pure sexy alright..haahah
yah, she has a daughter that is really young and she looks better than the daughter does.she was in the store today buying sexy underwear and nightgowns..
nitty:the guy was parked in a rocking chair by the door.
all:yup...we had more fun with those tshirts..and who does't like a man in a kilt?

Jan said...

and you weren't curious about what he wore under his kilt?

rosemary said...

looked like a lot of fun and just my kind too.....girl, you need to get some color on those legs.


jan:vicki told me not to go look up his kilt or to ask...i was trying to be on my good behaviour..
rosemary:you'd think living in texas i'd look the color of a saddle, but im allergic to the sun and if i get too much i get blisters the size of salad plates..

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Thank you loads for the pics..."Wish'd Ah cuda bin theyere."
Haven't been to a single festival this year, and there's loads of 'em in The Fort, Too much work and trying to get my reclusive son out of his shell/hermit mode.
Maybe Sunbloc45 would help with the sun. I got a huge bottle I bought at "the House of Satan" two years ago, and the chalky paste still works like a charm.

ohc said...

Great photos! Looks like a great time! Thanks for sharing them!

Anonymous said...

I have set a goal to start saving for next year. Dammit!
We need to get you here for the
4th of July too.
Love the pics Jac.
I want an Obama Mama shirt. I bet I could make one with an old t- shirt I have, and a magic marker.
That would even cover up the coffee satins that my built in "dribble catchers" catch. I hate that damn hole in my chin.

zero said...

nice pics