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Friday, September 12, 2008


Just a update before Ike and Tina(I changed its name) hits us up with some rain and wind...Went to Community Grocery this am before work to give Patsy Patsy Patsy some cigarette coupons and she asked how I was doing...I said:' I chant, I meditate, I listen to soothing music, I do yoga, then I go find someone and smack the shit out of them..so yeah, I"m fine.'

She, Andy(her boy toy) and the girls that work the register cracked up...So I go back to get toilet paper after I got off work(I have this horrible phobia about not having enough toilet paper) and said:" how ya doing?"...she said that as of this morning I was the new saying....that when any one asks how she is she says"I chant, I meditate, I listen to soothing music, and do yoga, and then I send Jackie out to smack the shit out of someone..so yeah, I'm good."....made me laugh.

thank the Goddess for Charmin..


catscratch said...

You're a hoot. We gotta hang out sometime.

Anne Johnson said...

Made Anne laugh!

LostInCO said...

You are a hoot! oh and btw, I have the same TP phobia.

Junebugg said...

I'm fixing (yeah, I'm southern) to try to finish my post. Hope you finally get some rain out of all this bad weather

Nan said...

You hoard toilet paper? I'd laugh, but I insist on buying the 12-roll packages and still start to feel a little panicky once half the package is gone.

unokhan said...

everybody needs a smacker, even if --or especially if-- they never haff to call on them.

hang tite, bebe sue......the sky has been tumbling here for over 24 hrs

Elizabeth said...

As ever, you give me the best laughs. I think that might become my new saying now! Stay dry, honey!

yellowdog granny said...

catscratch:now that would be fun.
anne:good, laughter is good for what ails ya.
lic:what exactly is a hoot?..ha..yeah, my fear is to get up during the night pee, grab for the toilet roll and find nothing but air...arghghghg
junebugg:it was a great post..ya'll need to go read it..
nan:if i have less than 12 rolls i start to have a panic attack.
unokhan:be be sue..that may be my favorite nick name of all i have ever had.
better than tacky jacky..
im sorry your getting more rain..how's the library holding up?
elizabeth:ah, my work here is done..dry so far..but in less than an hour that should change...eek!

Nit Wit said...

I finally bought new T. Paper yesterday when I cashed my check. I was on the last 10% or so of the last roll in the house.
Gee if the storm get's really bad (I hope not) We might actually see you on the news doing the breast stroke through the middle of West chasing a hericane. I couldn't read that blue stuff very well myself. I can't believe it. I'm looking at blogs at work. Serves them right as I am delaying my vacation one week til the 28th because they have to go out and reset the shelf arrangements at all the Wal-marts we serve the week of the 21st. This all comes down from Satan at Wally World HQ.

joy said...

My husband has a TP problem, too. He buys these gigantic packages of a zillion rolls or so. I put them in the storage area above the garage. There's at least a dozen or so up there now. The other day he brought 3 more because they were on sale! Good luck with Ike and Tina! We're expecting wind and rain here in OKC around 5 this evening.

billy pilgrim said...

you are a true earthling.

those fucking martians better think twice about visiting our planet.