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Monday, September 01, 2008


just because something strikes me as being bust ass funny..and this is one of them...sorry I've tried to warn you I have no taste.


Nit Wit said...

Now I'm going to have that tune running through my head all week.
Still waiting for her to eat a nipple the bug butter head.

Elizabeth said...

Shoot! The sucker wouldn't play for me! I'll try again later.

joy said...

Hysterical! Who thinks this stuff up?

sageweb said...

Oh that was hilarious..I have seen another on of these. They are so funny.

Nan said...


Anonymous said...

What a lovely sentiment!

billy pilgrim said...

i think you have excellent taste.

she's gorgeous, i'd trade 2 goats for her.

Josh said...

God, I ROFLed at that.

Oh shit, I'm a butter head.

Jan said...

I used to work with a woman who would turn to stone if she heard the word nipple. Must email this to her. Must.

Anonymous said...

OMGs - tears streaming down my face.

Robin said...

There's actually a post person named "butterhead"! Ohmigod! I downloaded this, my SE will hoot and so will other's but I must disagree with billy pilgrim, she's easily three goats. I'm a chic, but hell, I'd throw in a cow!

Doralong said...

You gotta love Bollywood!

old enough to moan said...

When they released this I bet they never thought it would all go tits up!

Allan said...

Darn, work blocks this vid...it must be good!

Anonymous said...

Someone had too much fun "translating" that.


nitwit:i sang it all day long at work today..
elizabeth:hope you got it to work..it's pretty funny..
joy:someone with entirely too much time on their hands.
sage:i saw a song by joe crocker at woodstock where the words were written out ..cracked me up.
butterhead:i knew before looking that it was byg.ha
billy;well the taste thing is debateable..
josh:nipple eater.
jan:ooh, cool..let me know how that went.
mamakelly:pretty funny.
robin:that was kevin from brightyellergun..he's so silly..
yeah, at least 3 goats.
dorolong:i love those movies..
oetm:ahhahahaha, probably..
allan:watch it at home, it's worth it..
cotw:that must have been fun trying to make sense of it ..

tsduff said...

Ha ha ha ha ha!!! My Sweetie is always watching Bollywood videos on the sly because he likes them. I had to send this to him so he could finally understand what they are really saying :) I loved this!