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Sunday, September 14, 2008


Since so many of you didn't know where West was, and were surprised at the size..thought you would be interested in this bit of information..

Texas has a total of 268,820 square miles. So if you have ever heard Asleep at the Wheel sing "Miles and Miles of Texas", you know what they mean.
The width of Texas is 773 miles.
The length of Texas is 790 miles.
We have two time zones. Most of Texas is central time zone, but the tip of West(not the city),Texas is Mountain zone.
This is my favorite bit of Texas information. In 1836, Texas became The Independent Republic of Texas. We 'was' a country...we remained a Republic till it became the 28th State in 1845. So for 9 by Goddess years we were a country. See why we're so fucking smug and think our shit don't stink?...We also had our own Navy. Those were our glory days. Then Bible thumping Christians took over and we've been fucked every since. All apologies to my good Christian friends..You know which ones I mean. The ones that are more concerned about gay marriage than health care. Why if we had free health care, them homo's would all run out and get aids to benefit from it. sigh*
While I'm on my soap box( I decided to keep it out instead of leaving it in the shed), you yafta go to http://mudflats.wordpress.com/
and see the pictures posted from the anti-Palin demonstration. They rock....
I would like to ask a favor...go to the post office and get a stack of voter registration applications and start asking your friends if they're registered..if not ask them if they would like to..and then whip out the application..It can't hurt.


The Witch said...

i know where west is!! i know where west is!! OOO! OOO! PICK ME! Hehe.
With the way I'm sitting right now, I'm facing east ... my back is to the west ... to my left, north ... and to my right ... south!

Then again ... it's easy to remember where west is ... 'cause the west side of town is where McMaster University is ... and the East side is the ghetto. o_O. lol.

Nan said...

Saw the photos on Mudflats. There had been an article on the Anchorage Daily News page, too, but it mysteriously became "not available at this time." I think it's wonderful that more Alaskans turned out to protest Palin than showed up to welcome her home.

I made the mistake (my usual weekend one) of listening to C-SPAN this morning. Jane Hasham of Firedoglake got in a lot of good shots, including emphasizing Palin's history of requiring rape victims to pay for the evidence kits.

Raspootin said...

So How did you fare with the storm? I guess you must have power which is the most important thing. A/C is really important.

Raspootin said...

oops, I need to start from the bottom up before I comment on your blog... glad that you made out ok.

texlahoma said...

I loved one of the signs at the ant-palin rally, it said:

"Don't insult my pitbull!"

mckait said...


Sorry to be mia... stuff ... life... getting in my way?

I am terrified that mcpalin is going to win.Can the goddess step in and help out dya think?

be well

tsduff said...

We are moving to Iceland if McCain/Palin wins. Can't stand 4 more years of the same.

Snave said...

Mrs. Snave and I will be in Texas in March for a birdwatching trip down to San Antonio, Aransas, Rockport, and Brownsville. I can't wait! The only part of Texas I have ever seen was the area around Amarilla. Pretty flat, pretty dry, with cactus and the whole western thing.

sageweb said...

Great info...and I looove mudflat website.


nan:isn't that mudflats the best?...it gets over 400 comment a day..far out..
raspootin:yeah, it was a no biggie, after all the work we went to to be prepared..but it could have gone either way.
tex:and the one that said Bush in a skirt.
kath:i still have hope in for this country and think obama will win.
will drop by and see you.
tsduff:im moving to
the island of Ischia, off of Sicily..check it out..it's glorious.
snave:well, if you go thru waco from dallas to san antonio stop at West, TExas it's 17 miles before Waco and look for the Family Dollar Store (if it's before one pm mon-fri) and I'll tell you where the best kolaches and sausage are.
sage:im mad about that mudflats.

Anonymous said...

This year, more than ever before, every single person needs to vote. My hubs never gave a shit to vote before... he is this year.

Heidi said...

Wow, Mudflats is an awesome blog. Thank you so much for posting a link to it! Those pictures of the Palin demonstration were very interesting.

Josh said...

There are a lot of close ties between Texas and Tennessee. We too span multiple time zones and have a school named UT whose color is orange. ;)