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Tuesday, September 09, 2008


for all you people that don't like or get football..skip this post..which will be short anyhow...I just wanted to do some bragging...I WAS 15-1 FOR THE FIRST WEEK OF FOOTBALL.
yes, you read that right..out of 16 games, I picked 15 winners...and if Indianapolis hadn't sucked and won their game, I'd have a perfect day..sigh*..I may dislocate my arm from patting myownself on the back...If I do say so my ownself...I fucking rock...now lets see what I do next week..OK, self congratulatory post over now.
fuckme till I compete a pass.


Woozie said...

Cowboys still suck.

sageweb said...

I won this weeks football pool. Yippee. the Colts sucked. So did my Seahawks but I won't stop cheering for them.

LostInColor said...

Ya you rock! Is that you trying to give annie a bath again?


woozie:and you would be the expert in sucking..???
sage:yeah, for you...i always forget to get on a pot..or the pot..
lic:nooo, can't take a picture of giving her a bath as i need both hands..

Raspootin said...

Ok I just checked my picks for week one 10-6 I should have picked Greenbay and WTF is up with Seattle?

The only inspired pick might have been Baltimore.

AT least the Saints won, it would have made a shitty end to a shitty week if they lost. Thanks for the interception TB!

Robin said...

Ah hell...I used to be good at this but now that I am a "custom harvester"...fall is such a busy time that I can't keep up...unless I just "trance out" and pick from my psyche! By the way, that never worked real well for me! I miss this!

But YellowDog...you are the bomb...that was an amazing week and you must know...we're counting on you to keep it up! That's almost crazy actually, you tap the Goddess there? Hmmm?

By the way, when is the Goddess going to reappear and take questions?


raspootin:i did so good, im so proud of myself..now lets see what i do next week..i see a call to my bookie coming up..
robin:i just looked at the teams..the spread and said oh yeah that one..that one that one..ha..and fuck..i was right...damn indianapolis any how..

whimsical brainpan said...

15 - 1 !!!

Damn, you do rock!

Nit Wit said...

Better watch out for the bookies bone breakers. They hate you winning too much almost as much as if you don't pay your losses.

texlahoma said...

Maybe you should start a website for pro sports gamblers.
Hey that Jones guy, a back for Dallas, he's good. Almost good enough to make me want to watch the Cowboys games.

Sling said...

Please tell me you had money down on those picks!!

Jan said...

So many inspirational words to live by. Thank you for getting them all in one place.