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Saturday, September 06, 2008


Thanks to my good friend Nan over on All The Good Names Were Taken, I have become addicted to Mudflats.wordpress.com
Holy shit!...It's all about Palin all of the time..It's a local Alaskan Blog and they have all the dirt..They have the docoument that is the fetting the Democrats did on her in 2006...oh man...yafta go read this shit..All of this is out there for anyone to read, everyone fucking knows it and the asshole republicans...still don't care...she's giving pitty bull dogs a bad name. So if your still recouping from Labor Day Weekend, (gaddy and junebugg) you should check this place out..
and while your at it you can check out Nan too, she's smart, funny and I really like her blog.
I may post some stumble upons over the weekend..but right now?...I have the DAM News to read, and 4 crossword puzzles to do....I love Saturdays. Oh and I'm going to the library too, need new books...Life is good. We're experiencing a cold front in West, by Goddess, Texas....it's 90's out...yeah!


Travis Erwin said...

I feel just like that cat today.

Nan said...

The addiction is apparently contagious. The first day I checked out Mudflats the comments thread was fairly short, but with each new post you can tell the number of readers is growing. Lots of great links in the comments threads, too.

Nan said...

Almost forgot, much as I appreciate you saying nice things about me I actually found Mudflats through a comment left here at Yellowdog Granny right after Palin was revealed as McCain's choice. I'm feeling guilty at the moment because I'm blanking on who left the link -- but whoever it was, my addiction thanks you.

billy pilgrim said...

chuck norris would have been a way better choice for v.p.

let me think, which candidate liked chuck?


travis:me too.
nan:i keep thinking it was anne johnson that told me about mudflats. but now i can't remember either..brain dead..
when i first started going there, it had about `15 comments now there are over 200..it rocks..
billy:chuck norris could play a texas ranger till the cows come home and i still wont like him or his pick for president..what ever his name is

Daisy Deadhead said...

Great reading, thanks!

KrisMrsBBradley said...

Oh, I'm so going over to read that!


another place to check out:
they debunk all the facts from both parties..

Nit Wit said...

Oh good your not in the slammer.
I get e-mails from Factcheck but I have to go check out Nan and Mudflats.
I feel like hammered shit from all the extra work the last couple of weeks and tomorrow night I start supplying the County fair along whit all the schools being open.
Come on Sept. 21st! That's when my vacation starts.

Green tea said...

Hey Granny
I am the one that left the Mudflats comment..
The day I discovered it I sent it to everyone I know and and dropped it at every blog I could..
It has grown and is still growing and may be a thorn that Little old
Saracuda will never get out of her side..
Everyone pass it on to everyone you know..
I wish I could write like the Muckraker..

Heard a good one today..

What is the difference between Dick Cheney and Sarah Palin?

She is so going to regret that remark.

Pom said...

Excellent! Thanks so much for putting the links in this post! Ever so helpful in the area of disputing repugnican BS!

joy said...

I heard this one this morning about Sarah Palin, but can't remember where. I think it was on the radio. "Babies, guns and Jesus...she's a Republican wet dream!"