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Saturday, September 13, 2008


I stayed up till almost 3am waiting for Ike and Tina to show up...they must have stopped off for a few beers as the 1am deadline for them came and went. I hauled my ass out of bed at 9am(latest I have slept in forfuckingever), opened the door to get the paper and it's sprinkling and the wind is blowing enough that it curled my rug up. So, I sit down in front of the computer to read my emails(with my Make 7(on the front) and Up Yours )(on the back) t shirt and drawers, before I eat and the phone rings and it's Tom at work...Shampagne(yes, that is really her name, and no she's white). hasn't shown up and the truck is there and can I come in and run the register till someone shows up...So I toss on my Air Force t shirt, shorts and tennie runners, grab a piece of bread, down my pills and off I go...Of course 10 minutes after I get there she shows up, looking a tad raggedy and hung over, so I get to go back home. Tom said he would clock me out in an hour, so my trip wouldn't be a waste ...yeah, right. Figure since I'm out I'll stop by and see Nancy at the Library. She applied for and we got a $2,400 grant to aid library's storytelling program. The money will be used to train 16 area high school students in the art of professional storytelling along with paying for the program's supplies. Waco will be sending down a professional storyteller to teach them and then instead of just having story time for the very young, we'll be able to have story time for all the ages. When I went in there was a young girl (who helps out once in awhile) asking for the form and she will just be terrific. She has younger brothers and sisters and always told them stories at home and would wear costumes, put on make up and do all the voices. This is going to be so much fun. I want to ask Nancy if I can sit in and learn with them..Maybe pay for my own supplies and maybe I can read some stories to the kids..I would love it..I would like to read to the older ones who might get some of my weird sense of humor(the clean stuff you guys) and my choice of books.

Thursday when I stopped in I checked out a book that I had read about and when I did Nancy asked me if I knew anything about the book. I said yes, there is this 'Shack' and the guy has been given a note from God to meet him there..So when he goes there God will be inside the shack. (There is more to the story but in case any of you want to read it, by William P. Young.) So she says let me know what you think when you get finished reading it. She knows of my pagan beliefs and she is a practicing and devout Catholic....I said oh yeah, you'll hear from me..So I started reading it last night and by about page 100 I'm weeping like a baby...then ...well...don't want to put any spoilers down. But it's been a great read. I'm not crazy about his style, but can see how it helps the story. So if anyone has read it or does read it..let me know what you think..
Ok...that's it..just wanted to give you an update as to what's going on...oh just so you can see what kolaches and sausage can do for you..including the picture of our homecoming queen and princess nominees.


KrisMrsBBradley said...

Glad Ike didn't get you too much. I was worried about my parents there in Killeen, but so far so good.

I saw The Shack at the counter of the grocery store the other day. Maybe I'll pick it up today when I go for groceries.

I love that you're a saying! How cool is that?

billy pilgrim said...

i love god-based sci fi.

i'll give it a try.

Elizabeth said...

As ever, your deadpan sense of humor and timing are priceless: e.g. "Shampagne (yes, that is really her name, and no she's white)." I'm totally stealing that sometime. Glad all is well with you. xo

Jan said...

With my faulty sense of geography of the state of Texas and the rest of the world, I was concerned about you as Ike and Tina were shown on TV. Glad you live where you live.

unokhan said...

mariah listach have a brother?

Nit Wit said...

I know your game Jackiesue. Your still trying to get old farts like me to come to West by showing us pictures of the local wild life.

Glad you haven't been blown into Arkansas by Ike.

Mouthy Girl said...

I've only read a few pages of The Shack because time's been few and far between over the past few weeks.

A fellow teacher gave me a copy of it as a thank-you gift after I held a training at school.

Maybe I'll be able to open the damn thing and get sucked in this week! Be careful with Ike. I know he's just some fucking tropical storm by now, but rain and wind are bad juju sometimes.

sageweb said...

glad you are okay. The book sounds great. I have so many I need to read. Elizabeth is right you made me laugh at that comment.


mrsb:the shack was worth reading and will really effect some peoples thinking..some actually think it is a true story, which cracks me up.
billy:i think it could have been written better, but the stubect was very interesting..think you'll like it.
elizabeth:well, i figured you were all thinking what i was thinking..when they told me they had hired a new girl and her name was shampagne i said 'oh good, a black girl'..ha.
jan:yah, just remember even though we're West, we're actually central..
unokhan:this is a catholic town they all have brothes..they keep having kids till they have a son then they become baptists.
nitwit:figured a little eye candy couldnt hurt..nah, take more than a hurricane to get me to arkansas.
buddha:we never got anything..we've had worse thunderstorms than ike and tina. it's sunny and beautiful out today..
think you'll like the shack...wish the guy writing it had a little more talent.
sage:it's a good book with a terrific idea..