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Sunday, May 23, 2010


This is Braille the blind/deaf boxer. She is amazing.Well, this is actually Nancy giving Brailles mom (Janice Dobson)his award from the city of West, Texas for the Top Dog Award. Braille and her owners had moved here from Maine and had already done a few shows at the Library with the Tale Tellers. Well, Braille's mom has cancer and is going back to Maine to be near her family. It's really sad..but the dog is amazing.

When they showed her the award it actually looked liked she was reading it..

Janice and Nancy taking pictures.

The one boy in the Tale Tellers is reading the story of Braille. But it's called for the Love of Pete. The lady on the right of the kids is Mary, Dr. Tom's sister from the Veterinary. The ones that were so wonderful with Annie.

One of the things that amazed me about Braille is her reaction to the kids. Instead of just staying with the first kid that pets her, she spends a few minutes with each kid..making the rounds..

This is her favorite ball..and you can put it anywhere in the room and say go get it..and she sniffs it out.

Here is 3 bags with different colored balls in them..Red ball in red bag etc. Janice will tell her to get the red bag and get the ball. She does.

She got the ball out of the bag and is very proud of her self..

Then the balls are switched around in the bags. Blue in the red, green in the blue, etc. Janice will tell her to get the red ball.
No matter what bag it's in..she'll get the red ball.

The 3 bags with the 2 balls.

Nancy and her 2 cousins.

Some of the people that came to see Braille put on her show.

She listens for certain noises. She's not totally deaf.

Braille and her favorite ball.

Braille making the rounds letting each person pet her.

Tale tellers.

Marissa and one of her best friends.

Marissa and some of the Tale Tellers.

If you would like to check out Braille's website its askmrseamus.com
Any how it was a great day. Nancy and the girls served us all ice cream with chocolate, almond slivers, whipped cream and cherries..Was lots of fun. Now I'm watching 5 hours of Lost. Phone is turned off, door locked and Dexter has a bag of treats to keep him busy. I'll be very weepy for a week as I'm losing my favorite TV show...feck.


Willym said...

A great photo essay - many thanks. Animals have an incredible adaptability - our poor deaf Reese or Lynette's Deaf Billy. Wish Janice all success in her treatment and lighting a candle here for her.

Blooming Psycho said...

I love her. I hope she heals. Positive energy to this lovely creature.

Nit Wit said...

That dog has more talent than a lot of people I know.
I thought the whole idea of that series was to lose it.

Jan said...

Amazing. And Braille has no idea she is different from other dogs in any way.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Aren't dogs amazing? And Braille is especially so!

Sling said...

Braille is amazing..I can barely find my glasses sometimes.

Twain12 said...

how wonderful , what a sweet Dog and i wish his Mom all the best and a full recovery !

Name: female, I shit you not! said...

What an inspiring story to begin my day with.
All the best to the mom.

Intense Guy said...

Its amazing what a trained dog can do. Its sad about the cancer. Ugh.. oh how I hate that disease.

So what tricks are you teaching Dexter? :)

Hope the last Lost show cleared up some things for you.


she and her sister who was also blind was found on the side of the road as puppies...the person that took the sister doesn't let her do anything or try to teach her anything..she aids her blindness..where janice trained and took her to special classes so she could fend for her self...she loves challanges and if you change the furniture around..she'll figure it out and is very pleased with her self..so she will be janice's therapy dog now.

Anonymous said...

Great story about a great dog!