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Saturday, May 08, 2010


I went and voted today..voted for one lone Democrat in a field of 4 republicans..bastids..almost bipped some woman with a Waco Teabag Party on her t-shirt..Also voted in the local election. Saw the people I voted for out front and asked them what was in it for me if I voted for them..Kolaches is the way to go here.

I have received 2 awards from some great people and need to get them up as they have little questionnaires with them. But I have 8 new library books checked out and need to get reading. Jenny and Jason came over yesterday for a combination dress shopping trip and home made pizzas. Jenny cracks me up. I am allowed to wear slacks and the outfit(if they can get the right size in for me) is sort of a robin egg blue and very plain..Jenny informed me I could glitz it up with some gold sandals and some bling. I told her I was 66 and so far had refrained from using the word bling in a sentence and wasn't that interesting in wearing any. But I'm afraid I don't get a vote. To wear the outfit I like I have to wear bling. sigh* Poor Jason, he got some metal in his eye at work and had to go have it removed and his eye ball sanded as the place where the metal was had already started to rust in his eye. So he showed up at the apartment with a patch on his eye and one of his work mates had penned an eye on the patch..he looked weird when he was taking a nap while Jenny and I talked and made the pizza. He felt so bad, I just sent them home with the pizza so he could be more comfortable. Then made a second one and took it over to Babs. She had taken me out for lunch to Pizza House for Mothers Day and thought I could repay her with the pizza. The reason why she didn't take me out this Sunday is because of Nascar. hah

Ok...gotta run..need to trim out my lettuce and water the plants. It's been in the 90's for 3 days and today is high 70's and breezy...Texas...gotta love it.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

So Jenny is marrying a pirate now, is she? Poor Jason. I bet you'll look great in a bit of bling, YDG!


oh man..bling...now THAT makes me blush..haha

Anonymous said...

I say go with the bling!

Derwood got metal in his eye more than once. The best was when he got it in BOTH eyes though, I had to lead him around with two eye patches and no clue. It still makes me laugh when I picture him waving his arm to try to find the lever for the toilet to flush it! Good times!

Blueberry said...

Glad we are having a nice, cool Saturday as we are going to an outdoor concert tonight and would rather not be sweaty. I'll bet this is the last cool day we have until Halloween.

Charlene said...

I bet you look fabulous in bling. Everyone looks good in bling!

Twain12 said...

i only do silver bling...i bet you look smashing with it.

Nit Wit said...

I've had scratches in my eye but they never rusted.
Heartinhands story reminds me of when I was in the Air Force. A Women I worked with had been married about a month when she fell down the office steps to the sidewalk and broke both elbows. Her arms were in casts that were both stuck out in front of her. That was a real test of new love for her husband. Hair combing and make up and baths and potty breaks not to mention female problems for three months.

It was in the 80s Friday and today it was in the 50s with a lot of wind. It's gonna get down close to freezing tonight. Talk about screwed up weather.


it was a beautiful day out today..in 70's..
bling...Im not sure about bling..really..
although i do like silver..
that's true love for you nitty.
wow..next it will be snowing..

PENolan said...

I'm with you on the bling thing. I never go for anything showy, but I do like a nice silver and turquoise bracelet. Besides, all you really need is a well-designed foundation garment. Hoist those tits up, and who needs bling? Your ass is still smoking hot.

I'm sad to say I have disappointed the Preacher. There's a chance that he'll loosen up a bit now that he's finally seen a fun-loving, free-spirited pagan for himself, and some woman who doesn't mind hearing about Jesus all the time will have a pleasant surprise. Who knows? Maybe that woman will be his wife. He hasn't had the heart to get his papers signed even though they've been separated for a couple of years.

That's men for you ;)

Green tea said...

Good for Jenny..All you need is some pearls..It dresses up anything.
Too bad your not closer..I have the perfect earrings..

Intense Guy said...

Maybe you could wear an eye patch instead of the bling and say ye buried all ye treasure...

Ugh.. I oughta just shut up.