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Friday, May 28, 2010


Finally got new chews for my pants outfit for the fucking wedding. I went in and found the shoes under 8 minutes. I have a black belt in fucking shopping..I came I saw I fucking bought. Shoes were $24.99 originally, then marked down to $14.99, then $9.00 and I got them for 1/2 price. $4.50....hahahaha. I put them on and Kathy said those are cute, do you like them? I said they fit and they're $4.50 what's not to fucking like.ha. Now I have to hem the pants as they are a medium and I'm a petite(in pants) and they are about 6 inches too fucking long. What else is going on? Oh, yeah. I'm watching Deadwood..can you tell? I fucking love Deadwood...they say fuck more than me. Which is going some. Lots of cocksuckers in the old west. One of my facebook readers said they were fluent in fuckinese..That made me laugh and laugh and laugh. I think they're a bad influence on me as I have the urge to say fuck all the time, even more than normal..Fuck feck...Fuck is the only way to go.
I got a loaf of french bread last night and went to Babs and made french toast for breakfast. Damn it was good. I left her some of the bread and the rest of the batter and she had it for lunch. I may have to take her the rest of the french bread as I can resist Blue Bell and Dublin Dr Pepper, but you leave me alone in a room with a loaf of french bread and I'm eating the fucker.I'm not a big bread eater...except for when it comes to french bread or sourdough bread..Oh fuckme, that stuff is good. I'm not sure all the fucks are a result of Deadwood or the wedding. Oh...yesterday on the trip Kathy asked me if I had heard the latest on the wedding dress. I was afraid to ask as the shop had to buy Jenny a new dress as they screwed it up in the alterations. They got her a new dress and gave her a $300 credit in the store. So yesterday they are in for the final alterations and Jenny is sort of apologizing about her bridezilla actions over all the hang ups with the dress. Everyone was assuring her that she wasn't out of line, they had screwed up her dress and they had seen a lot worse. Now remember folks..this is my granddaughter...and we have a lot of crazy to sell. One of the clerks walked by as Jenny was saying this and said "it's just because your a spoiled rotten brat."...Oh my Goddess. Shit did hit the fan. Jenny went Jackiesue all over her ass. Said she was going to take off her dress and take the girl outside and 'kick her motherfucking ass.'...The girl said I'd go outside but I don't want to lose my job. Jenny said "And you don't think you've ALREADY lost your job?"... And the owner said "she's right..your fired." the girl started freaking out because she couldn't believe that they were firing her over what she said. So! The end of the story is...they gave Jenny (along with a lot of ass kissing I'm sorry's) the dress and another $300 store credit. I just hope that that girl doesn't run into Jenny out about about Waco. Because Jenny will kick her ass. Never a dull moment in the Denney/Brown family. Oh and Jenny said that Kathy was to make sure that Grandma and Nanny(Kathy's mom) don't sit together. They're both trouble makers and will start something and embarrass me. hhaha.. If she only knew. They're going to Fla. for their honeymoon..I'm hoping a lot of sex and sun will chill her the fuck out.








for me..Maybe I'll get lucky at the wedding..hahahahahah









coming soon to Dexter


Sling, Tex, Ted, and all you beer swilling dudes.

Homer and Scooter

didn't know if I should laugh or cry at this one.

Nick and Nora..

Rainbow Wolf


Heart in Hand


done this one before..but just in case y'all forget..thisis for you all.
I love you motherfuckers.
I think I might be Clamity Jane incarnate.

Oh..the Goddess is coming for the Wedding...she'll be taking questions.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Sounds like the wedding's in overdrive already! Glad you found such a good deal on shoes. Don't use them to kick anybody's ass at the wedding. Remember, best behaviour!!!

Sling said...

I want Jenny to be my future ex-wife!

Jan said...

I'm choking over the Marley poster, but crying over the tank and the cheap shoes one. Our price seems to be cheap shit from China. We all sell out.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Jenny had that girl shit-canned! When I was buying my wedding dress, the lady was snarky to me too and I just let it go. High five to Jenny!

Name: female, I shit you not! said...

Open mouth...insert walking papers !
One of life's many learning experiences.

Big Pissy said...

Damn! I miss some good wedding drama! Kidding!

I've been through that wedding drama crap twice with my girls. Glad it's over for me, but I love hearing your stories.

That girl in the shop was just a dumb ass What the hell was she thinking?!?!? Be sure to let us know if your granddaughter kicks her ass some day. ;-)

sageweb said...

wow exciting about the wedding and you gave me some good laughs to make it for the next few hours..then A 3 day weekend

Anonymous said...

And we motherfuckers love you too goddammit! The Arizona cactus is comedy gold. Just terrific.

Speaking of beer-swilling, I will now finish my 24 oz Lone Star LIght before I go to sleep. Tonight is sure to be busy at the store. Many young people buying beer.. then coming back a few hours later to mess up our restrooms...

Intense Guy said...

Wowser... another week, and Jenny's dress would cost just the same as your shoes!!


I love those "Can I home with you eyes" puppy eyes..

and the complicated going the bathroom outside one... LMAO!

Gadfly said...

Hope you have a great time :o)

Karl said...

Good afternoon Jackie Sue,

Someone seems to a forgotten the first rule of a retail: The customer is always right.

Hope you have a good time at the wedding.


debra:im so afraid someone will say hi and i'll just blurt out' happy to fucking meet ya' that im afraid to actually speak..may just nod my head and smile a lot..sigh*
sling:ain't she a pip?
jan:yup..cheap shoes will win out over crimes against humans any day.
heart:no one..and i mean no one in my family just lets it go..
ishitu:yup..keep your mouth shut..although no one in our family does that either.
bigpissy:im betting jenny already has it on her agenda for things to do after the honeymoon.
sage:have a great weekend..u can post about it you know.
jason:good luck sweety..dont envy anyone that has to deal with drunks this weekend..
intenseguy:she got it for fucking freeeeeeee..ha..and a $600 store credit..
i just got word from kathy that jenny doesnt want me to help with the cooking ..she wants me to rest an not hurt my back and feet .she wants me fresh and pain free for the wedding..i have decided o just smile and nod my head alot..cant be politically incorect if you keep your mouth shut..gee ill so be glad when this is over.

Charlene said...

I liked the dog leaning against the truck paying attention!

Wedding drama is second only to funeral drama. Have fun!

Nit Wit said...

Now nobody can afford the cheap shit from China. The style around here is flip flops worn everywhere when it gets a little warm.
That must be why we have had three shoe stores go out of business in the last couple of years. Even Walmart made the shoe department smaller.

Trying to make the cheap shit I have bought last longer is what has made me a pirate. ARRRR!

Just think, if they go swimming they might not need any tanning oil.


charlene:never fucking again.
nitty:when did flip flops become dressy?...cheap and lazy...sigh*

texlahoma said...


Anonymous said...

I loved Deadwood. I don't think you can say fuck too much.

Blueberry said...

Deadwood is one of the best shows ever prematurely canceled.

Weddings! Glad I don't ever have to deal with them.