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Thursday, May 20, 2010


won 4-0 still in the running..the boys play tomorrow at 7:30

These 2 were taken from Babs apartments...the storm was coming in.

this is the beginning of it...thought it was so beautiful..stopped in the middle of Oak Street to take the picture which pissed off the lady behind me...

Remember me talking about the guy that sweeps his side walk and then sweeps the road by his house?.This is the street sweeper and his mom. See I didn't make him up. The first time Babs saw him out sweeping the street by his house, she said.."You didn't make him up."...Told her even drunk I couldn't make these people up. Bimbo Hand, Inky, Chief, Snake, Merle and T.J. they are their own little story.

Some of the aids and the head nurse in pink. I took more pictures but I was so tired my hands were shaking and ruined a bunch of pictures. When I first got there I sat at the table with the other volunteers and when none of them would talk to me I turned my chair around and said in my normal speaking voice. They're not talking to me because I'm not Czech..can I sit here with you? They burst out laughing and said sure we don't care..The Czechs all stopped talking and when I turned around to them and smiled real big they all looked away..sigh*..

This is the table of guys and one lady that I told I was going to keep an eye out for as they all looked like trouble makers to me. They loved the idea of being trouble makers.

The Czech volunteers who would barely speak to me..I'm not Czech you know. They wouldn't even look at me when I was taking their pictures. I'm having a t-shirt made up that says "FUCK YOU I'M NOT CZECH."

The band..they play mostly polkas and Czech songs but play a lot of oldies too.

I think the guy on the accordion fell asleep.

The lady clapping her hands knew all the words to the Czech songs and sang them at the top of her lungs. Cracked me up.
I'm pooped..Kathy came by as it was storming in Waco(ours blew over) and she didn't want to drive on I-35 in a down pour..plus there were sights of ....get this..tennis ball sized hail. Or as Letterman says..the size of canned ham. Dexter is jumping from couch to love seat to couch, to my recliner..down the hall into the bathtub and back..He wants out..All the pillows are on the floor and every trash can is upside down and emptied...little fucker.
Oh...by the way Debra, I got to tell the girls from Tale Tellers about your donation to them. I told them about the blog and how I talked about my little town and the people in it and I talked about them and the award they won and all the wonderful things they do. And that a friend of mine from Canada sent them $50 ...I said 'you have a fan in Canada.'...they were very impressed. Told them how proud of them I was, that they represented West, Texas and they did a better job of it than 90% of the people that live here...They all said thank you and then I ran out before I cried..ha..They were still trying to get their head around the fact that someone that they not only don't know but never heard of sent them money..You'll get a thank you from them.
Oh kay..this is short..have to go to grocery store tomorrow and take books and tables to the Mayfest for Saturday's book sale..More pictures to come.


Jan said...

I want to see a picture of the Czech women when you wear your fuck you T-shirt.

Nit Wit said...

Maybe the Czech ladies fear that you will out volunteer them and maybe steal their husbands.
You have to find someone who will translate so that the t-shirt is written in Czech so only they will get the message.
You should try to set a net up that you can drop over a doorway that he's going to blast through at full speed. That would be a bigger surprise than the squirt gun.

Nit Wit said...

Oh, by the way the pictures made me homesick for the old farts home/rehab place I stayed in last summer. Good times...

Twain12 said...

I'd talk to you all day, they don't know what they are missing. I want to be like you when I grow up LOL. Great pictures, I live storms (if they are not to destructive)

Twain12 said...

love stroms :S

Name: female, I shit you not! said...

I'm with Jan.
Coming from one who dared to enter into a mixed marriage ( Czech & Polish )comes this WARNING.
Don't marry one Jackie, they don't like you even more.lmfao

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I'm glad the Tale Tellers know how you're spreading the good word about them on your blog! You're their Official Publicist!

And Nit Wit's idea is pure genius -- have your t-shirt printed only in Czech! Hahahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

All old people remind me of my grandma and make me cry because I miss her.

I'm a suck.

To see a road sign with Fort Worth on it makes me think of the George Strait song "Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind" and it does, George. It does.

Intense Guy said...

I want to see you wearing the t-shirt (wet or dry).



jan:I'll take plenty of pictures.
nitty:you gave me the great idea.will call mike marek and find out how to spell it correctly in Czech and have a t-shirt made up. I will wear it all of westfest weekend.Hmm a net falling on him from the ceiling..works for me.
I was going to take pictures of all of the ones that were asleep or just out of it but thought that was mean so didn't.ha.
twain:that's what i'm thinking..they should talk to me just to be able to tell their friends all the weird things i said to them.ha.
oh me..too..i love thunderstorms..
shitunot:oh dont worry..the chances of me marrying anyone is non existant..and a czech? never.
debra:they all laughed when i told them they had a fan in canada..thats a whole world away from west,texas. yup..im doing the shirt in czech.
heart:it was pretty cool being able to help them..i cut up so many hamburgers and fixed them with the lettuce etc. opened up chip bags and cookie bags..i like to help..and hey are so sweet and kind..
intnese:i'll take pictures..wet and dry..haha