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Thursday, May 20, 2010


I'm going to have a busy next couple of days. Today: I'm dropping by Library to get some new books to read. Then going to get 2 West News for Ole Bab's and I ...then going to West Rest Haven(old farts home) to help Kathy get the old folks outside to the BBQ they're having at 5 p.m. They need help pushing them out in the wheel chairs, getting their dinners, drinks etc. Sounds like fun and I get a free BBQ meal out of it..Can't wait for them to see my new hair color. Might convince a couple to go blond too. Then Friday I'm going to meet Nancy at the Library and we're loading up my truck with tables and books to take to the Mayfest for the Library Book Sale which will start at 9 a.m Sunday. I will also help with selling the books. The Tale Tellers will be there to do it, but figure they'd also like to be out running with their friends too. I will have my trusty camera(still can't figure out how to get the dam video camera to work)so will take pictures..
I read all my books.. except one..and I'm reading it. Was a great bunch of books too..the Jodi Picoult book was absolutely wonderful. It's called House Rules. I recommend it highly. The West Trojans have a game tomorrow. I'll let you know the score. They are playing in Waco, I might hitch a ride with someone and go see them play. Then Monday I'm going to Babs and clean her house. I find it a lot more fun to clean someone else's house than mine.
I was up all fucking night last night with Dexter. He usually spends most of the day outside but it's been so hot and humid and his fur is so long and thick I figured he's dying from the heat, so I make him come in where it's cool..Which means he sleeps under the bed and about the time I go to bed he's ready to play. I had only gotten 3 hours of sleep the day before because of allergies so I was more than ready for bed last night..I was in bed about an hour and I hear this 'bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, banggggg bangggg banggg BANG. I'm laying in the dark thinking 'wtf?'...someones trying to break in?...So jump up grab my huge candle stick(weighs a ton) and go to protect my domain. I pass the bathroom and there's Dexter sitting in front of the cupboards under the sink with his paw wrapped around the door. The little bastid. So I figure I'll bribe him with tuna and go back to bed. Just fall asleep and he starts up again. So I got the spray bottle and chased him all over the living room squirting him with water. He's making meows crossed with growls and giving me dirty looks. I go back to bed. He starts it up again. I get up and see him run down the hall to the living room and he runs behind the couch where I can't reach him with the spray bottle. Finally I sat down on the recliner to out wait him so I could squirt him good and he runs out, jumps on the couch and bites one of the throw pillows and snaps his head and throws it off the couch. Glares at me..He's the size of a pony with his hair all fluffed out. Eyes as big as fucking softballs and the color of blood. I swear to Goddess the fucker was possessed. He spins and bites the other pillow, snaps his head and tosses it off the couch, turns and glares at me..I shot him full in the face with the squirt gun and shot him about 8 times before he could blink..Got up and went to bed. He was still licking water off his fur this morning when I got up. He may be batshit crazy, but I'm old and meaner.



book sale is saturday/ not sunday..duh!

Jan said...

My money is on you, but the war isn't over.

Twain12 said...

I love Dexter but threatening to eat my humming birds goes to far...go get him :D

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Dexter has to learn that you are Top Cat! Fasten those door handles together so he can't open the doors! Sounds like a real busy couple of days coming up -- don't overwork yourself in the heat, YDG! Try to relax with a nice cold Dublin Dr. Pepper once in awhile too.


jan:i can get by on less sleep than he can...i'll win.
twain:dexter says he's a cat, he does what cats do..eat birds.
debra:the doors have no handles..they just open by pulling them open.so can't lock him out..but im thinking about putting him in there and blocking the door..haha

Twain12 said...

yea i know we had Cat's but they never caught the hummers ;)

Name: female, I shit you not! said...

This is one for a comic strip.

Heff said...

What are these lovely items that you keep mentioning called "books" ? lol.

Anne Johnson said...

Have you seen the YouTube called "Sparta?" I think that's what it's called.

If Dexter is hot, why don't you humble him completely by getting him a lion cut?


twain:dexter likes to brag, but doubt he's caught one either..
ishitu:im telling you ..I was torn between laughing my ass off and killing him.
heff:oh..i love my books..i have 7 book cases full and go to the library 2-3 times a week..red 4-8 books a week..loooove my books.
anne:haven't seen it but will now..im getting him a cut, but not sure what it's going to look like..figure he wont like it anyhow.

Nit Wit said...

What did Lazarus Long say?
"Never try to out stubborn a cat."

Of course he never met you.

Patty said...

Hey there, glad you found me..Im doing good. Got my head on straight after all these years ha ha. Don't blog much now days, but post once in awhile and when I do I dont talk about trash ha ha.
ive got into ghost hunting fun fun and have a blog for that now
and into Civil War history, so life is good. Come on by the blog any time, and find me on facebook if you want.

Intense Guy said...

I think someone's pussy needs a clean shave from end to end.