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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Holy shit..holy shit...The Lady Trojans beat Vernon, Texas 2 games 7-0, 5-0 to play Gatesville, Texas today for regional quarterfinals...and I just heard..we beat them 4-0..I don't know who they play next. But we are rolling over them..The guys play best of 3 starting tomorrow. They moved the girls game up because of the weather so they might have moved the guys up too. If I hear the score will tell you. I'm so proud of these kids. You'd have to live here (or read my posts on West, to know that baseball is king here. We have some of the best fields for little league, t-ball and softball for any city our size..Better in fact. Plus we have a World Series winner to prove it.
Our Mayfest scheduled for this weekend might be canceled as we are supposed to get rain this weekend. Feck!
Two of the people I voted for city council made it..They elected ole T.R.(wrong initials) again. Older than the back of the Goddess's head and hasn't had an original thought in 30 years..oh well.
Good news is the Bold Springs Baptist Church will be making hamburgers at the Mayfest when ever it's going to be held..hot dang!
This is gong to be a short West post as I have to do 2 posts on the awards I won..which I can't remember what they were and who gave them to me..duh!...
I was going to put a lightener on my hair, you know streaks of light and and lighter ?Well, between Babs and I we couldn't get the hair up through the little holes in the plastic cap with the pick..so I said fuckit..sigh*..never a good sign...and just slapped it all on my hair...now ? I'm a blond...almost white blond..Jenny's going to kick my ass..soon as I get some make up on and a style for my new head of hair I'll show a picture...oh man..it's really blond...When I first saw it the first thing I thought was "I look like that blond monkey in Planet of the Apes."
fuck me I'll never Samba again.


Nit Wit said...

Gee I guess I'm first
Your baseball and softball teams seem to be in the thick of it every year. My grand daughter's JV games ended last week and next year she should be on the Varsity team which is the only one the coach's seem to care about. They even moved some Varsity players to the JV team halfway through the season so they could get more playing time. This meant that the girls who had been working together since Feb. found themselves doing pinch running and bench warming. The really bad part is that it's all pay to play here because of the screwed up school funding system the Bushies put in place before they got their asses kicked out of office.
Your going back to blond is only natural, You are Yellowdoggrannie after all.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

We have a couple of useless city councillors like that, too! Maybe every place does!


nitty:we're lucky that westfest provides a lot of money for stuff like our baseball fields, the uniforms, equipment, etc.
I'll remember the yellowdog line to tell jenny.ha
debra:lucky for us the rest of them are good..

Intense Guy said...

The blonde monkey on the planet of the apes was one fine lookin' simian.

Jan said...

Actually you look like Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield.

O, wait, they're dead. Not much of a compliment is it?