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Saturday, May 22, 2010


My W T...go Trojans.
This is shot down Main Street North to South. Some of the work the Tale Tellers did..they made balloons, painted faces, Marissa read a story, they gave out free books and a few of the girls did paintings for the kids. Us old farts sold library books and looked on in amazement at the talented girls and one guy..ha

Some of the Tale Tellers waiting to do their thing.

The kid with the pink wig got a gig out of it..My loan officer at West Bank and Trust hired her for her grandsons birthday party.

Mothers waiting with their sons for the balloons. She made swords out of balloons for the boys.

This is Main Street looking North. There were quite a few tents with all sorts of arts and crafts. Some wonder- ful paintings of old West buildings back in the early 1900's..

Better shot at the tents. All the business's on the street brought a lot of their stuff outside on the side walk. Was really cool and I had lots of fun. I wandered around and checked everything out. Nothing was really priced outrageous.

A lady was there showing the Keyhole Gardening. I'm going to see if the Tale Tellers would be interesting in doing one next year as a project. I mentioned it to Nancy and she said your in charge. I only work 20 hours a week. ha..

Busy kids and they had lines 5-6 deep for the face painting..I even got mine painted with WT for West Trojans.

The mommies.

More balloons.

Tried to get a picture of all of them. That's the shop next door. The book sale was right in front of the West Drug Store and to make it easier for us they locked the front door and had their customers go around to the back door. Pretty nice.

Every thing was for sale except for all the stuff the Tale Tellers did. They paid for all the supplies and did everything for free.

Nancy, who will kick my ass if she finds out I put this on my blog.

The one in the middle is my gal Marissa. I'm the one that got her parents together over 20 years ago. So I always tell her if it wasn't for me you wouldn't even be here.

so all and all..it was a great day. I left early as my back and legs and feet and ass were hurting from all the standing. I had to come home and eat. Wasn't till I got home and ate that I remembered I was supposed to get a Bold Springs Baptist Church hamburger..dagnabbit


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Looks like fun -- I like your "war paint!" You know, that would go well with a pink wig!

Jan said...

What a great day. Love what small towns can do for the people.

Mom said...

I love this kind of fun!

Twain12 said...

looks like a great time and super face paintings

Nit Wit said...

Looks like lots of fun. Up here they used to do stuff like that but now the vendors don't come and when they do the prices are too high. The only good thing they have is the Salt Fork Arts and Crafts Festival in August.
I don't know about that face painting. I'm always afraid it will clash with my natural good looks.
Plus if I root for somebody too hard I might jinx them.

Dx said...

I'm only glad that my wife didn't know about this event in advance or she would have been over there in a flash.

Name: female, I shit you not! said...

Looking good!
You and the towns people that participated in making it a successful event.

billy pilgrim said...

how many books did you buy?

Anonymous said...

You're always on the go doing something fun. Looks like it was a fun event.


debra:it was really fun..I was so proud of them girls and one guy.
jan:this is new, but i see it becomeing a regular thing.
mom:next year it'll be bigger, and bigger again the year after.
twain:they are really talented.
nitwit:if your a jinx, then dont root for the trojans..ha..we need to keep winning.
dx:same time next year..ha
shitunot:they really did a great job..had an ambulance there in case someone dropped from the heat and was really well organized.
billy:didnt buy any..they were all novels and I usually dont buy novels.I buy history, bios, weird shit..ha..the sale continues this coming week. so i'll have plenty of time to go over them.

Intense Guy said...


Looks like the weather behaved - and you look spifty with the face paint...

so... when you gonna try out pink hair? I'll practice my photoshop with Dexter and make him pink Ha ha!

Anonymous said...

Every time I see your new blonde hair I think "Man, that looks so great on her!" You need to keep it blonde...