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Monday, May 31, 2010


you have to check out the best man..what a cutie pie. Kyle(jenny's best man/friend and gofer guy) is gay and he and I were playing rock, scissors, paper to see if he 'REALLY' was the BEST MAN.
Kyle was trying to get him to switch teams and I just wanted to know if he was interested in cougars. Jenny went all bridezilla on us.
The best part of the wedding was I think by the time she started walking down the aisle she mentally collapsed..she was sobbing all the way down the aisle..Tom was rolling his eyes and laughing..when they exchanged vows Jason was very assured and committed..Jenny sounded like Minnie Mouse. She was holding back tears and it was hysterical..The 2 grandmas got to sit together any how and at one point Nannie's husband turned to us and said "I'm going to pinch both of you." which sent us into gales of laughter. On our row there was Kathy's parents NANNY AND POPAW and me..There were 3 empty chairs past me. I told Nannie..they're for my 3 ex-husbands. She pinched me. Jenny and Jason Machac took a limo to Dallas and spent the night and then flew out Sunday morning to Florida. I hope lots of sun and sex will chill her the fuck out. I've never been so glad to see a wedding end in my life. My feet still hurt.


Intense Guy said...

The 3 empty chairs being your ex's is pretty "heavy".

Sounds like Jenny really built this wedding up in her mind... I know it's important - but it's important not to get so wrapped up in making it "prefect" that you forget to celebrate the occassion!

Oh well, I hope she's having a lot of fun now.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Too bad stress reared its ugly head at the wedding. But sounds like you had a few yuks too! Now you can get back to normal life!

I can't get on to Facebook to see the pix because I don't have an account. Did you end up wearing any bling or not?


intenseguy:well she ended up either hurting someones feelings or pissing them off..the family members that is..she was to busy sucking up to people that didnt give a shit.sigh*
i wanted to send the gr. grandpa(my x) a your not invited to the wedding invitation...haha
the link won't let you go there?..did you try it? damn..guess i'll have to post some.

Jan said...

I think your blonde hair was still the highlight of the wedding.

Willym said...

Love the sexy blond and I don't mean the bride. Though she looked lovely. Glad it turned out well - if if slightly hysterical. Damn lady you look good with the blond hair!

turquoisemoon said...

You looked wonderful! Sexy and quite the tigress or maybe the cougar, hmmmm...grrrrr...never the less. Stress happens...no big deal! You should come to some of our good ole Catholic weddings, better yet...the funerals! Nothing like a 2 keg funeral to get ya going! ha ha ha!

billy pilgrim said...

facebook wouldn't let me in.

so i got that going for me too.

Charlene said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures. I really liked those sunflowers on the tables.

She's beautiful.