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Thursday, March 02, 2006


and she said she stole it from someone else..so it seems to have struck a nerve...I think it is a cute idea and had fun with it..
the deal is you choosea band or a singer, then you answer the questions with a song title, then post ...then rub tummy and pat head...which i can do...so here tis'
The band I choose is the Beatles..
1. Describe yourself............Day Tripper
2. How do people feel about you...Dizzy Miss Lizzy
3.How do you feel about yourself....Wild Honey
4. Describe what you want to be....The Fool on the Hill
5. Describe your current mood....Strawberry Fields Forever
6. Describe your friends....Run For Your LIfe
7.Share a few words of wisdom..Love Me Do..
rub rub..pat pat.....


Tina said...

I wonder where ya got that? ;) Hehe nice!

Scottish Toodler said...

I will have to try this after the Toodles... I have read all your posts, but I am having a flu relapse and my commenting abilites are affected. Too bad about Kinky!!!

JDaaris said...

That's funny, what a clever idea. ! Loved your answers.

Cassandra said...

Hey, I bought a ticket for Sat night lotto! Something I rarely do. And there's a chance in hell I could win. HA!

Linda said...

Just copied the questions. This is a nice short questionnaire. Gonna go work on it now...Goodmorning Jackie!